Qatar Airways’ Inaugural Flight To Atlanta Gets Gate-Blocked By Delta

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Today Qatar Airways inaugurated one of the most controversial flights in recent history, between Doha and Atlanta.

There’s a huge conflict between the US and Gulf carriers, and perhaps the most outspoken airlines on both sides have been Delta and Qatar.

I’m sure you can imagine Delta’s response when Qatar launched service to their hub, a route which Qatar’s CEO claims is being launched to “rub salt in the wound of Delta.”

To send even more of a message, Qatar Airways is operating the inaugural flight using an Airbus A380, rather than the Boeing 777 which will operate the route subsequently.


There has been tons of drama regarding this new route before it even launched. Qatar Airways hosted a party at Atlanta’s historic Fox Theatre, which Delta is a sponsor of. Delta was angry they weren’t consulted about renting out the space to their rival, so Delta dropped their longstanding sponsorship of the theatre.

Well, that inaugural A380 landed in Atlanta several hours ago, and there were a couple of things which were especially interesting about it.

Did Qatar Airways get a water cannon salute?

In areas without water shortages, it’s pretty common for inaugural flights to get water cannon salutes upon arrival.

I was curious if Qatar Airways would get a water canon salute, given the controversy surrounding their new flight, and that Atlanta is Delta’s turf.

Well, from the looks of it, Qatar Airways did get a water cannon salute upon landing in Atlanta.

But Qatar Airways didn’t get…

…a gate. Instead, Qatar’s A380 had to be serviced using airstairs and buses. Ouch!


Atlanta does have an A380 gate, but unfortunately it was occupied by another plane… specifically, a Delta Airbus A320.

How did that happen? Basically Delta didn’t want to reshuffle their operations to accommodate Qatar Airways, per

The airport had asked Delta if it could accommodate the Qatar A380. Delta, which develops its flight schedules and plans for gate usage months in advance, said it had planned to work with the airport on a solution. But the Atlanta airline said it couldn’t find a viable option to move its aircraft in the time allotted, adding that it would have had to move multiple aircraft to make room for the huge A380.

As much as I think Delta has been ridiculous and petty in many ways, I can’t really blame them on this front. Should they really give up one of their gates and rework their operations so one of their competitors can show off their plane and “rub salt in their wound?”

Either way, it’s quite embarrassing for Qatar Airways that they wanted to show off this new plane, and ended up having to bus passengers to and from the terminal.

How does Atlanta’s mayor feel about Qatar Airways?

Also rather interesting is that Delta has tried to shame Atlanta’s mayor for attending the Qatar Airways gala in Atlanta which was held a couple of weeks ago, but he has stuck to his guns in supporting their new service. Per

Some people tweeted “about me being against women because I went to welcome an airline,” Reed said. He also said Delta expressed “frustration” over his attendance at the event.

“I’m trying to send a message. You’re either in the international game or you’re out,” Reed said when the topic came up at a press conference last week.

When dealing with airlines from other places, “We have to understand… they have different values and operate differently than we do. So if we’re going to apply a standard, it’s going to make it hard for us to be the most connected city… in the United States, which is my goal.”

Bottom line

None of this drama really comes as a surprise, but as an onlooker it sure is entertaining. Qatar Airways got a water canon salute when they arrived in Atlanta, but they didn’t get a gate. As much as I’d like to, I really can’t blame Delta for not wanting to put effort into reshuffling their operations so that a spiteful competitor can show off.

  1. I know Delta is king of that airport. I don’t know how airport operations and gate scheduling work, but, why would Delta have any control or use of the only A380 gate when it doesn’t fly the A380?

  2. Atlanta’s mayor understands international business.

    Delta only understands protectionism when it suits them.

  3. I wish Qatar would change the planes on the MIA – DOHA – DPS flight before my flight in Oct. The most comfortable planes should be used on the longest flights…IMHO.

  4. I really hope this inaugural flight was a huge success and it happens over and over again. Kudos to the mayor that thinks outside of the box and didn’t care about the kindergartners from Delta.

  5. My first thought was they did this to expose the number of passengers getting on and off the plane.

  6. It is hypocritical for any of ME3 to complain about airport slot allotment/gate assignment. They are world’s worst offenders in preferential allotment to home carriers.

    Just because QR bought whale jet for one day, Delta has to vacate its gate. ME3 also famous for taking whales to hardstands at their home base. What is the issue here?

    DXB allots crappy slots to Indian carriers, timings are so bad they opt not fly letting their bilats wasted. Talk about hypocrisy.

  7. First, this is really funny.

    Second, Delta absolutely needs international competition. Flights to Europe and Asia from ATL are about double the price of similar flights from DC and NYC, despite ATL being the “third city” of the East Coast. Turkish and Qatar should help put the screws to Delta on European and Asian travel, respectively.

    That said, when I flew the Etihad A380 from Abu Dhabi to NYC in February, it was almost laughable how empty the plane was in coach — each person had about 2-3 seats surrounding him/her, many an entire row — not that I didn’t enjoy the extra space! So, I’m sympathetic to the subsidy argument, but oh well, this is global capitalism in the 21st Century. Delta can compete and offer a product as good as Qatar — or, alternatively, Delta can lower its prices.

  8. I am currently at ATL South Daily parking with about 2 dozen others waiting to see Qatar’s A380 leave Rwy 27R

    As an Atlanta native, I’m a huge fan of our airport– I was here opening day when my dad worked here for Eastern.

    Atlanta needs the competition to survive as a global hub. What was clear from visiting the international terminal this evening is that the airport is so pro-Delta, that the ground services are overwhelmed by this new flight, as well as those of the few other foreign carriers departing at the same time. The city should take note that they won’t attract many foreign carriers if they can’t provide adequate ground support.

    At departure, I noted that one of the A380 gates had a AF 777 in SkyTeam livery. So much for Southern hospitality.

    We locals are all too aware that Delta will pitch a fit if they don’t get what they want. Most recently, they threatened to move their hub if the state legislature raised fuel excise taxes. Now this whole Fox Theater sponsorship thing too.

    Kudos to the mayor for supporting growth and development of the airport and to Qatar for expanding service here. Maybe real competition will make DL step up their game.

  9. This does seem fairly petty, and I say this as someone who sides somewhat more with Delta than the ME3 in their feud. Anyone who has been through Atlanta knows that Delta has more than enough gates at their disposal that wouldn’t require them using the ONE A380 capable gate at the airport. I’m assuming it was a shorthaul international flight that would have to use Terminals E/F, but unless the QR flight arrived at an exceptionally busy time for ATL (which I very much doubt, because I bet DL made sure they didn’t get a prime slot) it seems like they could have found a place to slot in that A320.

    Atlanta spent a decent amount of money to build that A380 gate, despite the fact that unless Delta gets A380’s there’s probably very little chance that the gate will ever get used. It’s pretty sleazy for Delta to force Qatar to land its A380 inaugural at a bus gate.

  10. The upside is that the passengers on the flight don’t have to make a mile-long walk to immigration and custom! My friend and I have flew KE A380 into Atlanta which parks at the A380 gate E1/3. The walk to the immigration took us a good 20 minutes and we were fast walkers! We had to walk from the far end of the E concourse to the middle, then walked along the the tunnel over to the F concourse where the immigration and custom for Atlanta-bound passengers is. I was so sorry for small children and the elders who had to endure this long walk after a 15-hour flight.

  11. So how long will this “game” continue with QR / DL @ ATL ?

    Will tomorrow’s flight (with the 777) have the same issue ?

    Oh brother !!

    DL doesn’t even serve DOH, so what’s the big deal ?

    Competition is good for everyone- including airlines…

  12. So Delta flexed their muscles to inconvenice Qatar. I wonder how Delta will respond when Qatar (eventually) gets the rights to service passengers within the USA? (i.e LAX – Atlanta- Doha)

  13. So basically, the “world’s most traveled airport” has only one gate to accommodate the A380? #infrastructure_fail

  14. Delta is just disgusting and I cannot wait for the day there will be more competition outside of MSP. They are extorting passengers here since they are mainly the only airline that have non-stop flights to many destinations. How about paying $900 MSP-IND? $1200 MSP-OMA? $1300 MSP-SFO? $2200 MSP-AMS? $3400 MSP-FCO? Delta charges basically twice the price of any other airline. And they are losing customers since business travelers cannot justify paying that much more to fly Delta. I personally moved several of my flights to AA and I have several friends that are doing the same. We desperately need competition at MSP.

  15. I have already seen this movie in Italy with Alitalia being pampered regardless. Protectionism is bad for business. Bad for economy and bad for customers. Successful airliners move economy and should be welcomed and services. So it has happened in italy and in the end the country benefited and even Alitalia stepped up their service and now it’s about to make profit for the fist time. Gulf airlines are among the best and are improving the global aviation standards. Recon that and don’t fight that.

  16. Im onthe damn flight. Boarding sucked and that makes me hate delta even more. Currently boozing at the bar.

  17. Have any one noticed how rude the people at deltas check in counter, or on board of a delta flight, most miserable cabin crew in the industry. Had very bad experience with delta in the past numerous time with domestic and international flights. Not surprise at all with the fox theatre dilemma or today’s qatars a380 gate issue when delta do not even have a a380. Feel really sorry for deltas immature behavior, very sad indeed.

  18. DL’s my preferred domestic carrier… BUT… DL benefits greatly from subsidies themselves in the form of avoided taxes on fuel and operations. If DL wishes to drop those benefits, then I’ll listen to them bitch about the ME3 being subsidized… until then, they can shove it.

    All you need to do is look at how expensive flights inside the USA are compared to other parts of the world and you can clearly see there’s a ton of greed, er, profit on those tickets.

  19. smacks of pettiness from delta. Having flown both to Atlanta (worst airport in the 1st world with broken down trains, long walks from gates, and immigration lines that make Disneyland’s seem tame) and delta I’d always avoid both like The plague. All the US carriers years behind the gulf carriers in terms of product and aircraft. I’ll also include the likes of BA and VS in the UK whose products are getting old and dirty too and in need of replacement. US carriers flying old 757 planes on european routes and charging plenty but short changing the customer in terms of service and comfort. These planes are not suitable for 7 hour journeys. American recently started Edi – Jfk again on 757 and not even seat back TVs in coach. Ridiculous in this day and age. Whereas Qatar are flying 787s from my local airport. I Looking forward to an upcoming trip with Qatar to Australia where I’ll get to experience their 787,a380 and a350 business product for the first time.

  20. Delta is like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum. Flipping around gates is a continuous process that could have been easily accomplished. I think Delta does a fairly good job. Bring in ATL, they get me from point A to B with reasonable dispatch. No major complaints. On international routes, it’s very simple. The service levels beat Delta One almost any time (not that the product isn’t good). I enjoy flying the worlds airlines when I have the option. Welcome Qatar and also welcome Turkish. I hope both routes do really well. I’m on Turkish in September ATL-IST-ATH. Biz class fare about half that of Delta.

  21. I agree with you Lucky that one can’t blame Delta for this one. Had the inaugural flight been on a 777, there would have been a gate. With the change to an A380 for this inaugural flight, it is a logistical nightmare for the airport to accommodate it just for one day.
    Only time will tell if this route will be profitable for Qatar or not. I have a feeling it won’t be given the lack of feed but I’m no expert. who knows? Delta may have the last laugh after all.

  22. If the Mayor would like to welcome Qatar then he should level the playing field and subsidize Delta with government money as Middle East carriers are. Per international agreements, airlines are not supposed to be subsidized. It isn’t the open sky if they are.

  23. My mom came in from india in the inaugural flight yesterday. The flight was full in the economy and they had a nightmarish experience at the airport. She needs wheel chair experience and they didn’t had enough people to do that. Flight landed at 4 and by the time she came out it was 7.15 pm. The airport was completlying unprepared to handle this much people coming in at same time.

  24. Im currently on the inaugural flight from Atlanta. The boarding was a mess. QR initially moved back the departure time by 1 hour as a proactive measure, but we still left 1.5 hours after that (10pm local). Everyone had to take buses to from the terminal to the plane, which took a significant amount of time as we sweated in hot (barely air conditioned) buses. In addition, they had some passengers loading from front of plane and others loading from back of plane (not according to seat location) so there was a log jam from two directions as people tried to get to their seats. However, the biggest cause of the delays was loading the luggage. The last 45 minutes was waiting on luggage to be loaded. Oh Well. Hopefully i will make my connection.

  25. DL has no exclusive rights on ATL, if QR wanted the lonely Code F gate, they should have applied months in advance and beat everyone else.

    Atlanta Mayor can build another Code F gate for QR by wasting $200 Million.

    ATL has no water for toilets, so water cannon salute. It is a desert plane.

    Imagine at DTW, QR wouldn’t even be allowed near SkyTeam exclusive McNamara Terminal.

  26. Everybody talking about the ME3 and their subsidies. Yet nobody seems to acknowledge where those subsidies go to in large parts. The planes QR, EY and EK order are from the US and the EU. With roughly 350 Boeing 777 (Cargo & Passenger aircrafts), the US economy gets a large part of the cake. Furthermore, passengers are able to travel more cheaply, which is a big plus too. Connections between the US and foreign nations increased as well and potential more tourist come to the US.

    I’m neither pro US3 nor pro ME3, but the simply truth is, that it relives competition and the US3 are currently loosing the game. Step it up a bit and you’ll survive.

  27. It’s not entertaining at all when you have someone flying on that flight and will probably miss the connection in Doha. Delta should be ashamed. It was a nightmare and it continues until the connection can be made.

  28. All the time, I have used Delta to go to India. But it is not available now. QR is not a competition for Delta.
    now. Still why they making a big fuss?

  29. Good for Delta!!!!!! I wouldn’t displace any flights for them either. As far as Delta not having any A380s, they do have partners that do….i.e……Air France and Korean Air.

  30. @Ben – amusing that you were so offended at DL removing their Fox sponsorship but now a lack of gate shuffle is acceptable, why the double standard?

  31. Both times I’ve flown an A380 back to the U.S. from Europe or the Gulf, the reception in the USA has been hilarious.

    At IAD, our beautiful AirFrance A380 was met by “mobile lounges” and we endured a bumpy ride to immigration. When I commented to the “lounge driver” that it was funny they were still in use, he berated me and said, “They’re good for segregating foreign passengers. And I’ve gotta eat!”

    At JFK, the Etihad A380 collapsed the luggage belts at the arrival terminal. We waited almost 45 hours for bags to arrive, and then when only a few arrived, we were told that the belts had gotten stuck on one side, and we now had to move to the other side of the luggage area to get the remaining bags on a new belt, but we should still keep our eyes peeled, because a few might still go over on the first belt, if it’s fixed.

    There’s literally no aspect of our infrastructure — airports, trains, public transit, roads, highways — that feels truly modern, compared to Europe and Asia. And the fact that our airports can’t comfortably process an A380 is just another example of that.

  32. Whoops. 45 minutes*

    But, still, I’ve never waited longer for bags than at U.S. airports after an international (or domestic!) flight, so maybe it felt like 45 hours. 😉

  33. DL should improve its service instead of complaining if they need to be in international market and face competition. Why did they have to cancel their daily non stop flights from Atlanta to Dubai even when they didn’t have competition? Emirates and Qatar were not flying to Atlanta when delta was flying to Dubai. And still delta stopped that route. Heard several complaints from Dubai passengers on delta that they were starving because delta food service was bad on the fourteen hours flight. Welcome Qatar. ..hopefully Emirates will come to Atlanta soon.

  34. Delta did the right thing by not inconveniencing their own passengers and partners to accommodate Qatar’s switch to the 380. And I’m sure that Delta leadership isn’t losing any sleep over the consequences of the new “competition” from the Doha route…..

  35. I know! Isn’t it awful?!? And you know what else? On the flights into Canada, I heard that Delta will go out of its way to land on baby seals. It’s just ghastly! Oh! And my neighbor, know Phyllis, don’t you? she’s such a dear!..anyway, Phyllis said that she was flying Delta just the other day and you know what they did? Well, poor Phyllis is a tiny bit incontinent and she got up to go to the lavatory. Apparently the seatbelt light was still on and all the stewardesses just tackled poor Phyl right there in the aisle! One stewardess put Phyl in a choke hold while another stew tasered her! And Phyllis also said that the beef tasted suspiciously like horse. Just awful! That Delta should be ashamed of themselves.

  36. To Cory:

    Delta owns the gate leases on their gates at ATL which they pay handsomely for. Just because I am at the grocery store does not give you the right to park in my driveway. And if I am parked there, in my driveway, I have no reason to move just because you have a whale that you need parked!!!

  37. Shows the lack of international business relations the major has. Qautar is in conflict with “fair sky’s” agreement and that ultimetly effects American (Atl is in the US!) jobs and that in turn effects the economy. But, for politicians, it’s about getting wined and dined from these foreigners. Don’t even get started on how they treat there laborer’s. Women’s rights are limited and there cities are built on the backs of the poor. But- hey, they bought you caviar…..lets open up our doors and skies and look the other way.

  38. I love Delta Air Lines and would ALWAYS choose them over a carrier from the middle east, but that was a dick move.

  39. Love how everyone complaints about the ME3s and the subsidies they receive as wrong. Every single major corporation within the US receives subsidies or preferential treatment in the form of tax breaks, land incentives, EPA breaks, low fuel surcharges, etc. So why the double standards?? At least these guys provide income for our large aviation corporations and their employees.

  40. And I will avoid any SkyTeam airline at all costs!!!! Compete, fight and be better, but don’t act like a sissy bitch!

  41. The subsidies that the U.S. airlines get are not even significant compared to the millions that the ME3 get. Most of the subsidies that the U.S. carriers get are due to the effects of 911, they have had to restructure. ME3 airlines don’t have to make money on any route. That’s why they also can offer air suites and apartments. If you want that kind of service in or from the U.S. carriers then ask your government to give the airlines millions of dollars, it’s your tax money.

  42. I can’t believe I had to read all the way down to Jack’s comment to learn the only important fact in this story: how do gate assignments work?
    So, if Jack is right, and DL owns the lease for the gate, (a) of COURSE DL isn’t going to let Q use their gate (after that whole “salt in wound” crack? Really? !), and (b) why on earth wouldn’t Q have known, months ago, that there would be no where to park their whale? It looks to me like Qatar is clearly the company that has egg on its metaphorical face, not DL.
    (And, in the event the gate is NOT Delta’s to control, I still want to know “where’s the planning?” Wasn’t it incredibly foreseeable that this was going to be an issue that needed to be nailed down months ago?)

  43. Love it – the petty drama that is.

    I tend to feel for Delta though. I believe the ME carriers have upped the ante, and provided great competitive pressure across the industry. However, it is a pretty inescapable that the likes of Qatar and Etihad, in particular, have received billions of dollars of play money to build their brands, fleets etc… and no interest burden on their P&Ls.

    Most people work for companies and these companies would similarly be affected by a shiny new, cheaper subsidized competitor on their doorstep.

  44. What a mix of comments here. I work for a major US airline and feel I am better informed than some of the commenters here. The airline industry is an incredibly competitive environment and they pinch pennies like you wouldn’t believe to stay competitive.

    For sake of argument, lets say you work in Atlanta for a really well respected animal clinic. One day you show up for work and are told the clinic is closing and you are unemployed. The reason you are unemployed is that a nice shiny new “Qatar Animal Clinic” down the street is charging half of what your clinic is charging. They cannot actually afford to do so, but the revenue losses are being made up by the county government to drive companies like yours out of business. Once all the Atlanta animal clinics are out of business, the new “Qatar Animal Clinic” will no longer need government support and triple their rates. They might even offer you a job making less than what you were making before at he first place. Oh, and if you are christian or a woman you won’t get offered a job.

    This is exactly what Etihad, Qatar and other middle eastern carriers are doing. Its not a level playing field, even their CEOs are boasting of how they are doing this on purpose to hurt US industry. They even pay less than the US carriers by a stupid EX/IM law passed by congress years ago that gives discounted loan rates to foreign countries on aircraft loans but not to our own companies. Which (probably long ago deceased) congressman thought that was a good idea? We deregulated the US airline industry for a reason over 30 years ago. Being propped up by a government doesn’t work. Where do people think the money the government spends on these airlines comes from? People worldwide like you, me and your families who pay taxes. Do YOU want to pay more tax to the federal government (or any government for that matter)?

    It costs a heck of a lot of money to fly a 777 across the Atlantic Ocean, can’t do it for free and the planes need to be almost full all the time to make money. You cant compare the cost of a ticket from Ny to Miami with the cost to send an airplane overseas. Landing fees alone are often $30000 or more to land at some international airports. The middle east oil tycoons who are “greasing the wheels” of government overseas (and in Washington D.C.) made their money for the most part from selling crude oil to the U.S. that fuels your car. They couldn’t care less about you or your travel experience, its just an exercise to crush the competitors on an unlevel playing field, then triple the rates once they have a monopoly. They have bribed, wined and dined so many congressmen in D.C. its not funny. One middle eastern carrier gave Ipads to some schoolkids in a Washington D.C. congressional district recently. Do you think they did it to be nice?

    Lastly, gates are normally owned by local airport authority and then leased by the carriers. With one gate in Atlanta for the 380, it was exceptionally poor planning or stupidity to think they could get away with this on short notice. They do everything they can at the middle east airports to screw with US airlines, payback is hell.

  45. Depending on the time of arrival, getting bussed in may have been a blessing. The only gate(s) at ATL for an A380 that I know of are E1 and E3. It takes two gates to serve one A380. If the Qatar flight arrived before the E concourse customs and immigration opens, then the passengers must walk from the tip of the E concourse to the F customs and immigration area. That is one long walk that I have made several times when arriving on Korean Air’s A380 from Seoul (ICN). I’d rather be bussed.

  46. Well there is a lot more to this than the pettiness. It actually has to do with the governments. I don’t know too much about it but from what I understand, the gulf carriers are getting paid by their governments large sums of money to support their routes, which is supposed to be illegal. These large sums of money are allowing the gulf carriers to monopolize the routes. Delta is upset because they lost their routes and the government is not doing anything so they seem to be taking matters into their own hands

  47. As a person living in MSP, I love to see that delta is getting competition. Delta abandoned us and took a lot of jobs from Minnesota. They said they were going to keep jobs here but little by little all HQ type of jobs have gone away. We now get the old small aircraft, crabby workers and an airline that is so cheep (they nikle and dime you for everything) they squeak when they walk etc… Send in the competition, we all want it, the only people that do not want it is delta.

  48. Thank you Rick Benson. This is so true. What will it take for Americans to wake up & protect their rights & jobs?

  49. The problem is that U.S. airlines are regarded as having some of the worst service and highest prices in the world. People don’t just dislike them — people hate them. European legacy carriers have never stooped as low as Delta/American/United, so it was their choice to profiteer and create this dynamic.

    It’s kind of like U.S. health care — highest prices and worst service in the rich world, so people hate insurance companies and many hospitals and doctors.

    If U.S. airlines want to regain the trust of the flying public, they need to have something other than pure profit guiding their vision.

  50. Thank you! It’s the tip of the iceberg. It’s not just the US. It’s unfair skies world wide. European carriers are also not happy. The celebrities (j-lo, Aniston,Ellen) are paid with deep pockets/ dirty money to promote these companies. Passengers who buy there tickets are basically saying we don’t care about the treatment of women or the poor. They are advertising in ATL to come work for them TAX free! What’s going on? Why are Americans standing for this? Do your homework-

  51. @anthony you said
    “They(U.S. Airlines) need to have something other than pure profit guiding their vision”

    Where do you work? As far as I know any corporation that is publicly traded and has stock holders is driven by law to return the most profits it can to shareholders.

  52. @Ralph and @Rick

    Please…don’t expect me to support your views that the US government subsidies are irrelevant compared to those offered by other government for their domestic industries. The US finance, manufacturing, pharma, automotive and IT industries all benefit from huge subsidies daily in the form tax, property and energy allowances – not to mention government bailouts. Of course, the argument would be that these government led incentives lead to employment. Sure, but the corporation which I work for employs 67000 individuals world-wide; only 6000 are within the US (not even 10%). Yet, we pay less than 1% total taxes on earnings, threaten to shift our HQ if the state taxes go up, pay 65% lower than the market energy costs and are exempt from property purchase taxes so long as we can justify that the land acquisition will account to an increase in the percentage of employment for the state. The irony is that the US isn’t even our target market even though the company is owned and operated in the US. The US automotive industry in comparison to the Japanese automotive industry is analogous to the ME3s versus the US airlines. The only difference is that the ME3s are not really worried about anyone learning about their strategy. So to anyone who tries to say what the ME3s are doing is immoral, welcome to the world where lobbies and unions rule. The only way to change this is by a shift in consumer mentality; but that’s not gonna occur when all of us want to travel in style but pay next to nothing.

  53. @ralph, there ain’t no law that requires corporations to return as much profit as possible to shareholders. Otherwise charitable contributions would be nil and companies would be obliged to pay employees, including execs, as little as possible as a couple of examples. We know that ain’t happening.

    A problem is that too many companies have a short-term view of profitability. To meet the next quarterly earnings number, they often have a short-term view of what is best for the corporation and sacrifice long-term shareholder value.
    (Incidentally doesn’t that sound like one of the major problems with our political system)

    To maximize shareholder value, a corporation should consider the interests of all stakeholders -shareholders, employees, communities, customers, suppliers etc. Its not about who you can beat up now as might be advocated by the Trump school of management.

  54. DL needs to put their big boy pants on and play the game and figure out how to win, no matter how uneven the playing field is. US3 brought this on themselves with increased fees and seats so narrow you better skip some meals before flying.
    Similar to outsourcing jobs overseas and sending manufacturing overseas. Time will tell how this plays out. C-level execs need to earn their money and figure it out instead of crying like babies. The US3 has gotten caught short and they are still trying to use ex-financed equipment now that is more profitable to run but long in the tooth. DL has some nice new equipment but the FAs are nothing short of careless drones. Everyone seems exhausted.
    Delta should have stepped up to the plate (yes i realize a logistical nightmare) and looked QR in the eye and gave them the A380 gate – like a boxer in a prize match. They are scared and everyone can smell it.
    DL can’t control a lot of things vs ME3. But they do have complete control over service and personal attention. Their drones either need new firmware or some way to make you feel like they actually give a sh*t about you. I personally fly AS for this reason regardless of the old 737s and 1/2 cargo planes.

  55. The other thought is that the customer wins. 90% of the travel blogs pimp cc’s and champagne dreams in ME3 1st class.
    I don’t see any blogs out there pimping points/miles/cards for an amazing 16″ Coach DL experience with a 4oz coke and biscotti.

  56. Rick Benson’s comment above from somebody inside the industry underlines the entire problem of
    protectionist philosophies. His suggesting that Christian females are at a disadvantage with Middle Eastern carriers isn’t just laughable, it’s absolutely ludicrous. Anybody who
    Has flown Qatar, Emirates, or Etihad has likely been checked in by an efficient, smiling female from somewhere in the world, and received cabin service from an internationally-recruited staff of men and women, the majority of whom are European and Indian. Compare this with the miserable, angry gang at Delta and then add 2+2.

  57. Oh please.. your patriotism is showing through. Delta airlines is a shitty fourth rate airline and everyone knows it.

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