Capital One Lounge Denver Airport Now Open

Capital One Lounge Denver Airport Now Open

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Capital One’s network of airport lounges is expanding even further, with the opening of the new Capital One Lounge Denver (DEN). This mark the third location in Capital One’s lounge collection, complementing the Capital One Lounge Dallas (DFW) and Capital One Lounge Washington Dulles (IAD). Let’s go over all the details.

Basics of the Capital One Lounge Denver

The Capital One Lounge Denver Airport has opened as of Friday, November 3, 2024. The 10,800 square foot lounge is located in Concourse A, near gate 34, on the Mezzanine level (one level above the concourse). All concourses at Denver Airport are connected airside, so passengers departing from all parts of the airport are able to visit the lounge.

The lounge will be open daily from 5AM until 9PM. However, during the soft opening (from November 3-12, 2023), the lounge is open from 9AM until 7PM.

What amenities should we expect from the Capital One Lounge Denver?

  • A local food and beverage selection, including in-lounge meals served and plated as small bites
  • A selection of grab & go food, including jarred salads, granola bowls, and fresh juices
  • An impressive coffee election, with drip coffee from Unravel Coffee Merchants and lattes and cold brew on tap from La Colombe
  • A selection of beer on tap from local Colorado breweries
  • Three relaxation rooms with dim lighting and ceilings meant to look like the Colorado night sky
  • Six private, all-gender restrooms, and two private shower suites
  • Three private work rooms (which can be reserved) plus two phone booths (available on a first come, first served basis)
  • A luggage storage area

Below you can find some pictures of the lounge, shared by Capital One.

Capital One Lounge Denver entrance
Capital One Lounge Denver bar
Capital One Lounge Denver seating
Capital One Lounge Denver work stations
Capital One Lounge Denver phone booths

Capital One Lounge Denver entry requirements

Capital One Lounges can be accessed by the following people:

Getting the Capital One Venture X Card for lounge access can be totally worth it. The card has a $395 annual fee, but offers a $300 annual travel credit and 10K bonus anniversary miles every year, so having the card should cost you very little if you’re going about it right. Furthermore, you’ll be able to add four authorized users to the card at no extra cost, and they’ll receive the same lounge access perks. That makes this the ideal card for families.

The Capital One Venture X gets you lounge access

The Capital One Lounge Denver looks great!

I’m sure I’m not alone in being thrilled to see Capital One finally growing its lounge network. When the Capital One Lounge DFW opened in late 2021, it really set the new standard for credit card lounges in the United States. Now we’ve seen two additional lounges open in recent months.

Capital One Lounges are my favorite credit card lounges, as I love all the thoughtful touches, like the great coffee, the grab & go food, and more. I also love how this lounge has proper workstations, which I feel like is an amenity that’s lacking in all too many lounges.

This should be the best lounge at Denver Airport, as the only other real competitive lounge is the Amex Centurion Lounge. While the airport also has some improved United Clubs, the food and drink selection, plus amenities, can’t compete with the Capital One Lounge.

Bottom line

The Capital One Lounge Denver is now open, and looks fantastic! I’m thrilled to see this lounge finally opening, given how long we’ve been waiting for this. This lounge should be a treat for guests, between the great in-lounge food and drinks, the grab & go food, and the generally nice design. I’m excited to check out this lounge soon!

What do you make of the new Capital One Lounge Denver?

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  1. InternationalTraveler Gold

    If one of the readers actually visited the lounge, please share your impressions !

  2. Sean Horning Guest

    Snooze on this lounge. DFW Capital One Lounge is a joke, so low expectations for this. Just go to a United Lounge. There was never anything "game changing" about a mediocre small U.S. lounge. Bloggers just want to generate clicks, and get you to sign up for a credit card with their links, so they fluff up everything... Capital One Lounge is nothing special. Don't waste your time.

    1. Ron Mexico Guest

      I have never actually gotten into the Dfw lounge. Make the trek. Sign outside “full” give us your number will text when we have space. Whatever. 3 times. Not worth the effort.

  3. Eskimo Guest

    What's with making the person motion blur in a fake picture.

  4. Sean Guest

    What other clubs does c1 have coming? They’ve got the two dining concepts at lga and dca. Anything else anywhere else?

    1. ConcordeBoy Diamond

      Vegas is also confirmed.

    2. Sean Guest

      Oh that’s fantastic! Any idea where? Hopefully D terminal? E is ok too, I guess.

    3. Darryl Stewart Guest

      Unfortunately it's slotted for C, which I found very strange.

  5. esokol Member

    Denver is my second most frequently visited airport, so I am really glad to see this opening! I was there last week. It looked close to ready.

  6. sacrxy Member

    Do I need to get a pass in someway before a visit or just present the Capital One Venture card at the entrance?

    1. Ben Schlappig OMAAT

      @ sacrxy -- Nope, the card itself gets you in!

    2. Tom Guest

      It looks like BA business class can access since it’s in the A Gates. We’re flying to London on November 4 so hoping we can check it out and avoid the trek to the Admirals Club in Terminal C.

  7. betterbub Diamond

    My fault guys, they were waiting for me to book my tickets before they open and I had to push my trip back a bit

    1. Darryl Stewart Guest

      Wow, that is impressive. Are you the CEO of the bank or the Mayor of New York - because if not this is a lie, dink!

    2. Shushruth Vinod Reddy Guest

      Why New York?

  8. Andre Guest

    Actually the new United Club lounges in DEN are also quite nice. I was impressed on a recent visit to the new concourse B Club.

    1. sacrxy Member

      Nicer than older UA clubs but can use more windows for plane spotting and lacking grab and go options.

  9. Amol Guest

    Just got my C1VX card … looking forward to checking out both the IAD and DEN lounges this month.

  10. Chad Guest

    Finally! Glad to see it open!

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Onemiler Guest

Just your card.

Ben Schlappig OMAAT

@ sacrxy -- Nope, the card itself gets you in!

Shushruth Vinod Reddy Guest

Why New York?

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