Spectacular Qatar Airways Qsuites Fares From Montreal To Asia!

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In early January I wrote about some attractive Qatar Airways business class fares from Montreal to Asia, and now they’re even a bit lower.

Qatar Airways Qsuites is my favorite business class product in the world. Historically the airline has also had exceptional business class fares, though we’re seeing fewer sales than we’ve seen in the past.

Qatar Airways Qsuites

In general I’d say we still see a good number of attractive business class fares for travel originating in Europe, though for travel originating in North America we don’t see nearly as many good business class fares as we used to.

At the moment Qatar Airways has excellent business class fares for travel between Montreal and Bangkok. Obviously this is great for those in Canada, but it’s also good for those in the US who don’t mind positioning to Montreal, given all the nonstop flights available to there (many people would have to position to a Qatar Airways gateway anyway).

There’s availability for this fare through the end of the schedule, so this is great no matter what time of year you want to travel.

You can fly roundtrip business class on Qatar Airways from Montreal to Bangkok for 2,180USD. You can easily search these fares either on Google Flights or ITA Matrix.

Note that on most dates the Montreal to Doha route features Qsuites, though on some dates it doesn’t. So if booking you’ll ideally want to make sure that the seatmap looks like this…

And not like this…

This is obviously still subject to change, but I’d expect that over time the odds of a flight featuring Qsuites increases, as more planes are configured with these seats. If I were booking for this coming fall or winter I’d feel pretty confident that it will feature Qsuites.

Montreal to Bangkok roundtrip in business class via Doha covers a distance of ~19,500 flown miles, so if you were crediting to American AAdvantage (for example) you’d earn 29,250 elite qualifying miles, 3,900 elite qualifying dollars, and 19,500 redeemable miles (though if you’re Executive Platinum you’d earn a 120% bonus, for a total of 42,900 redeemable miles).

This is an exceptional fare, and I’m personally considering taking advantage of this. Not because I want to earn American AAdvantage miles, but rather because a trip to Thailand sounds fun at some point, and this seems like a really nice way to get there.

Like I said, cheap Qatar Airways business class fares from North America are rare nowadays, so…

If you take advantage of one of these fares, make sure you use a card offering bonus points for airfare purchases. You can earn up to 5x points, which I value at up to 1.7 cents each, for an additional return of 8.5%.

CardPoints earned on airfare spend
The Platinum Card® from American Express5x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
Citi Prestige Card5x ThankYou points per dollar spent
American Express® Gold Card3x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
Chase Sapphire Reserve®3x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent
Citi Premier℠ Card3x ThankYou points per dollar spent
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card2x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent

Note that you may be able to save even more off the cost of a ticket using the Amex International Airline Program, which is also valid for select departures from Canada.

Anyone considering taking advantage of these fares?

(Tip of the hat to NJSwamplands)

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  1. Spending thousands of dollars, going way out of way, just to take a Qsuite flight you have had many times before? Seems like you forgetting the purpose of flying, which is to get to your destination. Everything else is gravy.

  2. I am too afraid they will leave OneWorld. And I have a feeling that they will this time, not just throw out some empty threats. Booking this just to find out you get 0 miles – no, sad but no.

  3. i prefer JFK-BKK deal because reposition costs to Montreal is quite steep and have to go through immigration/customs, etc. Far easier to fly from JFK and it’s around $500 more… YMMV.

  4. For me, this a friendly (well, maybe not…) wink from AAB to AA, CX and QF: “This is what you’ll get from the US if and when I leave Oneworld”

    Any opinion by others ?

  5. Similar r/t fare of $2,365 between LAX-DEL for 19,786 flown miles in QR business class is also being advertised currently.

  6. Montreal immigration is a breeze and it is far easier than positioning in New York where the airports are a nightmare.

    Hotels in Montreal are also extremely reasonable (a fraction of the cost of a NY hotel) and the city is fantastic.

  7. @Mike Riess I agree, way easier than JFK. And flying from JFK or LGA to Montreal is less than 1 hour of flying. Staying in Montreal in either a decent hotel or a very nice airbnb is insanely cheap.

  8. Good idea Lucky! I’ve been to Thailand over 20 times. It’s a beautiful country. I fly out of LAX so have many options and often see good fares transpacific to Bangkok and you can via HKG &SIN, enter Thailand at CNX Chiangmai which is much easier clearing customs.

  9. @kevin
    You are forgetting the purpose of this blog. It’s not about getting from point A to B.

  10. Flying through JFK is only easier if you originate in New York

    Connecting through JFK is a nightmare and should be avoided at all costs. There are often delays and risk of misconnecting is high
    (I’ve misconnected 2 of the last 3 times, most recently in October when I had a 3 hour connection, which meant I lost a day of Budapest vacation)

    You have to leave security to get to/from some terminals or take packed Jinty

    Worse, the terminals are horrific and grungy

    if you must connect through JFK give yourself a 4 hour layover, or an overnight

  11. Anyone know what effect Qatar leaving oneworld would have on American Airlines miles earning? Am I correct in assuming this deal would be a gamble.

  12. @ Jason — If they left oneworld it probably wouldn’t be possible to earn American miles anymore. Personally I think it’s unlikely they leave the alliance, but you never know. There is some element of risk there.

  13. @Jimmy-I just transferred through Doha on Qatar on a BCN-Doh-BKK-Doh-BCn trip and there is no passport clearance on transfers. Just a security scan and straight to gates. We only had 55 minute connections, both flights to DOH were well over 40 minutes late, but Qatar held flights for delayed passengers. Quick transfer through security. The only place you may get questioned are at the departing airports. I am a US passport holder, reside in Spain and was asked at baggage drop for resident card in Spain. That was a first.

  14. How can you book the middle seats in the Qsuites configuration? Those seats always show blocked out.

  15. Can anyone verify that Qatar is actually flying the QSuites from Montreal to Doha? I do see that the seat map resembles the QSuites configuration but I don’t see any confirmation anywhere that Qatar is actually flying QSuites on this route?

    Also, it seems like Qatar will be removing QSuites from the Bangkok route at some point?

    I’m interested in booking this flight but mainly because of Qsuites and I’d be highly disappointed if they weren’t available on any of these routes. Thanks

  16. Has anyone got anything to say about Waynes Kaos observation.

    Wayne Kao says:
    March 11, 2019 at 9:30 pm
    “Uh oh, is it bad news bears that the Aadvantage Qatar page only lists “U.S.” under “Regions” and not Canada? That means no earning right? ”

    I booked myself a few of these flights based on the post on OMAAT….

  17. I booked YUL-DAD (Da Nang, Vietnam) because of the great fare and flew it last month. I fully expected the miles to post since supposedly all Oneworld flights are valid for AA credit… but I got nervous when the miles still hadn’t posted 3 weeks after the initial flight and 1 week after the entire trip was finished.

    But eventually the miles did post in full. It took longer than usual, but they did in fact post.

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