Reminder: Make Citi Prestige Fourth Night Free Bookings Now

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Since Ben is off on a surprise trip of a lifetime, I thought I’d post a quick reminder about the upcoming changes to the Citi Prestige fourth night free benefit.

As Ben detailed at the beginning of the year, the Citi Prestige Card is changing many of its benefits. Sadly, what many of us consider to be the best perk of the card is being significantly devalued. Starting September 1, 2019, the fourth night free benefit:

  • Can only be booked through the ThankYou website or ThankYou call center; this likely means that not all properties will be bookable anymore, and you’re unlikely to earn points or receive elite benefits for these bookings
  • Will be limited to two bookings per year

I know the fourth night free has saved me thousands of dollars in the last couple of years alone and I’m sad to see this very generous perk be changed significantly. To be honest, I’m surprised it took this long for Citi to make these changes.

I’ve spent the last couple of days locking in future travel plans. I want to be sure they don’t count against my two bookings per year. And I want to get elite recognition and stay credits for the trips, which is unlikely once the ThankYou portal becomes the only option for booking.

My most recent replies from the Prestige Concierge team at Aspire have noted the upcoming change. Given how close we are to the deadline, it’s probably best to take their advice and call the concierge team at 561-922-0158 for these last minute bookings.

Bottom line

The Citi Prestige fourth night free program has long been a favorite way to save money on travel. It has helped change my travel habits to encourage longer stays than I used to book.

The imminent changes are clearly a loss for those of us with the Prestige Card. But, we still have a chance to lock in some final bookings before the September 1, 2019, changes kick in. So get to booking!

  1. Bookings made with Citi Prestige no longer count towards hotel status. I just learned that the hard way when I tried adding my Marriott number the day after I made a reservation with Citi Prestige. After four phone calls I learned that they made my hotel booking via Expedia…

  2. Hey does anyone know if I can make two hotel bookings with 4th night free at separate hotels but over the same dates? I can’t find the answer online

  3. I’m very sad about this change. I used this benefit a lot since I’ve had this card. I don’t really mind the twice a year limit as I think that’s still “fair” but more often than not, in my searches, the rates you get on the thankyou website is higher than what one would get booking through the concierge service. Not to mention the loss of elite benefits and stay credits. Boo all around.

  4. Is there a limit to how many bookings made before September 1st will be honored under the old terms?

    For example, if I make 6 bookings for summer 2020 before September 1st, would all of those count under the old terms, or only 2? (I would like to get elite credit for all those bookings in addition to getting the 4th night free.) This was unclear to me.

  5. A couple data points on this, I have tried 4 times since August 1st to book different 4th night free bookings and each of the 4 times the agent instructed me to book online because they no longer process them by phone. You will almost certainly have to call more than once to get an agent who will process for you.

  6. @James – Sadly it doesn’t work for multiple rooms at the same hotel or overlapping dates at different hotels.

  7. I made mine out one year this week. About to look out past one year… FYI… Hyatt is pretty key for that, they seem to have a 13 month calendar, maybe more.

  8. @orflyer – you have to specifically request to be transferred to Aspire Concierge now. They are not the primary point of contact anymore when you call in. If the Thankyou agent asks why you want to talk to concierge, them them you need to make dinner reservations or something like that, because otherwise, they don’t want to connect you.

  9. Can I book all inclusive hotels using Citi Prestige 4th night benefit? I booked Hyatt Ziva Cancun couple of years ago but when I tried to book again for summer 2020 I was told by the Aspire agent that all inclusive hotels are not bookable. What’s the truth?

  10. The last time I tried to use the service they wouldn’t book AAA or AARP rates, only rates that seem to be rack rates. That wiped out any savings plus some. Not a benefit anymore.

  11. Make sure you’re calling the 561 number. If you don’t get connected to the actual Aspire concierge team then you won’t be able to book anything different than what’s on

  12. I’ve booked overlapping (exact) dates at several Marriott hotels recently. No sure which city I wanted to be in in China, so have about 3 instances of 4 nights at hotels in different cities on the same dates. Only a few hours left! I wonder if they’ll work past midnight to confirm reservations requested before midnight. I assume so. Have booked about ten 4 night blocks. Might try to think in to 2020 right now and book a few more. I haven’t got the typical confirm emails back yet for several reservations, but I assume its because they are backlogged and just getting the reservations made for now. Will call to confirm about this. It was great while it lasted, definitely causing me some sadness that the game is over though! Oh well it was great while it lasted!

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