Qatar Airways Becomes First Airline To Take Delivery Of Airbus A350-1000

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Qatar Airways loves having the newest technology when it comes to planes. In late 2014, Qatar Airways became the global launch customer for the A350-900, and I had the opportunity to attend the delivery ceremony in Toulouse. Yesterday Qatar Airways took delivery of the world’s first Airbus A350-1000, and had a similar ceremony.

The A350-1000 is the stretched version of the A350-900 (it’s about 23 feet longer), and Qatar Airways has 37 of these planes on order. While I think the A350 as such was big news, a new variant of the plane being introduced isn’t quite as exciting. The reason you should care about the A350-1000 is because the planes are being delivered with Qatar Airways’ excellent Qsuites installed. So far only select 777-300ERs have Qsuites, so this represents the second aircraft type to get the world’s best business class seat.

Qatar Airways’ A350-1000s are configured with 327 seats. This includes 46 Qsuites, meaning that it’s an even bigger business class cabin than Qatar Airways has on their 777s, as they have 42 Qsuites on those planes. The economy cabin will be one of the more comfortable ones out there as well, as there will be 281 seats in a 3-3-3 configuration, with 32″ of pitch at each seat.

The first route for Qatar Airways’ new Airbus A350-1000 will be Doha to London Heathrow, as the plane will take over the QR15/16 frequencies as of Saturday, February 24, 2018.

While no other routes for the plane have officially been announced yet, the airline has indicated that they’ll begin flying the A350-1000 to the East Coast of the US soon. Whether that means Miami, New York, Philadelphia, or Washington, remains to be seen.

I’m happy that this plane has finally joined Qatar Airways’ fleet, and that they were able to solve the issues that they were having with installing the Qsuites on these planes, which caused the delivery date to be pushed back.

Would you like to fly on an A350-1000?

  1. It was a really funny press conference yesterday and I really recommend you to watch it. Al Bakar had some other intersting news

  2. Meanwhile, they continue to fly their longest route, DOH-AKL, with the B77L and their old side-by-side J seats.

    Iā€™m wanting an individual window seat, higher humidity and a more modern overall experience on the route; and now please…

  3. I hope Philly is next. It would make sense since PHL was the first to receive the A350-900 and it might be a great marketing play since the Philadelphia Eagles won American football championship (Super Bowl) and Qatar is set to host the FIFA World Cup (world football).

  4. “…whether that means Miami, New York, Philadelphia, or Washington, remains to be seen.”

    WOW! QR also flies to Atlanta. Akbar could..possibly…(insert shoulder shrug)… remarkably…you know…switch it up & blow everyone’s mind by sending it to ATL first, yeah? I mean we are supposed to be getting an A350 at the end of march. I have a feeling it may be the 1000. šŸ˜‰

  5. Not really. Doesn’t feel cutting edge, having flown on test fights for qualification. Evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

  6. that seems like a stretch. Since IAD has the Q suites 777 now I would guess that the new a/c would go to a market still flying an older product

  7. Would you like to fly on an A350-1000?
    Ohhh, Yes.
    I love the A350, with singapore airlines from dusseldorf the plane was really quiet.

  8. Don’t care much about the A350. I have flown on them on a few different airlines and would certainly not go out of the way to book a trip on one. I prefer 787 in the front. The 787-9 also seems smoother due to its turbulence dampening technology.

  9. QR award space is drying up. Hope they open up some seats on flights. Would be great to check out QSuites with miles

  10. @LAXJeff – agreed. Having a difficult time finding award space in October-December 2018 on either of the QSuites routes to the US (NY and DC). Even tried looking for any availability to the US routes (non-QSuites) and had zero luck.

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