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A couple of weeks ago we saw the biggest terminal swap in LAX’s history, as dozens of airlines changed the terminals out of which they operate. This was all prompted by Delta’s desire to locate to Terminals 2 & 3, though hopefully in the very long term it has a positive effect for all airlines. As Nick noted, Delta’s operations at LAX are a mess right now, and it’ll be 2023 before the renovations are complete.

Rendering of the T2/T3 "Sky Way" at LAX, to be complete by mid-2023
What Delta’s operations will look like in 2023

This terminal change is arguably good for American flyers. Previously American had all of Terminal 4, a few gates at Terminal 6, and a remote terminal. They’re keeping their Terminal 4 and remote terminal presence, and are also getting some Terminal 5 gates in place of Terminal 6 gates, which should make connections easier. The other great news is that American is getting a massive new Admirals Club.

As I explained a couple of months ago, American will be taking over the Delta SkyClub in Terminal 5, which is a big space. This means that American will have three Admirals Clubs at LAX — one in Terminal 4, one in Terminal 5, and one in their remote terminal.

Delta-SkyClub-LAX - 13
The former Delta SkyClub Terminal 5, which will soon be an Admirals Club

Anyway, I’ve been curious about when this new lounge will open. The always reliable JonNYC notes that American’s new LAX Terminal 5 Admirals Club will be opening at the end of July, and that American will in fact be taking over the entire SkyClub.

Furthermore, apparently the renovations in the LAX Terminal 4 lounge will be complete by October, where we should see American introduce their new Flagship Lounge, as well as Flagship First Dining facility. This should be similar to the Flagship Lounge and Flagship First Dining facility that were introduced at JFK last week.

American’s new Flagship First Dining facility JFK

The lounge experience has been pretty lousy for American out of LAX recently. A couple of weeks ago I visited the LAX Admirals Club at around 5AM, and there was loud jackhammering, to the point that I thought sitting in the gate area was more pleasant. I realize it has to be done, though it sure sucks as a guest.

American’s makeshift Flagship Lounge LAX

So on the plus side, at least American flyers at LAX can look forward to an improved experience and much less crowded lounges by late July, when the Terminal 5 lounge opens, and an even better experience by October, when renovations on the Terminal 4 lounge are complete (including the Flagship Lounge and Flagship First Dining).

  1. Everyone harps on how awful LHR is to transit – which is deserved – but we don’t hear nearly the same amount of complaining about how awful LAX is. Sure, TBIT is super nice now, but LAX is an abomination for onward domestic travel. It’s a national embarrassment that a lot of international travelers encounter this outdated, inconvenient, ugly blight on air travel society as some of their first moments in the United States.

  2. 1) I would offer that the former T5 Delta Sky Club is by no means massive (pretty sure the footprint is smaller than the Admirals Club in T4, and it would get crowded for Delta passengers), but it is certainly large for American given that it will not have that many gates in that terminal.

    2) I’ll gladly take the over with respect to the reopening of the Flagship Lounge in T4.

  3. I was in the international first flagship lounge on Monday. There was no where to sit, few power outlets, a very sad cold buffet stuck in a 1980’s style conference room. There were only 4 showers operating for all the transiting folks from Japan and Australia. Very unpleasant.

  4. This is why I avoid “transiting” as much as possible. Even when flying internationally, I always try to fly direct

  5. If you know LAX it’s pretty easy to use
    It may seem confusing to first timers though
    TBIT is great and possibly the best in the US although ideally the parking garages to the east should go in order to offer an enhanced landside and check in area
    The midfield concourse renderings look good and it will open way before the new terminal 3
    T3 is a dump. It’ s badly thought out by its tenant Retail and food outlets are very limited A tiny skyclub Ina so called hub
    The complex should have been rebuilt before the relocation
    Expect complaints for the next 7 years

  6. I walked in and out of the T4 Admirals Club last week. They should just close the club instead of having it open in its current state.

  7. @lucky do you think American is going to continue expanding its LAX operations or is the congestion still too much for American to add new destinations (particularly to Asia/Oceania and North America) for several years at the least (I’m based out of LAX)?

  8. It’s been miserable for LAC admirals club for months. I thighs the construction would be done soon. Any chance I could get some thing from AA or Citi? I’m thinking of cancelling my Citi exec card but I need the EQM.

    They had no hot food last time, no seats together for a couple.

    Any readers gotten compensation?

  9. Glad to hear of an approximate date for LAX flagship. Isn’t Miami on track to open first? Anyone hear anything more definitive?

  10. The construction in the T4 Admirals Club has been going on for months. Given the volume of passengers and the limited other lounge options, you’d think they’d be fast-tracking the work. At least they opened the satellite club out at the Eagle’s Nest, although that has been getting fuller and fuller as well.

  11. Same question as Beachfan. Could we still access the lounge with AA ticket by using Prestige card?

  12. AA admit that they are behind schedule on the Admirals Club renovations at LAX. They were behind on the connector too. It is really unfortunate, as the current AC experience is awful and it was previously quite a nice club. I don’t really see why they needed to do this extreme a renovation, though I do know they needed more space for the increased access to the Flagship Lounge.

    What I really don’t get is why they needed to take all this time on the T5 club. That SkyClub was known for being quite a nice design and you’d think they could just swap out branding and seating.

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