Spectacular Qatar Airways Qsuites Fares From Montreal To Asia!

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To be clear, “spectacular” as far as legitimate fares go, not as far as $800 Cathay Pacific first class fares go… šŸ˜‰

Qatar Airways Qsuites is my favorite business class product in the world. Historically the airline has also had exceptional business class fares, though we’re seeing fewer sales than we’ve seen in the past.

Qatar Airways Qsuites

In general I’d say we still see a good number of attractive business class fares for travel originating in Europe, though for travel originating in North America we don’t see nearly as many good business class fares as we used to.

At the moment Qatar Airways has excellent business class fares for travel originating in Montreal to various points in Asia. There are many destinations with good fares, though the absolute best fare seems to be to Bangkok. The other great news is that there’s availability through the end of the schedule, so this is great no matter what time of year you want to travel.

You can fly roundtrip business class on Qatar Airways from Montreal to Bangkok for $2,300USD.

The catch is that as of now the Montreal route doesn’t feature Qsuites, but rather features Qatar Airways’ old business class product.

The good news is that this fare allows you to connect via a US gateway for roughly the same price. So for example, you could fly from Montreal to Chicago/Washington to Doha to Bangkok, and then you’d have Qsuites on the long flight.

This is truly an incredible business class fare for my favorite business class product in the world.

Chicago to Bangkok roundtrip in business class via Doha covers a distance of ~21,000 flown miles, so if you were crediting to American AAdvantage (for example) you’d earn 31,500 elite qualifying miles, 4,200 elite qualifying dollars, and 21,000 redeemable miles (though if you’re Executive Platinum you’d earn a 120% bonus, for a total of 46,200 redeemable miles).

This is truly an exceptional fare, and I’m personally considering taking advantage of this. Not because I want to earn American AAdvantage miles, but rather because a trip to Thailand sounds fun at some point, and this seems like a really nice way to get there.

Like I said, cheapĀ Qatar Airways business class fares from North America are rare nowadays, so…

Note that you may be able to save even more off the cost of a ticket using the Amex International Airline Program, which is also valid for select departures from Canada.

Anyone considering taking advantage of these fares?

(Tip of the hat to shintz)


  1. @yy, this wouldnā€™t help with the challenge, those miles have to be on AA operated or marketed flights.

  2. Is there a way to build in a layover in Doha? More interested in middle east and india vs continuing on to bangkok?

  3. @ raksiam, convoluted doesn’t really apply here. If anything it’s the oposite.

    FYI SWISS/AC have some very good fares to asia on a regular basis. The direct NRT flight was 2700 USD for months until recently. BKK is 3k USD or so on a regular basis. You can even add a stop in ZRH for the same price usually. You can even book into D class with SWISS for 4.6k USD depending on availability.

  4. @yy, Qualifying eligible flights must be operated by American Airlines or marketed by American, American EagleĀ®, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia or Japan Airlines

  5. How are you finding the connecting flights in ITA Matrix? Whenever I look for a connection in ORD or IAD I turn up with zero results.

  6. That’s a great fare, Lucky. I just picked up tix to Bangkok in May. The connection in ORD on the way home sure is **convenient**

  7. FYI, I don’t believe US-based Amex IAP is valid for Qatar leaving Montreal after speaking to a couple of Amex agents. IAP out of Canada is valid for specific Airline/City pairs and Qatar/Montreal isn’t one of them.

    All that said, I’d love to be proven wrong if someone else gets a different answer!

  8. Question – If I was to skip the AC flight on the return leg (back to YUL) would those QR miles still post to AA


  9. Lucky, does it mean, that you have to connect sadly in horrible US&A airports and clear their rude immigration twice OR Is it possible to stay airside?

  10. @Lucky Priced your itinerary, YUL>ORD>DOH>BKK for 11/12 – 11/21. It’s now up to 3,125.75 CAD or $3295 USD. boo.

  11. @lucky – I was wrong. Was pricing from CAD to AUD. Ignore previous comment. Pricing is fine for Business Promo.

  12. Huh? You are suggesting to connect through US? That is something nobody should volunteer for. As long as US cannot yet handle sterile transits it makes the connection totally insecure and unpredictable.
    Maybe if the US gets its act together in a few years, but I doubt it will be anytime soon before all airports are upgraded to handle efficient transits.

  13. Qatar website says:
    “When you make a reservation on a flight to/from the U.S. one week or more prior to your flight departure through our website at http://www.qatarairways.com ,
    we will allow you to hold the reservation for 24 hours without payment.Once payment is received and ticket is issued, the fare rules will apply.”

    I don’t see a “hold” option. Does anybody know if you just provide payment, can you cancel in 24 hours when purchased through QR website?

  14. Just got off phone with Qatar. I overlooked the fact that this flight doesn’t originate in US…duh. So they don’t have to offer the required US DOT 24 hour stuff.

  15. Slightly OT, but does the US DOT 24-hour rule applied to award tickets purchased through Aeroplan? I booked a biz class to Europe on Swiss (avoiding fees) using Aeroplan miles, but when I canceled just 8 hours later, I got hit with a CAD 150 cancellation fee. When I called and asked, was told that Aeroplan isn’t an airline and isn’t subject to the rule. The flight was US-Europe, so no origination problem. Can Aeroplan really do this?

  16. I just ran some itineraries on the Qatar Web site and YUL to BKK in Feb is pricing at $1,999 CAD. That is around $1800 USD. Changes in ORD, PHL, IAD available at this price. This is a fantastic price for a great airline experience except for the American Eagle flights to PHL. I am in BOS, would have to position to YUL, but that is a nice drive if I feel like it. Spend the night in Montreal, dinner at Joe Beef, then off to BKK. Wife and I are off to SIN on the longest flight in the world in Feb for 6 weeks (thanks to Krisflyer and Amex miles), otherwise I would be all over this. Might do this for the fall.

  17. @Lentoasima Are you sure thatā€™s not a one-way price youā€™re seeing? If you are really finding 1,999 CAD round trip in Feb, please let me know the dates!

  18. @Scott

    My bad, that was one way and it is now gone. Couple hours ago I looked at mid Feb mid week and saw the CAD 1999 but now cannot see anything less than $2600 CAD each way. I can put a RT together for just under 5 K CAD but that is not a deal. I can’t find anything cheaper but have not really looked beyond a few tries. I can’t find the $2300 RT shown in the posting above. Must be missing something. I just tried mid Feb and mid Sept 2019 and no cheap flights. Sigh.

    First time I have tried the Qatar Web site, they got me on the single leg pricing. As a once famous TV character would say, “never mind”.

  19. The Nov 3 to 12 itinerary is pricing at CAD 3478 which is USD 2627 RT, not bad for what you get. These tickets are wired to explode – it will cost CAD 724 to change, CAD 1428 to cancel (just the YUL – BKK leg, more for the return). I don’t want to buy exploding tix this far in advance. Not sure what the world has in store for me next fall, guess I will wait for another mistake fare or just keep on using my Membership Miles for upgrades on purchased back of the bus fares.

  20. Hi
    i saw your post on jan 9 about MontrƩal Bangkok 2290 $ Business
    how did you get that fare
    I did flew twice MontrƩal Doha with Qatar, i agree its a great airline
    and twice i flew back with Qatar from Dubai-Doha MontrƩal or Kuwait Doha MontrƩal
    on business ITS GREAT !!!!

  21. According to ExpertFlyer, it looks like some dates in September are showing QSuite seatmaps from YUL to DOH (QR764) which would eliminate the need to connect back through the states.

    ~$2400 rt

  22. @Lucky / Fm Expertflyer.com feed, JAN 9, @44C: “….One CANNOT earn AA miles on Qatar since CANADA is omitted from the list of countries, while Canada is listed for Cathay and British. (Finnair also omits Canada). Called ExecPlat desk, who escalated to service desk, AA Customer Service who escalated to supervisor, and both said that as far as they are concerned one CANNOT earn AA mileage, as per the website. Has anyone flown from Canada w QR and earned AA miles?”. // [Hoping this means that AA mileage on QR starts AFTER YUL AC flight per yr OMAT post example, ORD>DOH>BKK?].

  23. @AlliW thereā€™s a lot of discussion about that topic in the FT thread, which you might want to check out: https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/premium-fare-deals/1949936-qr-yul-bkk-kul-dad-j-qsuites-2-300-usd-5.html#post30645967

    Seems the consensus is that you will earn AA miles since QR is a Oneworld carrier. However, Iā€™m pretty sure the YUL-US segments on AC are sold on an interline basis, not as QR codeshare, so you wouldnā€™t get AA miles on those segments regardless.

  24. Thought about it, but the complication of getting positioned to/from YUL from/to DCA meant 4 flights in each direction. Ended up booking IAD-DOH-BKK and back for US$4K to join up with a tour to Bhutan and Nepal. Not as cheap as the YUL option but still less than the sale flight on CX via HKG at US$5,900. Also more than the AY DCA-JFK/ORD-HEL-BKK and return fare at US$3,400, but which has a 25 hour connecting time on return in HEL (also note that current airport/lounge construction at HEL makes a dayroom at the Hilton Helsinki Airport or other hotel room a necessary option for anything other than very short connections).

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