A Look At The New Alaska Lounge In Seattle

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About a week ago I wrote about how Alaska is opening their third lounge at Seattle Airport. This represents a much needed lounge capacity increase for the airline, after they opened their second lounge at the airport in November 2015.

Alaska’s new lounge has opened this past week, and is located at the far end of the C Concourse. While I haven’t visited the lounge yet, reader Josh did, and was kind enough to pass along some pictures of the new lounge that I figured I’d share here:

The space looks beautiful, and this definitely seems like the nicest Alaska Lounge at the airport. I love the high ceilings, big windows, and the local decor, which incorporates both aviation and the Pacific Northwest.

Josh said he liked the new space, and that the Alaska Lounge agents seemed very proud to be working there (Alaska Lounge employees are management employees, and are generally among the most professional associates you’ll find in any airline lounges).

Josh also accessed the lounge using Priority Pass. For a long time Alaska has been turning away Priority Pass members at many of their lounges due to crowding issues, so hopefully that becomes less of an issue now that they’ve opened yet another lounge. However, do keep in mind that Priority Pass members can’t bring guests into Alaska Lounges.

Have you visited the new Alaska Lounge Seattle yet? What do you make of the design?

  1. Design elements look great, including the glass waterfall. Many times during the last year Alaska Airlines uses pics of the temporary lounge in the N satellite for promotional pictures, probably because it was the newest and less dated than the other lounges. Looking forward to seeing the new lounge.

  2. I was In the C concourse two weeks ago and thought “lol no way this opens before fall”. It was boarded up but there still appeared to be exposed electrical and missing walls.

    Looks nice though and glad it’s done.

  3. @Michelle, yes, it can. I think up to 3 guests are allowed. Now does anybody know the policy about using a Centurion lounge on arrival without any further same-day travel? I only get asked for a boarding pass 50% of the time checking into Centurion lounges…

  4. @Rick I used the Centurion lounge in Las Vegas on arrival back in July 2016, so not sure if it’s changed since. My family arrived a few hours after me. I specifically asked the lady if I could use the lounge on arrival and she said yes. She scanned the boarding pass of the flight I had flown in on and let me through.

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