Great Qatar Airways Qsuites Fares From LAX

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As far as I’m concerned, Qatar Airways offers the world’s most well rounded business class experience. Not only that, but thanks to their membership in oneworld, flying with Qatar Airways can be a great way to earn elite qualifying miles in your preferred program (American AAdvantage, British Airways Executive Club, etc.).

Qatar Airways Qsuites cabin on the A350-1000

Historically Qatar Airways has offered great business class fares, though for the past year or so I’ve noticed fewer great fares from the US. They still have many great fares from Africa, Asia, and Europe, in my experience, but fare sales from the US are far less common.

Well, for those based in Los Angeles (or willing to position), at the moment Qatar Airways has a noteworthy business class fare.

You can fly roundtrip business class between Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur for under $2,500, which is a pretty incredible deal. Availability with this fare is wide open, with lots of dates available between mid-February and mid-December 2020. The best fares seem to be available for outbound travel on Saturdays through Wednesdays.

This fare seems to allow an almost immediate turnaround, for those in a rush. 😉 You can also potentially book all segments in Qsuites, and in particular it’s exciting that Qatar Airways will soon operate the A350-1000 on their Los Angeles to Doha route.

Qatar Airways’ website is pretty good for actually searching availability, though if you prefer you can use Google Flights or ITA Matrix. You can potentially have the fare drop a bit further by booking through Momondo, though that comes with some risks as well.

The Amex International Airline Program, which is available to those with The Platinum Card® from American Express and The Business Platinum Card® from American Express, offers further discounts, though they’re quite minimal in this case. It only seems to knock about $60 off the price.

That itinerary covers a distance of ~23,920 flown miles, so if crediting to American AAdvantage you’d earn:

  • ~36,000 elite qualifying miles (150%)
  • ~23,920 redeemable miles (100% for segments in the “R” fare class)
  • A 120% mileage bonus if you’re an Executive Platinum member
  • ~4,785 elite qualifying dollars (elite qualifying dollars for 20% of the distance flown)

If anyone is headed from the LA-area to Asia, this is a great option to consider!

Qatar Airways Qsuites seat

Anyone plan to take advantage of these great Qatar Airways fares?

(Tip of the hat to Tack)

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  1. Woohoo thx @lucky. Was able to purchase mine with chase portal and apply some UR points. 3/4 on qsuites and since I booked for later in the year my LAX flights will be on the a350. Super stoked !!

  2. Guys and girlz, ignore this idiot called jonn. Anytime there is a post about how ME3 airlines, he comes and post the same stupid comment. Must have been hired by the the Big 3 hoping that his comment will encourage more people to fly Delta, United or AA to East Asia

  3. @ek pilot
    How about you get a real job, working 180 hours a month rather than complain about flying 90?

    @nice Paul
    How are those burgers?

    What are you talking about? Everyone knows EK is far superior to QR and doesnt involve funding terrorism. The US3’s average fleet age is 38.9 years. Yes almost 39 years on average. Look it up. Why would I fly these dumps?

  4. @John
    Ah, but everyone knows UAE is bestest friends with Saudi Arabia, supporting their genocidal war in Yemen (among other international dirty tricks).

    And if you buy a ticket for EK, you’re actually hacking Jeff Bezos’ phone as well as murdering journalists from the Wall Street Journal.

    Though I largely agree with you about flying on the US3.

  5. @ Ben — Thanks for posting this. We will be allocating the refunds from our cancelled Swiss F trips to China to book these. I guess we are ditching our plan for 1K and sticking with EXP, which makes much more sense as an East Coast flyer. DL+ AA is definitely the way to go in the East. 1K was gonna just be a waste of money.

  6. @ Ben or anyone else who knows, based on this fare, if you flew it three times at a cost of $7500 (net), would you basically have AA executive platinum status? If each round trip yields 4785 elite qualifying dollars, do you still have to spend 15K a year on tickets?

  7. @M. Yes, but you would still need 100K miles. So three trips on this fare x3 would not be enough to earn you all the miles, but you would get close to the spend.twe

  8. @Tee Ayo/M, actually you would earn enough EQMs here on 3 roundtrips to earn EXP. The fare class would net 1.5 EQMs and at 23,963 miles RT, that would amount ~107k EQMs earned. That being said, you would still be ~$600 short on the $15k EQD threshold.

  9. Just tried to book LAX-KUL in mid-April and it looks like LAX-DOH is operated with an old configuration 777-200LR. Beware of this when you book.

  10. Dear John,

    Let me guess: You’re American?

    In this case, I think, as an American you should definetely not condemn others to support terrorism given how many countries YOU have plunged into chaos in recent years with thousands of civilian victims. Be happy you’re living in safety.

    Seriously tired of you Murricans constantly thinking you own this planet….

  11. Lars,

    As an American I completely agree. The average American’s understanding of the world in general and our country’s subsequent US foreign policy strategy are extremely flawed, laughable, and narrow minded. Blind patriotism by the likes of John and millions of others. Americans are quick to criticize others but not a word about the MILLIONS of civilian deaths over the years because of US interference. Instead of sticking our nose in the backyards of other countries. In any case, I’ll fly on QSuites any day over United, Delta, or American.

  12. Flying Qatar Business from JFK to Denpasar for about $3700 R/T with the great stopover in DOH on the return. Any ideas on what are good souvenirs to buy? The terrorism point seems to me to be BS, as the administration blindly supports Saudia Arabia.

  13. Managed to book YUL-DOH-CPT round trip in business on Qatar for 2600 US$, in November this year. Sweet deal if you ask me.

  14. @Udo – Definitely a sweet deal! I booked that trip back in May 2019 and was out in SA for 3 weeks last month in December. What great trip it was and QSuites was phenomenal throughout

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