Kim Kardashian Charters 777, Rents Private Island In French Polynesia

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There are few things in life I’m less passionate about than keeping up with the Kardashians, but I’ll make an exception here, given the lack of details otherwise in the media about the airplane and private island involved. As an aviation and hotel geek I couldn’t help but investigate a bit…

How Kim Kardashian celebrated her 40th birthday

Kim Kardashian just celebrated her 40th birthday, and she chartered what’s possibly the world’s fanciest semi-private jet for the occasion, and flew to one of the most exclusive private island resorts in the world (more details on that below).

As Kardashian wrote on Twitter:

“Before COVID, I don’t think any of us truly appreciated what a simple luxury it was to be able to travel and be together with family and friends in a safe environment.”

I mean, fair enough, but using “simple luxury” in the context of any aspect of this trip seems… a bit much.

But don’t worry, everyone quarantined for two weeks and underwent “multiple health screenings,” so that they could “pretend things were normal” (3o seconds of Googling shows several of the guests out and about in the two weeks leading up to the trip):

“After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time.”

Details of the 777 that Kardashian chartered

Kardashian chartered Crystal Cruises’ Boeing 777-200LR for the occasion. The plane has the registration code P4-XTL, and flight tracking shows that the plane operated the following flights:

  • On October 20 they flew from Los Angeles to Papeete in a flight time of 8hr8min
  • On October 25 they flew from Papeete to Los Angeles in a flight time of 7hr58min
  • After that the plane was repositioned to San Bernardino

For some context on the plane, Crystal Cruises is a high-end cruise line, and in 2017 the company introduced a private 777 so that it could offer “air cruise” itineraries.

This special Boeing 777 is equipped with just 88 seats, all of which can turn into fully flat beds.

Perhaps what’s most impressive is that the plane has a dining room and bar, which I’ve never seen quite like this before on a private jet.

Here’s a video of the jet:

The 777 is nine years old — it entered service in 2011 for Réunion-based Air Austral, then it briefly flew for Air Madagascar, and then finally in 2017 the plane received this special configuration.

As you might expect, this plane is also available for charter, especially right now, given that there are no “air cruises” happening. Looking at flight tracking for the specific aircraft over the past several months:

  • In May and June the plane flew six times roundtrip between Los Angeles and Shanghai
  • On August 1 the plane flew nonstop from Denver to Kilimanjaro, and on August 17 it flew nonstop from Kilimanjaro to New York
  • Otherwise the plane only positioned to & from Fort Myers, where it’s usually based

I’d be fascinated to know more about who or what the plane was carrying to & from Shanghai, and in particular who chartered the plane to Kilimanjaro for over two weeks.

What private island did Kardashian rent?

Once in French Polynesia, Kardashian rented out The Brando, on the private island of Tetiaroa. This is one of the most exclusive and expensive hotels in French Polynesia. The resort features just 35 private villas.

Rates at the resort usually start at 3,300 EUR (3900 USD) per night per villa, though the property is all inclusive (though something tells me Kardashian may have paid extra for a premium alcohol selection).

The island is a roughly 20 minute flight from Papeete Airport in Tahiti, where the 777 landed. To get to the resort the guests had to take a smaller plane with just eight seats, so presumably they had to charter several planes to actually get to the resort.

Bottom line

Do I care about where Kim Kardashian celebrated her 40th birthday? Absolutely not. Do I love a good puzzle of figuring out airplanes and hotels? Absolutely.

For those aviation and hotel geeks, it appears that Kardashian leased the Crystal Cruises 777 to fly her squad of besties to Tahiti, and from there they rented out The Brando, a private island resort with just 35 villas.

Not a bad trip, I must say…

  1. Utterly disgraceful she felt compelled to do that in the middle of a pandemic with thousands of people dying every day and many more losing their jobs/being forced in new lockdowns. Shows how detached from reality she is and how sad she gets the coverage she does in North America…

  2. Hopefully none of her guests who failed to understand what a quarantine entails will push this into being a super spreader event.

  3. Every time I see or hear about the Kardashians, I’m reminded of the O’Doyle family from Adam Sandler’s “Billy Madison” movie and how the entire family accidentally drove off a cliff.

  4. C’mon Lucky… posts about fighting on planes, now Kardashians. Is this really what this blog is becoming? Trash news?

  5. I do wonder how much money crystal already lost on this jet seeing how little flight time it’s getting….

    And you gotta give it to Kardashian on how she elicits empathy from here crowd for how here life is “anything but normal now” while I’m sure she is having hardships due to COVID her business etc, her minions still feel soooo bad for her

  6. Lucky- Please, more than often, principles are more important than anything else. Giving the Kardashians any exposure irrespective of the content is no excuse and throws all principles down the drain. The Kardashians and others like them are a serious problem for the sanity of our country.

  7. Considering how much trouble this planet is in, between Covid-19 and Climate Change, that this egocentric person would use a private 777 to charter a few friends all that way, I am completely disgusted. Think about all that fuel spent and greenhouse gases expelled into the atmosphere so she could take a vacation. What arrogance…

  8. I never want to read of Ben’s praising fake “green” hotel policies that result in toiletry dispensers –– dispensers the CDC says are unsafe and can spread coronavirus –– or skipped housekeeping services, when this kind of jet-setting is glorified.

  9. The self righteousness and hatred here is unreal. She celebrated her Birthday in style. Get over it. Billionaire do things like this all the time. There is nothing wrong with posting this Lucky. It’s travel blog and appreciate your broad coverage.

  10. I enjoyed this post, and if i had billions id do the same. Based on my flight to the Seychelles they probably had more people on their private 777 than i had on my BA 787, therefore they were doing good by flying privately.

  11. Crystal abandoned the air cruise program almost as soon as it launched. They were trying to enter a very niche market that already had established players (primarily A&K and TCS).

    The plane is now just chartered.

  12. Can’t stand the Kardashian clan. But this avgeek finds the 777 charter plane pretty cool. Wonder what the crew size is like? Also wonder what kind of deal was struck with Crystal and the Brando island resort as they will be getting so much free publicity from their trip.

  13. Lucky, unrelated, but gotta say thank you for the 90 Day Fiancé recommendation. You hooked me and my 55 year old Dad who describes it as a “train wreck that I just have to DVR.”

  14. “After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time.”

    She’s *so* down to earth and *authentic!*

    Just kidding!

    Vapid, shallow, and superficial.

    And if she were *actually rich* she’d BUY a 777, not charter one.

  15. Wow, there’s a lot to despise in this article and comment thread! Kim Kardashian rents a private island – good for her, who the hell cares? But the comments about how the end of the world is nigh and how thousands are dropping dead in the streets!?! And how being on a private island in French Polynesia is a “superspreader event”. What a drama queen! This is just as laughable as the Biden events with 20 people standing in stupid circles, wearing masks outside on a windy day. All phony props that will do nothing to prevent the disease, but which will help those mentally unstable attendees from falling over the edge into psychosis – for another day.

    It’s a virus, it’s very contagious, 99.7% of people recover from it. Throughout human history, there have been contagious diseases that kill people. This isn’t smallpox, it’s not ebola, almost everyone gets better and there’s a vaccine on the horizon. Move on with your life, for God’s sake.

  16. Although I despise anything Kardashian, as an AvGeek I love reading about interesting flights and odd uses (and histories) of planes like this.

    To try and steer the discussion back to our temporary outlet to “talk shop”, what would the average price be, all in, to privately charter this 777 for an itinerary like this?

  17. Because of the global pandemic, my extended family of 21 people, spanning four generations are not celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years together this year which is the responsible decision. I could not care less about the Kardashians but this whole thing is tone deaf to the millions of us who are actually trying to do our part to keep the virus in check so that we can return to work, celebrate holidays and other events with our families and experience a normal life again. It’s reprehensible the wealthy feel that they are exempt from sacrifice and don’t feel compelled to be a part of a team effort to bring an end to this.

  18. When I saw the headline, I thought it was an indication of how far she was willing to go to get away from her husband and his – umm quirks.

  19. Bad publicity is better than no publicity. Kardashians knows how to play the PR game. I’m sure Crystal and the Brando gave Kim some amazing deals as both are somewhat under the radar for most people especially Crystal. Now even CNN is reporting about this birthday party. You can’t buy that kind of publicity!

    The Brando is amazing if you have the money to stay there. Think of it as an upscale Galapagos Island-ish experience with Red Footed Booby instead of Blue. Sadly no swimming iguana. If you are there during the right season, you can swim with whales. Or if you are into bumping into Hollywood stars, well, you are in luck with that as well. This resort is beautifully decorated and I would go back in a heartbeat. Just have to wait till a little virus to be tamped down first though….

  20. I couldn’t care less for her and her family but if she has enough money to rent a plane and an island, why not? Why do all people need to stop living because of a virus? They all got tested before the trip. I assume none of the people working in the island had Covid. Thus, if all they did was to get in and out the island who cares they travelled during a pandemic? For those who feel they need to live inside a cave until a vaccine is found, go ahead but let other people live their lives responsibly.

  21. @Post Mortem – WTF dude? It is her money (or her husband’s) and she can do anything she wants with it. There will always be people suffering but that doesn’t mean you can’t do what you want. Frankly, I worry about ME and don’t really care if it may offend some people. Also, she rented a private jet and island. That is about as safe as you can get. If the plane flies and she can rent the resort it doesn’t matter if there is a pandemic. I go to Las Vegas during the pandemic and don’t think twice. Just wish I had the cash to spring for something like this

  22. I wonder if anyone in that totally uninspired family remembers the old maxim “Easy come, easy go”?

  23. any time someone spends money, someone else gains it. i’m always happy to hear about rich folks spending and spreading the wealth

  24. No matter how wealthy you are, if you pull stuff like that, the money will run out. That does not bode well for her future. Not that we really care – though we all read the story!

  25. people who are hating on this are just jealous, if they had the money they’d probably do this too!

    good for her, sure there is a global pandemic but it cant stop us from living our lives. she did this the most responsible way possible & the local economy is benefitting from all the hundreds of thousands (if not millions, idk) she spent on this trip im sure.

    thanks lucky for posting this as i was also curious to see where she went and how she got there!

  26. People not understanding the relevance of the post to the Travel Blog/Aviation/Hotel nature of Lucky’s site, are just plain morons and should just pack up and leave…….. Don’t let the door hit you in ars either!!!

    Thanks Lucky for the post, it was a quick interesting post on the Rich & Famous and their extravagant traveling habits….

  27. Agree with mofly. Let her celebrate in style. There are lots of dumb people in this world who does nothing but watch reality tv shows and scroll on instagram all day. These are the people who made her rich. If you’re gonna express hate, kindly direct them to these people.

  28. Absolutely tragic.

    Both French Pacific territories – French Polynesia and New Caledonia – initially survived the Pandemic by closing to foreigners Australia-style.

    French Polynesia then made the terrible decision to open to American visitors with the false security of pre-departure and on-arrival testing.

    New Caledonia remains closed, with no pandemic and life pretty much as normal – just like Australia and New Zealand. All three have economies which are virtually as normal.

    While French Polynesia is now suffering a Holocaust of Coronavirus imported from the USA, with ICU beds overwhelmed and the 80% of the economy that isn’t tourism now completely wrecked.

    Tahiti is the ultimate proof that pre-departure and on-arrival testing is unsafe and is just a pretext for self-serving travel companies to resume unsafe operations.

  29. You have to hand it to the Kardashians…they’re VERY smart, at least relatively speaking, given that the target audience of millennials must be the dumbest generation ever, most of them probably unable to fart and chew gum at the same time. Fortunately the Gen-X shows more promise.

  30. Please try real reality. Some people have money, some do not, in varying degrees.

    So she chartered a 777 as transport to her party.

    Next time you send a guest home in a taxi, aren’t you doing the same thing, on your budget?
    And how many of you are now walking instead of driving to the supermarket to save…… whatever!

    So none of you ever want to go to the movies to support the cast who walk away with milllions?

    Wake up, you dreary lefties. This is the world. And Glam is great, and interesting.

    And thanks, Lucky for reporting this with the 777 pictures. Awesome.

  31. The title of this was “ Kim Kardashian Charters 777”.

    If you still read the article after seeing the title, and are annoyed by the article, you are a moron!

    The blog and many others have to fill it with content every day. You don’t need to read every article. Just pick the ones you think will interest you.


  32. By the look of hers and her family’s pictures it seems like they flew to the seychelles , to the private isalnd of the 4seasons there called – Desroches.
    I have the same exact pictures.

  33. I’ve rarely (if ever) commented on posts, even when I thought they might have strayed a fair bit from a pure travel/aviation perspective. But I draw the line at covering anything Kardashian related. Sadly a very low point for the blog. Feeds directly into the Kardashian ego and features their unbelievably gross and irresponsible behavior during a very serious global pandemic. People charter planes all the time, it’s just that some trash choose to publicize it. Unfortunately you took the bait. I think it’s come time for a break from this blog…

  34. In reading some of the “negative comments”, do these folks realize what type of site they are on and the topic of the post? I dont even understand how folks could try to place their concerns with her celebrating for one day out of the year – a climatic and important one for many woman – with the monies that she has earned. Its her choice in a democracy. Folks of all kinds have disposable income that seem to be excessive to those that dont. Dont hate her. I bet if hating her meant that you would be excluded from ever being a part of her world – many would stop hating. Opportunities are still out there. And to those that try to make it seem that she is unconcerned with social and other societial issues remember that the taxes that she pays on millions earned is more than many folks earn in a year. Possibly 20 million in taxes per year. Goes to all things democratic. So she spends some of that money on herself.

  35. What is missing from this piece is an estimate of the total cost of the trip.

    If we could afford it many of us would go. Sour grapes to the others 😉

    But I guess – if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it.

    Gotta get back to collecting my coke empties so I can save up.

  36. Interesting, I was at the intercontinental Tahiti Sunday night October 25th and I noticed what looked like a huge african american gospel group walking by. I was in the pool in front of the tiki bar. Then I saw a part of the resort was blocked off by some rather large body guards. I could then hear a gospel choir singing off in the distance . I later asked one of the waiters who told me it was Kim and Kanye for Kim’s Birthday party. I wonder if she really had her whole event at the Brando or was slumming it at the Intercon. I say slumming it as after the Conrad Bora Bora and the Hilton Moorea it really seemed like a very nice airport hotel (full of United cabin crew) considering the size of the Brando do you think she actually had her letter at the intercon or did the waiters get it wrong.

  37. Repugnant(from google): in conflict with; incompatible with. Sometimes I get the feeling that folks just want to throw rocks at people who have made it. If someone has to go to the robb report to find someone with extreme “disposable income”, there arent many other places that you can find them. Its like going to Mcdonalds and having a problem with people that like Mcdonalds. There is no conflict with folks that can afford spending over a million dollars on a getaway. Whats the problem? I dont see a conflict or an incompatability.

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