Qatar Airways A350-1000 To Fly To New York

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Qatar Airways is known for their modern fleet, and particularly how much they invest in new aircraft types. A few years back Qatar Airways was the launch customer for the A350-900, and earlier this year the airline was the launch customer for the A350-1000, which is the larger version of the plane.

So far Qatar Airways has two A350-1000s in their fleet, with a further 35 of the aircraft type on order. The airline regularly operates the plane to London, and over the past few weeks Qatar Airways has operated a couple of one-off A350-1000 flights to the US, though it looks like this will soon be permanent.

As of October 28, 2018, Qatar Airways will fly an A350-1000 daily between Doha and New York JFK. This will be the second US route operated by an A350-1000, after Cathay Pacific’s new flight to Washington Dulles, which launches as of September.

Qatar Airways operates twice daily flights between Doha and New York, with one of the frequencies operated by an A350-900, and one of the frequencies operated by a 777-300ER. The 777-300ER frequency features Qsuites, while the A350-900 frequency doesn’t.

Qatar Airways 777-300ER Qsuites business class

Unfortunately the A350-1000 will replace the 777-300ER, meaning that only one of the two daily frequencies will continue to feature Qsuites (since the A350-1000 features Qsuites). So while it’s sort of cool that Qatar has all-A350 service to New York, I’d much rather they had a consistent premium cabin product, and that they replaced the A350-900 with the A350-1000. I’ll be curious to see on which route Qatar deploys the 777-300ER that is now freed up.

The A350-1000 will operate the following frequency:

QR701 Doha to New York departing 8:00AM arriving 3:25PM
QR702 New York to Doha departing 10:00PM arriving 5:40PM (+1 day)

Comparing the A350-1000 and 777-300ER, the A350 is slightly lower capacity overall, but has more business class seats:

  • The 777-300ER has 354 seats, including 42 business class seats and 312 economy seats
  • The A350-1000 has 327 seats, including 46 business class seats and 281 economy seats

Qatar Airways pretty consistently has reasonable paid business class fares, especially when they have sales. However, unfortunately it doesn’t look like they have any award availability on the frequency being operated by the A350-1000 from October onwards. Hopefully that changes as the departure date approaches.

The other frequency, operated by the A350-900, continues to have a good amount of award availability.

Qatar’s A350-900 business class is also excellent, just not as good as Qsuites, which is the best business class in the world.

Qatar Airways A350-900 business class

Has anyone had the chance to fly Qatar’s A350-1000 yet? What was your experience like?

  1. @ Jason — The A350-1000 *does* have the Qsuites in J. The A350-900 doesn’t. Sorry if that wasn’t clear, I’ll update the post to clarify further.

  2. @ N — Sadly not, I’m also anxiously waiting to see, as I have a QR J ticket booked out of LAX early next year. Unfortunately they still only have one 777-200LR reconfigured, and it would take two to operate a longhaul flight daily.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Cathay Pacific will be the first airline to operate the A350-1000 to the U.S. to Washington Dulles starting in September.

  4. I’m flying on the A350-900 flight (9:45am departure) JFK-DOH in December. I got so excited when I saw this headline… but am now sad again. Let pray for a miracle – that they’ll upgrade it to a Q-Suites equipped aircraft by then.

  5. I am booked on this flight, QR701, 4 qsuites for my entire family on 4/15/2019. Although my expertflyer aircraft check still shows 77W but it will be pretty cool if I get to try A350-1000!!!

  6. @ Billiken — It’s anyone’s guess, really. I could see them finally adding Qsuites to Dallas, since it’s the only US route operated by a 777-300ER that doesn’t have Qsuites. But it could also be somewhere completely different.

  7. @ tjp74 — Airlines typically only update schedules one season at a time, though I think it’s highly likely that the flight will continue to be operated by an A350-1000. Regardless you’ll be in for a great flight!

  8. @lucky – there is regular QR space from now until the end of the schedule for routes to and from DOH, but sometime in June 2019, award availability goes to zero for departing DOH to every single destination. what do you think is going on here?

  9. @ Kyle — That’s very close to the end of the schedule, I wouldn’t read too much into it. Sometimes there are just oddities when it comes to award space, and that they haven’t gotten around to releasing space yet.

  10. As I entered QR 728 from PHL to DOH on 23 july 2018, I was a little confused with the configurations on the seat of A 350 which I was familiar with from my previous flights. The Cabin Senior came over and demonstrated some of the buttons and told me that the plane was a A350-1000 and had Q suites. I later moved from my seat 5A window to a more amplified Q suites seat which was empty.
    Could I have been mistaken?

  11. What’s the best way to view the cabin configuration of a particular flight on QR, in order to determine if it’s Qsuites or not? The web site doesn’t show seat layout when reviewing flight options.

  12. The spare 777 could be for Canberra? They promised that the route would get QEuites soon (not that I take Al Baker’s word with more than a grain of salt).

  13. @ Yehuda Kovesh MD MS MSc FRAI
    It was indeed an A350-1000. Quick search on flightradar24 proves this. You got lucky!

  14. I had to read and re read your first couple paragraphs to really understand what aircraft had Qsuites, which one didnt, and which one is being replaced by what hahah the names are too similar!!

    Anyway, they HAVE to bring QSuites to LAX!!! I wonder why its taking so damn long!

  15. I flew on the A35K in Y in July from Doha-London. The plane (A7-ALB) was only 7 days old when I flew! However, my personal opinion is that the seats on the A359 are abit more generous with the legroom.

  16. I would think they will deploy the reconfigured or new A350s with Q suites at the first opportunity they can given that they would want to offer their best product in such a competitive market. Although one has to say the A359 product in itself is as at least as any other business class product out there.

  17. @ Joel — Roughly the same. The 777 is a bit wider, so the suites may feel a bit more spacious. But the A350 cabin is otherwise generally in better condition.

  18. I have done it numerous times so far, but no more. Since QR committed the worst act of airline thuggery in history on May 27 2018 and devalued the FF program by 100% overnight, without warning, they can fuck off as far as I am concerned. Bloody mongrels.

  19. @Lucky, I will be flying QR out of JFK this winter and was surprised to see the seat map for 703 as they are flying the Qsuite fitted A350-900 everyday on the second frequency as well. JFK is serviced exclusively by qsuites now.

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