Review: American Airlines Admirals Club Sao Paulo

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After disappointing visits to the American Express Centurion Lounge and GOL Smiles Lounge we headed over to the Admirals Club, which was just across the hall from the GOL Smiles Lounge.

American Airlines Admirals Club Sao Paulo Airport exterior

The Admirals Club is a Priority Pass Select lounge. In this case we were flying Delta so the only lounge we could access on account of our BusinessElite tickets was the GOL Smiles Lounge, so Priority Pass came in handy here. The agents quickly processed our check-in, at which point we were admitted to the lounge. Of course, a credit card with lounge access would also work to gain entry.

So the Admirals Club is by no means a world class lounge, but I found it to be substantially nicer than either of the other lounges we visited. While the lounge was fairly full, the seating was organized in such a way that it didn’t feel too cluttered.

American Airlines Admirals Club Sao Paulo Airport seating

American Airlines Admirals Club Sao Paulo Airport seating

The food spread — while not impressive — was better than in either of the other two lounges. There were finger sandwiches, cheese, meat, fresh veggies, fruit, etc.

American Airlines Admirals Club Sao Paulo Airport buffet

American Airlines Admirals Club Sao Paulo Airport buffet

For that matter, they had a nice dessert spread, with cupcakes, chocolate mousse, and chocolate balls served in ramekins. Anything served in ramekins makes me happy!

American Airlines Admirals Club Sao Paulo Airport buffet

There was also a coffee machine that made a decent cappuccino.

American Airlines Admirals Club Sao Paulo Airport coffee

And there was a selection of self serve wine/booze.

American Airlines Admirals Club Sao Paulo Airport alcohol

On top of all that the Wi-Fi was usable. It wasn’t the high speed Wi-Fi I’d hope for, but it also didn’t take two minutes to load my email inbox, as it did in the GOL Smiles Lounge.

This was definitely my favorite of the three lounges we visited in Sao Paulo, and for our three subsequent visits it was the only one we used (though by the fourth time the agent working the front desk was rather confused about our frequency of visits).

  1. As a GRU-based AA EXP, the AAdmirals here is my home-away-from-home. Bad as it is, it certainly is the nicest place at GRU, as you found out. Plus, the agents here are the absolute best I have met across the entire AA system. They are extremely competent (know the rules better than anyone) and will do anything to help.

    I was told that they’ll be moving to the new T3 once that opens.

  2. Not sure if this common knowledge, but with the move to Terminal 3 I feel this lounge has its draw backs. Family and I flew into GRU expecting to use the lounge due to our 8 hour layover time from GRU to Vitoria VIX. Little did we know the lounge is only accessible to those with international connecting or departure tickets. Since we had to collect our luggage and check into our domestic flight we no longer could go to terminal 3. Unless someone could shed some light on this it is one of the most inconvenient clubs I have experienced. Location location.


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