Qatar Airways Privilege Club Offering New Member Bonus

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It’s fairly rare to see an airline loyalty program offer a compelling bonus for new members nowadays. Earlier I wrote about how Aegean Miles+Bonus is offering 5,000 miles to new members with no activity requirement. Well, Qatar Airways Privilege Club is also offering a solid bonus, which could be worth it if you’re not a member yet.

Qatar Airways’ new member bonus

At the moment Qatar Airways Privilege Club is offering up to 7,500 bonus miles and 50 Qpoints to new members. Here’s how the bonus breaks down for those who register with promotion code OALQ320T12:

  • Earn 2,500 bonus miles at the time of enrollment with no activity requirement
  • Earn 5,000 bonus miles plus 50 Qpoints upon completion of your first Qatar Airways flight

There are some terms to be aware of, as you’d expect:

  • This is valid for enrollment through December 31, 2020, and for travel through March 31, 2021
  • If you take a Qatar Airways flight, the 5,000 bonus miles and 50 Qpoints will post within 30 days
  • Only paid travel on flights that are marketed and operated by Qatar Airways qualify for the additional bonus

Qatar Airways miles expire after three years of inactivity. In other words, the 2,500 bonus miles you get as part of the bonus won’t be expiring on you anytime soon.

For context, here are the usual Qpoints requirements for various status levels, to give you a sense of how far 50 Qpoints will get you:

As you can see, Silver status ordinarily requires 150 Qpoints, so 50 Qpoints gets you a third of the way there.

Is this offer worth it?

While I enjoy flying Qatar Airways, I can’t say that the Privilege Club program is near the top of my list of favorite frequent flyer programs. Generally there are better oneworld frequent flyer programs in terms of mileage opportunities and elite perks.

That being said:

Receive bonus miles when you sign up for Privilege Club

Bottom line

Qatar Airways is offering 2,500 bonus miles to members who sign up with no activity requirement, and an additional 5,000 miles and 50 Qpoints upon completing one flight with Qatar Airways.

This is a solid offer, especially for those who could potentially benefit from Qatar Airways’ student frequent flyer program (which in and of itself is a reason to participate in Privilege Club).

Do any non-Privilege Club members plan to take advantage of this promotion?

(Tip of the hat to YHBU)

  1. I would like to point out that the validity of Qmiles can be extended for another 36 months with any activity in the account.

  2. This airline are all over the place lately. From forced vaginal examinations, lounge rules you need a university degree to keep up with, ground and head office operations which are a shambles, and now frequent flyer gimmicks – all trying to stay relevant and worthwhile. I agree a legacy carrier like AA, BA, QF are much safer and solid options for FF membership. If you did need a carrier in the Middleweight East Emirates is by far the most consistent and best.

  3. Paul,

    You must be getting paid to write the above. Either you never flew QR or you don’t live in this planet. Putting BA , AA, QF and Emirates on the same bag ? AA with their appealing FF or J service ( well commented in the blog ) ? Talking of consistent, Emirates was not even flying any aircraft for 6 months up to one month ago and QF if you don’t know still not flying international and won’t be anytime soon. QR flew trough out the pandemic repatriating millions of people. I have no idea where you take your opinions from.

    I am not getting paid to write this but just amazes me how some people are completely disconnected from this planet and write anything in blogs like this.

  4. I think Paul is right in terms of crediting miles to another OW programme (not the airlines’ service itself), which is actually quite common among QR flyers. The QR programme is less rewarding compared to those of AA, BA. In terms of consistency, QR have got amazing onboard product but lacklustre CS. They are great as long as you don’t run into any issues w/ them. They are quite horrible in solving any common issues such as rescheduling or getting a refund…

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