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Yesterday I wrote about Hyatt Gold Passport finally revealing the details of their first quarter 2015 promotion, entitled Stay More Play More. The promotion is valid for stays between January 15 and April 30, 2015, and there are several different versions of the offer which different members have been targeted for.


What are the different versions of the Stay More Play More promotion?

As I said above, different members have been targeted for different promotions. Based on the comments people left on yesterday’s post, some of the offers include the following:

  • 2,000 bonus points after 1 night
  • 5,000 bonus points after 2 stays
  • 20,000 bonus points after 10 nights
  • 50,000 bonus points after 20 nights
  • 65,000 bonus points after 25 nights

Unlike with Marriott, there’s no easy way to change the promotion you’ve been targeted for. Personally I’m quite happy with the promotion for 65,000 points after 25 nights, since I’ll easily reach that threshold. And I assume the very occasional Hyatt guest would be happy with 2,000 points after one night.

But at the same time I know that these targeted promotions lead to frustration for some.

Register for the Stay More Play More promotion now

When I wrote about the promotion yesterday, I explained that while the promotion could be viewed, registration wasn’t yet open. Registration did finally open last night. While the promotion FAQs state that registration opens January 12, 2015, in practice you can already register.

When you go to the promotion page, enter your Gold Passport number and then click “Learn More” to see the promotion details.


Then on that page you’ll have to confirm your Gold Passport number again and hit “Register.”


That will bring you to a page which confirms you’re registered for the promotion.


I mention this because during past promotions you only had to enter your number once and hit one button in order to register, while here you have to hit two buttons to register.

Two most comment questions about the promotion

Since I’ve received these questions several times since yesterday alone, I figured I’d clarify them here:

  • Do stays at M Life properties count towards this promotion? Yes.
  • Do Points + Cash stays count towards this promotion? Yes.

Bottom line

Overall I’m very happy with my version of the offer. While it’s not as good as the old days of Faster Free Nights, it’s the best promotion I’ve received from Hyatt in the past two years, personally. And to me that’s pleasantly surprising, given that hotels don’t need loyalty programs as much as before to fill hotel rooms.

  1. 5000 points after FIVE nights. Five! Ugh. Sad thing is I already have 4 paid by work, even then still probably not worth a paid stay to get the fifth, right?

  2. I was unable to register. Another Hyatt blog post, another failed promo registration (what a farce the Quick Qualifying Nights has turned out to be).

  3. Ugh–just made Diamond last year by the skin of my teeth…so their offer is bonus points if I stay 15 nights between 1/15 and 4/30? Yeah, not likely–in fact, pretty darn useless.

  4. I agree with @Lucky that this is a pretty good promotion, considering the improved economy and high hotel occupancy rates. Moreover, I don’t understand what all the bitching is about for those who didn’t get the promotion they wanted (or somehow felt they “deserved”). Bottom line: your status gets you what you “deserve” (i.e. tier bonuses), and anything above that is simply extra.

    I think the customers who call to the Diamond Desk and whine for an exception to the promotion should be embarrassed. If you don’t like their loyalty program on its face, then don’t give them your business. But to complain or make hollow threats of taking your business elsewhere is shameful.

    For the record, I personally got a mid-range offer (the 20k offer). I’ll more than exceed the threshold for the offer but I’m not complaining because I know the offer could always be worse — or there could be no offer whatsoever.

  5. Mine worked fine and I’m now registered for the full 65,000.

    I did call and complain last time so maybe they flagged my account?

  6. Josh,

    What are you talking about? You call and say, “There must be some mistake.” and Hyatt says “Sorry sir, I’m registering you now.”

    And apparently the put you on the list to get the full award for future promotions going forward.

  7. This is obviously a pretty miserable promotion for most people. For those road warriors that get a little something extra, good for you. My only major gripe is that this was supposed to be an amazing offering. Unless you’re intentionally trying to piss off your established customer base, you don’t set sky high expectations, then provide a mediocre at best reality.

  8. @ Adam K — Depends how cheap that last stay is. Think of it as an extra ~$75 value or so. Is it worth it to you to do a fifth stay for that?

  9. @ Tim — When you book doesn’t matter, it’s all about when you stay. That being said, the promotion is only valid starting January 15, 2015.

  10. I’m still getting the same error as yesterday when you first posted about it. I can see my offer but when I register it says “This Hyatt Gold Passport account number is not eligible to participate in this promotion”

  11. @Lucky Yes i did. And now i got a different offer. My original offer was the 50K after 20 nights. I have 22 nights currently booked and that was perfect. I was the first comment on the other post. Now my offer is the 65K after 25 nights:
    Stay Earn Total Points Earned
    15 Nights + 30,000 Points = 30,000
    20 Nights + 15,000 Points = 45,000
    25 Nights + 20,000 Points = 65,000
    I guess i shouldn’t complain and just book 3 cheap nights somewhere for the extra 15k

  12. I’m having the same problem as David except even after trying 3 different browsers on both on my laptop and phone–none work. All say that I am not eligible to register for the promotion–ideas?

  13. Last round I got 5000 points for ONE stay!!! Since there was a mobile app bonus for 1000, I ended up with 6000+ points with a $80 stay in Portland 🙂 This round it’s 2000 points for one stay… I guess I am just gonna spend one night at a random Hyatt property then…

  14. @ Mae — Maybe they’re still having issues with some accounts. I’d give it until the 12th when registration officially opens. If you still have issues then, I’d phone Gold Passport.

  15. With this Q1 promo, Hyatt is not really “promoting” anything. There is no built-in incentive to go out and book a bunch of stays because of this promo…

    As offered, this promo is great for folks like @Lucky who had already planned to spend the money and do the stays, regardless of the promo. For almost everyone else, this is the Stay More PAY More promo because of the generally higher room rates at Hyatt properties compared to the other chains for similar offerings.

    I wondered whether I could decrease my costs in cash by booking C+P stays, which are eligible. My offer is to do 10 nights to earn the 20K points. To book a C+P stay at a category 1 property would require 2,500 points + $50 per night. For ten nights:

    (2,500 + $50) * 10 = 25,000 + $500

    Meaning that I would need to spend 25K points + $500 to earn 20K points. Clearly not a viable option.

    Like I said, this is a great promo for those who had already planned to spend the money. I had not planned any Hyatt stays until Q3 or Q4, therefore I am sitting this one out…

  16. I had the 20 nights – 50’000 points promo which I am about to complete this week.
    Is Hyatt typically proposing additional bonus to people who have maxed on their promo like IHG does? Did anyone had experience receiving such additional offers or requesting them from Hyatt?

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