Receive Alerts If Hotel Award Nights Become Available

The site I’m about to write about has been around for quite a while, though somehow I didn’t hear about it until Angelina Travels wrote about it earlier today.

As anyone who collects hotel points knows, finding hotel reward nights is typically much easier than finding saver level award flights. Most major hotel chains advertise no blackout dates, and in the case of some hotel groups (including Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott), you can redeem points as long as a standard room is available (meanwhile IHG Rewards Club only makes a subset of standard rooms available as awards).

This really isn’t that restrictive, though I also know that I’ve found myself in a situation a countless number of times where I wanted to redeem points at a hotel, only to find they didn’t have availability. Maybe they only had premium rooms, or maybe the hotel was sold out completely.

The thing is, award rooms almost always open up closer to the arrival date, as people cancel. So you just have to be really persistent.

The good news is that there’s a free site that can help with that. Open Hotel Alert will alert you when a room opens up at a hotel (you can either set it so that it will let you know if any room opens up, or you can set it so it only alerts you if a specific room type opens up).

While this is also intended for revenue stays, for us the best use will probably be on award stay.

For example, say you want to redeem points at the Park Hyatt Paris over New Years. Over that period the cheapest room is a 1 King Bed Deluxe, which doesn’t qualify as a standard room.

If you wanted to redeem points here you’d need for there to be a 1 Queen Bed or 2 Twin Beds room.

So that’s where Open Hotel Alert can help. You can select the hotel, and then select your check-in and check-out date.

It will display availability for the room types that are available, and will offer to alert you for the room types that aren’t available. So if a room isn’t available, click any of the “Alert Me” buttons.

Then you’ll be able to select which room type you want to be alerted about. Just provide your phone number and email address, and they can call and/or email you.

In case you’re wondering how it’s possible that they can do this, they explain their business model on their FAQs page:

This is a wonderful service. How can it be free?

We are able to provide our service at no cost to travelers because we earn a commission when travelers book rooms using our service.

Essentially if you do end up booking a hotel, you can follow their link to, and then they’ll get a commission.

Unfortunately they won’t be making any money off of those of us who are just trying to find award nights.

Bottom line

I’ve long thought to myself that a service like this would be useful, so I was happy to learn about this. It’s especially great that this is free. I can see this coming in handy for finding standard rooms at hotels for the purposes of finding award nights.

Has anyone used Open Hotel Alert, or a similar site?


  1. Marriott doesn’t actually guarantee every standard room can be booked with points (unlike SPG) – they guarantee no blackout dates, so *some* standard rooms must be bookable with points on any given day, but it’s possible that hotels could limit the number of points bookings per night. In practice, they’re generally available, but it’s not a requirement.

    I’ve seen this in the past with last-minute bookings when a base room opens up but is not bookable on points (and the policy was confirmed with what I’ve read on FT and what Marriott CS said)

  2. I was trying to book an award with the andaz tokyo for april and for the entire month they won’t let me book any award rooms, so that whole no blackout thing sounds like BS to me. I’m able to see standard rooms on those dates.

  3. @Ron

    I’m not aware of a free site, but an Expertflyer pro subscription will do this for you for a good chunk of Airlines, although not all.

  4. I was thinking why Brian Kelly of TPG is annoying as hell. I don’t know the answer TBH. He obviously got rich but seems white trash and nouveau rich. What do you guys think?

  5. What about IHG? Annoyingly, some hotels do not have award availability for peak dates (while having revenue rooms available). Any suggestion how to create such an alert?

  6. Isn’t TPG / Brian Kelly where Mommy Points was exiled too? Didn’t she get kicked off of Boarding Area?

  7. @Matt:

    It’s because he’s in every. Single. PICTURE in his trip reports/articles – when he even does them anymore – and they’re terrible pictures because that girl does NOT know her angles. And you can only take so many awfully-staged picture holding a champagne flute in JAL F. I think it’s his conspicuous consumption-ness and narcissism that make him very unlikable to a lot of folks. Plus, the blog is pretty terrible these days, too. But he made a ton of money off selling out, so kudos to him for that.

  8. No blackout rule is regularly violated by individual Hyatt properties (I’m looking at you Hyatt Regency Vancouver). Standard rooms show available for cash, but unavailable for points. You call/email Hyatt and they say “yep, not available” and will not help until you provide:
    World of Hyatt’s Terms and Conditions provide the following at Appendix B, II, (b)(1):

    Total BS.

  9. @Matt
    I’m wondering why you are so fixated on TPG that you feel compel to write about it in an article that has nothing to do with him. I mean TPG is tall and has pretty eyes so I get it. 🙂

    Getting back on topic. My concern with services that gets a fee from hotels is that at some point the service provides skewed results because one hotel pays them more than another hotel.

  10. Just tried this but only seemed to list a subset of hotels – some of the main Hilton properties not listed when I searched for Nashville.

  11. Hmm OK turns out that despite it looking like the search only accepted a place name (and then displayed a subset of properties) it does actually allow specific hotel names – ignore me 🙂

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