New Qantas Lounge Heathrow Expected To Open In November

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As we first learned last February, Qantas is in the process of building their own lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 3. This terminal already has such a fantastic lounge setup thanks to the Cathay Pacific Lounge, so I’d argue the terminal has better oneworld lounges than British Airways’ home at Terminal 5.

Qantas’ new lounge should help with alleviating crowding, and should also be a beautiful new addition for those looking to lounge hop. Last we heard, the lounge was supposed to open in early 2017, though clearly that hasn’t happened. Construction delays are incredibly common, especially when it comes to airports, so I’m not surprised the lounge isn’t open.

Just last week I was thinking about this lounge and how it still hasn’t opened, and it looks like we now have an update on when we can expect it. AusBT notes that Qantas’ new London Heathrow Lounge is expected to open in November. While an exact date hasn’t yet been given, apparently construction is nearing an end.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, given that there were job postings online for a server job at the lounge starting November 1, 2017 (for anyone wondering, the salary for that job is £8.75 per hour).

I can’t wait for this lounge to open. I’ll be traveling through Terminal 3 a couple of times in the next few months, so I look forward to checking out this space. The lounge should have seating for 230 guests, and will be open to oneworld first & business class passengers, as well as oneworld Emerald & Sapphire members.

  1. Rolling through LHR on Nov 12th. Hoping it’s open by then! as part of my lounge hopping excursion to pass the 4 hr layover.

  2. Meh … as a Qantas Platinum (Emerald) I’ll still use the CX lounge.

    These newer single class lounges of Qantas are for most just just business lounges.

  3. “No you would need to be on a OneWorld flight to access the lounge.”

    OK, thanks. That still leaves Iberia, Cathay, Finnair, JAL, Malaysian and Qatar then. As well as Qantas and American, obviously. I believe that they all use T3 (although maybe not Finnair and Iberia as they are not intercontinental? – don’t intra-Europe flights use T1/2?)

  4. Iberia uses terminal 5. Finnair and Cathay use terminal 3. Qatar and Malaysian use terminal 4. Not sure about JAL, but you can check the Heathrow website. In any event, there are only three OneWorld lounges currently open in T3: American, BA and Cathay. Qantas will be OneWorld Lounge 4 in T3.

  5. @James, at the risk of being pedantic, there are two AA lounges, two BA lounges, two CX lounges, and the AA arrivals lounge at LHR T3. JAL operates out of T3 at LHR.

  6. Is this open yet ? I’ve booked an emirates flight first class and have been booted onto Qantas…would you recommend this over the Emirates facilities at Heathrow? Many thanks in advance…..

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