I’m Jealous Of How The Red Sox Flew To London

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A few days ago I wrote about how NFL star Cam Newton missed his American Airlines business class flight from Paris back to the US, and was rebooked in economy. Given that he’s 6’5″, he offered someone in the exit row $1,500 to switch seats with him, and the guy declined.

Suffice to say that I wasn’t jealous with the way in which he was crossing the Atlantic.

Well, here’s one Atlantic crossing that I am jealous of.

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are facing off in London this weekend. They needed to fly their entire team to London, so they chartered a plane, which is logical enough. They didn’t just charter any plane, though — they chartered the Crystal 777.

I first wrote about the Crystal Boeing 777-200 in 2016, as this is one of the most luxurious private jets in the sky. This is the same company behind Crystal Cruises, one of the highest end cruise lines out there.

With this plane, Crystal is offering “air cruises,” where this specially configured 777 flies people around the world for some pretty unforgettable itineraries. However, they also offer individual charters, which makes sense.

This is exactly the plane that the Boston Red Sox chartered from Boston to London Gatwick yesterday.

While this plane can usually seat around 300 people, this plane is configured to seat just 88 people. Part of the plane consists of fully flat business class seats in a 2-2-2 configuration.

While that’s a comfortable enough way to fly, the plane has an incredible-looking bar and dining area, which is what really sets it apart.

Here’s some video from the Red Sox charter:

Now, while the plane as such is incredibly luxurious, it seems like the team may have skimped when it comes to catering. Even on the most luxurious jets, it’s up to the charter client to decide how they want it catered. It looks like they primarily went with chips, fruit, cheese, etc. Though in fairness, the plane is still on the ground in the above video.

Of course it’s possible there was a more elaborate meal service, but what we see doesn’t look too amazing. This was also an overnight flight, so it’s possible they didn’t want to cater it more, since the priority was sleeping.

Still, this looks like one heck of a charter, and suffice to say I’m really jealous.

The Red Sox aren’t the first sports team to charter this plane — in 2017 the Vancouver Canucks chartered this plane from Vancouver to China.

One thing I haven’t been able to figure out is how the New York Yankees are flying to London. Maybe they chartered the Four Seasons private jet (though even that isn’t as luxurious)?

Is that Crystal 777 awesome, or what?

  1. I pity the team that does the London series in 2023 and has to take an A321XLR over the pond.

  2. I heard that the Tampa Bay Rays chartered an Allegiant MD-80 to their latest series against the Twins.

  3. I think the catering is pretty good figuring they are still on the ground. Probably saving the good stuff for when they are I the air. They need to be able to put everything away quickly when it’s tine to go. Very surprised they have the full bar open on the ground.

  4. I didn’t look for the specific flight, but pictures from Yankee players showed them on VS.

  5. After the Yankees finish off the Red Sox in London, Mookie & co. will be flying back home on a Spirit A319 with 28 inch pitch. No “Big Front” seating allowed.

  6. My friend was on the plane with the Sox. Message me if you want pictures of the menu. It’s very extensive including… chick fila!

  7. Ok Ben…I would say its in awful bad taste for you of all people to say you are jealous (think on that ;-)! 🙁

    I did notice the Four Seasons 757 at STN in a news clip from earlier this morning regarding the AI bomb scare diversion.

    @Brian – did you mean HORRIBLE Delta 757….haha!

  8. @Charles303

    Live updates please. I assume they have wifi.

    With all the partnership, I assume Yankees will fly on Delta’s 75C.

  9. Baseball in England?? I guess there are sufficient Americans in London to fill up a stadium while the English resort to their comfort food, chicken tikka masala, after India cream them on Sunday!

  10. @Kent – I was also surprised to see London and baseball in the same sentence. I am currently in London and haven’t heard a mentioning of this, especially with the locals cheering their country in the cricket world cup! Go Aussies!

  11. @Kent

    It was an affiliation of the Boston Tea Party called the Boston Red Cricket.

    Those guys dumped their beloved tea, these guys trashed their beloved Cricket.

    History 101 folks.

  12. @Eskimo – as I mentioned, it is indeed a surprise to hear about baseball and London (or England) in the same sentence. Baseball didn’t appeal in the 1700s and it remains unappealing today. I enjoy going to baseball matches, but for the festivities and not the sport.

  13. The air cruise concept mentioned in the article never took off and the idea was scrapped. The Crystal Skye is full aircraft charter only. That is a shame as while the prices were pretty huge, the idea of an around the world fully planned out 5 star experience was amazing.

  14. @snic – I play a game of chess but watch a footie match. I guess Americans play games and not matches 😉

    Another peculiarity of Americans being odd…

  15. What the hell is a “sox” and why is it red?

    I guess we know where all of the American expats in London will be on these nights?

  16. This is a nice move on the part of Red Sox management, but seems a little over the top for a what, 6-hour flight?

  17. I know that 6’5″ guy’s pain. I’m 6’8″. I literally don’t fit in economy so I normally get a pity upgrade or an exit row seat

  18. I’m actually in London and doing a client event at Saturday’s game. While the rest of London May be unaware – it’s a big thing in the City. I was surprised at the number of London Series hat’s I saw today. Supposedly both games are sold out, but it will be interesting to see how many tickets went to speculative sales and how many were actually sold to people who will be there.

  19. The Crystal Photo sure looks like a 787 to me – or perhaps a publicity photo for a 777X to come?

  20. In reference to Yankees beating the Red Sox and probably every other team for the rest of 2029. All those teams have been playing the Yankee “B” team up until now and losing to them. The Yankee 2nd baseman continues to hit $1.98 homers over the Little league right field fence at Yankee Stadium. No one should expect anyone but New York to win the championship. Add to that visiting teams are totally intimidated by the stadium, monuments
    And playing in a Bronx zoo. Billy Martin and Mickey Mantle must be smiling.

  21. Yankees flew on G-VWEB. Suzyn Waldman (radio announcer) posted an Instagram story showing the plane.

  22. Pretty sure the Yankees chartered a Virgin Atlantic plane based upon the specific style of herringbone seats shown in their insta stories

  23. The Dallas Mavericks chartered this exact same plane (Crystal 777) on their trip to Beijing yet no one talked about it then. On a much longer flight, too.

  24. Whatever type of plane it was, it was a nice gesture from the Red Sox Front Office.
    And they don’t build their team by buying whoever they want – they build their team like the rest of the league, with quality farm teams & blood sweat & tears.


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