A VERY Pleasant Marriott Lifetime Status Surprise (I Think?)

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Just over a week ago Marriott merged their three loyalty programs. This was a big undertaking, though from a member’s perspective I’d say the execution left a lot to be desired.

I was finally able to combine my Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest accounts last night, after having issues doing so for many days. When I did this, I came across a very pleasant surprise as it pertains to lifetime status, and I’m now plotting an epic mattress run, assuming I’m reading all of this correctly.

Marriott’s new lifetime status requirements

Obviously Marriott is trying to harmonize a lot of different elite tiers here, and going forward lifetime elite status can be earned as follows:

Here’s how existing Starwood Preferred Guest lifetime status converts over:

Here’s how existing Marriott Rewards lifetime status converts over:

What’s interesting is that in 2018 they’re making a one-time exception for members to earn lifetime Platinum Premier status, which won’t be possible in the future. Specifically, members who have reached 750 nights and ten years of Platinum status by the end of this year will qualify for lifetime Platinum Premier.

There’s some benefit to having this lifetime status, given that it won’t be issued again in the future, so over time this will become a pretty exclusive lifetime status.

My lifetime status situation

I had earned legacy lifetime SPG Gold status a long time ago, and the one thing standing in the way of me earning lifetime Platinum status is the requirement to have been a Platinum member for 10 years. You need to have been Platinum with SPG for 10 years to earn lifetime Platinum (or Platinum Premier, on a one time basis), but I’ve only been Platinum for eight years. So I figured I was out of luck.

When Marriott and Starwood merged programs I was under the impression that years of “matched” status wouldn’t qualify towards lifetime status. In other words, I’ve been Marriott Platinum for three years due to linking accounts, and I assumed that wouldn’t count towards the 10 year requirement.

However, after I combined accounts yesterday I was thrilled to see that they did, and that I am now a lifetime Marriott Platinum member. Yay!

Then I couldn’t help but wonder how far off I was from earning lifetime Platinum Premier status before the end of the year, so I looked at my account activity.

You need 10 years Platinum plus 750 nights between the two programs to earn lifetime Platinum Premier. I have 672 nights, meaning that I need another 78 nights to earn Platinum Premier. There are over 120 nights left in the year, so that’s not impossible.

I’m still pretty young, and I’d probably naturally spend another 40 nights at SPG and Marriott hotels this year.

So is it worth mattress running for almost 40 nights to be able to earn lifetime Platinum Premier? I tend to think so. Yes, it will require an investment of a few thousand dollars, but earning top tier lifetime status for several decades to come (hopefully) seems like a worthwhile investment.

Is this a mistake/am I dumb for writing about this?

Some are probably saying “why would you write about this, now Marriott will fix this.” I’m not sure I have the same take. First of all, on status.marriott.com, Marriott claims that lifetime status should be reflected correctly in accounts at this point:

When will my Lifetime status be reflected in my account?
Lifetime status should now be reflected correctly in your account. The only exception is for members who achieve Lifetime status by legacy requirements between August 18 and December 31, 2018. As previously stated, these members will receive notice of their updated Lifetime status in January 2019. For more information on this and other Elite Tiers & Benefits topics, please visit: http://members.marriott.com/faq/

Beyond that:

  • I’m sure I’m not the only one in this position, who is considering a mattress run to earn a status, and I’d rather discuss this now, before anyone wastes their time and money booking hotel stays they don’t need
  • I tend to think if Marriott wasn’t intending this, they were going to find out sooner or later, and I think it’s better if they fix it sooner rather than later, so people can manage their expectations
  • Marriott has actually been quite deliberate in not revealing exactly what qualifies as years towards this metric, leading me to believe that this is actually correct; I feel like if they were being very strict, they would have made that clear
  • Again, Marriott claims all of the lifetime status info is correct, so it would be low of them to retroactively change it

Bottom line

I’m thrilled to see that I already have lifetime Platinum status with Marriott thanks to the merger. It’s one of the few good things to come out of this, I guess. Now I’m also in a position where I think it makes sense to mattress run in order to earn Platinum Premier status for life.

It will require me staying about 40 or so nights more than I’d otherwise need to this year. I’m confident I can complete mattress runs for well under $100 per night, so let’s say it requires an investment of a few thousand dollars. Yes, that’s a lot of money, but at the same time if it gets me Platinum Premier for life, that’s something I’ll potentially benefit from for decades to come, so it seems worthwhile, and like it will save me money in the long run.

How has the program merger impacted your lifetime status? Is anyone else mattress running?

  1. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    But also my Marriott account stats seem to change at random on a daily basis right now. It’s kind of ridiculous.

  2. Why not just host a few “meetings” at 10 elite nights/meeting? You can often cut a deal with a property to host a meeting (rent a conference room) during periods that they are not otherwise rented for very little money (lest than $150/meeting)

  3. @BC, is the meeting thing still a thing? I thought that went away post the actual merging of programs.

  4. It’s still a thing. You just need to make sure that you have a contract with the property. At least it was a thing when my dad it less than three weeks ago.

  5. lucky – is there any reason not to combine accounts now? I’m not sure but I may be 2 nights short of qualifying for lifetime gold with SPG… would that matter if i combined accounts now?

  6. I read this a couple times ! So you have 672 combined nights and you need 750! So how does the 40 more nights get you to lifetime PP?

  7. @Lucky. I was Lifetime Gold and had everything stayed the same with Marriott, I would have achieved Lifetime Platinum (staying 750 nights and reaching 2,000,000 miles) by mid September of this year. My status now shows Lifetime Platinum, but does it mean that if I reach the “old” Lifetime Platinum status this year, my status will change to Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite? I wrote to Marriott asking this, and after waiting for a month for their answer, all I got was: “call our customer service department”. Thanks.

  8. @ Frank — I was saying that I’d naturally stay another 40 or so nights with Starwood & Marriott this year, which would bring me up to 712 or so. My point was that I’d need to stay an additional 40 nights beyond what I’d otherwise need to stay to earn it.

  9. Lucky I believe it’s Lifetime PLT not LFT Premier Having said that I too opened up my account this morning after reading your post and yes I have PLT P. If you bore down into the program it shows three levels for LFT Silver Gold and PLT no mention of Premier.

    So that prompts your question is this a one time act or an error? Not sure I started with the rewards program when it first began and it was stickers! with 4400 room nights it would be nice for a little extra for the loyalty

    Let us know what you find out.

    Thanks again Lucky

  10. @ ghostrider5408 — There’s not much published about lifetime Platinum Premier since it’s not going to be offered going forward, but rather is a one time tier being issued this year. So there’s nothing listed about it on the official lifetime status page.

  11. @ david — Some people are waiting to combine accounts until all their account info in the respective accounts is correct. Personally I’m not too worried about that, so I just went ahead and combined them already.

  12. The only mistake you’re making is not taking into account that Marriott has a strong history of treating elites poorly. In a couple of years, they’ll find a way to strongly devalue your status.

  13. Question – I’m currently Marriott Lifetime Platinum (Lifetime Gold pre 8/18) with 714 nights and 2M+ points. I was under the impression I need to NOT combine with SPG in order to qualify under the legacy Marriott Lifetime Platinum rules. Is this accurate? Your most makes it tempting for me to combine as with SPG I may be at 10 years and 750 combined nights.

  14. @ Mary — If you hit the threshold after the new program was formed then you should get the Suite Night Awards or other elite choice, yes.

  15. The meeting trick is dead. I had a meeting before the 18th post after the merge and no nights were awarded. The terms also state you will only receive the 10 night credit for your first meeting. I would proceed with caution in this area.

  16. @ Christian — True, but I’d rather have my lifetime Platinum Premier devalued than my lifetime Platinum devalued. 😉

  17. @ Brandon — Who knows, it really is all quite confusing. I don’t think whether or not you combine accounts has anything to do with whether or not you’ll earn lifetime status a certain way, but my understanding could be wrong. There have been a lot of mixed signals sent during this merger.

  18. Marriott has catered a lot to SPG. Matching 50 night SPG Platinum to 75 night Marriott Platinum. Meanwhile they didn’t match 75 night Marriott Platinum to 75 night SPG Platinum. Then SPG people complained about “only being lifetime platinum” and not platinum premier, which was never offered under legacy SPG anyway. Meanwhile all I see if people on the SPG flyertalk forums complaining. Marriott has my lifetime years wrong currently btw.

  19. I am lifetime spg platinum and have over 1000 nights combined in both programs and I checked into a luxury collection pproperty last Saturday as a silver member ! This is more than painful !

    Ben thanks for clarifying! At your age I would say it’s a No brained!

  20. Lucky – you can also get 10 free nights for your first booking of an event. You can typically find a small meeting room for $150 or so. Can book online, don’t even need to be in the same state.

  21. The IT work seemt to still be very much in progress, (though my post 8/18 stays finally posted today, yay!) so by all means start planning, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it changes, possibly multiple times over the next couple weeks

  22. Be careful… my combined accounts started with 34 years as lifetime… then dropped to 28. The difference of 6 makes no sense since I was Platinum with both Marriott and SPG for more than 6 years each. I fully expect it will drop to a more realistic 19 years combined.

  23. Combined accounts last week. My “matches” marriotts elite years did not count and I’m still just shy of lifetime plat. Oh well…Strange that it would post for you and not for everyone but their IT issues are so bizarre that I can’t tell if this is policy or ineptitude.

  24. @ john — On paper not that much. Platinum Premier earns more bonus points, and is eligible for suite upgrades at Ritz-Carlton. However, in general I’d assume that Platinum Premier would be prioritized for upgrades over Platinum.

  25. @ pixielott — Just log into your account, click on “Overview,” and then at the bottom you should see the summary of your lifetime status.

  26. @ G — I kept my SPG number. In theory there shouldn’t be a difference, but since I could only pick one, there’s no way to know for sure. Given the number of account oddities that have been reported, I can’t really say for sure!

  27. with platinum premier do you get a breakfast at ritz carlton? with platinum do you? with plain platinum do you still get the 4 pm check out? i would think so, to me it seems like a waste of 4,000 dollars or so

  28. @ john — Neither gets breakfast at Ritz-Carlton, and both get 4PM guaranteed check-out at non-resorts.

  29. I have lifetime Gold status with SPG but when I transferred over to Marriott it stayed Gold and not Platinum like the above example. Any ideas why or who I can call?

  30. The software is a mess. I think you would be very brave (reckless) to lay out cold hard $$$ on the basis of what marriotts website is saying (despite their assurances that everything is working).

  31. Before the merger, I became SPG Platinum after completing a promo challenge and it converted into Marriott Platinum Elite pre/post merger. Is there a way to find out when my status will expire? I do not see it on either of the Marriott or SPG app.

  32. @ scot — Lifetime SPG Gold is supposed to stay lifetime Gold, unless you have more than 500 nights or 10 years as Platinum.

  33. I’m so confused myself. Prior to changeover I was Silver Lifetime now I’m lifetime gold with the combining
    However I though old Marriott lifetime gold you needed 500 nights plus 1.6 million points. If I achieve the old Marriott lifetime gold by Dec 31st, do I then become Lifetime Platinum in new program. Marriott has told me conflicting things.

  34. This is not going to work. You have until the end of the year to get status under the legacy programs. However, under legacy SPG you only have 8 years. The 10+ years plus you have in the combined program don’t matter since you can only get PP lifetime under the legacy program. The combined program (where you have 10+) doesn’t allow you to get PP lifetime status.

  35. part of the issue a lot of forum have so called “experts” saying the situation is not possible , whereas my take on it was the opposite. Even if you took the worst case scenario as below

    Marriott member has 600 lifetime nights
    SPG night accumulated in 2018 = 150

    total lifetime = 750 .

    Most bloggers/ forums say this does NOT = Legacy LTPP ; my take on reading the Marriot verbiage is it does. Why would they not consider total nights especially after the merger has taken place.

    Your situation is one step further (ie total history combined not just after merger) and isn’t beyond the realm of being true.

    People also seem to not understand the real money for Marriott comes from the loyalty program not the rooms revenue.

    Person spends $20K annually on rooms = 200K points
    plus using Marriott CC = 120K
    neither of these actually cost Marriott money.

    320K points then gets spent on hotel rewards lets say 45K points on average.
    = 7 nights.
    5 of them probably will be when occupancy is below 97% = Marriott pay out $30 per room = $150 to the hotel .
    2 of them at full revenue = $400

    Total cost to Marriott is $550 based off 320K points which the hotels and CC paid for in the first instance . This amount would probably be paid for just off the credit card revenue, the hotel revenue is not even touched. Massive win for Marriott and the hotels don’t even understand it.

    So why wouldn’t they get people to lifetime / platinum/ sell them the credit cards . Lifetime members are probably more likely to get the Marriott CC its just pure revenue.

  36. “Why would they not consider total nights especially after the merger has taken place.”

    They will for the combined program, but you can only achieve PP lifetime according to the legacy rules and there only the nights from Marriott or SPG (but not both) count.

    I think Marriott has been very clear that you can only achieve PP lifetime according to the legacy programs, not the combined one.

  37. @martin
    I don’t think so – this is saying someone who decided to credit there points to the SPG program rather than the Marriott program (or vv.) would be penalized in part due to Marriott taking too long to integrate the programs after the merger.
    Guess time will tell but $50 says at the very minimum 2018 will be counted in the total as a minimum

  38. Lucky – I did not realize there was one time exception to earn Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite by having 750 nights and ten years of Platinum status by the end of this year. I have a question: Today I 750+ nights, and have had 9 years as platinum or higher. This year I will have met the criteria for platinum (currently have 120 nights). Will I have met the criteria for the one-time exception to be Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite after this year?

  39. @ WNYMatt — It sounds like you already earned Platinum for this year if you have 120 nights? If so, this year should already be counted in your total. But who really knows, because Marriott’s math might not be right.

  40. @ Martin — That’s not my understanding. I’ve seen official communication suggesting that combined activity across the two programs can earn you lifetime Platinum Premier this year, as long as you have a combined 10 years of Platinum and 750 nights. But who knows, there has been a lot of misinformation…

  41. @lucky where did you see that official communication? This was discussed on the Marriott section on FlyerTalk and everything I’ve seen has been very clear that only legacy (not combined) days will count if you want to achieve PP under the legacy system.

    In fact, I have a datapoint myself that what you’re trying to do is impossible: I was 20 nights short of Marriott lifetime Gold. I will achieve these 20 nights by the end of the year and should qualify as Marriott lifetime Gold (i.e. the new Platinum) by the end of the year.

    When I combined my Marriott and SPG accounts, I got 20 nights from SPG. My account shows that I have 500 nights now. This would be enough under the legacy Marriott system. However, my account shows lifetime Gold, not Platinum.

    I guess you can argue against my datapoint that the legacy qualification will only show by January, as they said it would.

  42. @ Martin — Here’s a Marriott spokesperson quote from TPG: “If by 12/31/18 a member has five years Platinum with SPG and 250 nights, and five years Platinum with Marriott Rewards and 500 nights, they qualify [for Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status].”

    Here’s the post.

  43. Really weird. I was Lifetime Silver before combining accounts. I’ve only stayed at SPG for a grand total of 2 nights, BUT I have had my account combined since SPG was bought by Marriott. Since I was Platinum on that side I’m thinking I got credit for 1 or 2 extra years at Platinum. After combining it shows me at Gold Lifetime.

    @ Lucky – looking at your reply to Martin it appears that there was a benefit to going accounts after the buyout. It’s a cheesy way to count lifetime years as someone may bot have joined accounts because they preferred SPG properties or vice versa. I’ll take it though as it helps shorten my path to Lifetime Platinum.

  44. @lucky Ok, that’s interesting. Maybe 10+ years Platinum and 750 nights with combined activity will work.

    Marriott has been very clear that for the 2.0 million point requirement (Marriott legacy) combined points will not count. Only legacy points.

    But it seems you’re not the only one who believes 10+ years plus 750 nights works with combined activity.

    I’m not sure I’d spend thousands on dollars on the 40 nights you need, but I’m not so sure anymore your plan won’t work. It might be worth reaching out to your Marriott contacts (I assume you’ve done that already).

    BTW, what’s the best way to provide feedback about OMAT to you directly (there’s no contact lucky link anyway afaict, only the public ask lucky).

  45. @Lucky – Marriott Reps have said a lot of things recently that were not quite what we first thought. IMO – the generous treatment period is over, someone has looked at the books and now its time to get the ROI

  46. lucky – depending on how you value Marriott points, and considering that award stays count as nights for the purposes of qualifying, you could presumably find a Category 1 hotel to book blocks of 5 nights at (so you could get the 5th night free). Given how much you travel, I’m sure you’ll end up in a location where you could even find a pointsaver category 1 hotel for 5,000 points/night. 5 nights toward status for 20,000 points might be worth it for you and better than paying cash, but then again, I’d wince at actually spending a few thousand dollars for status.

  47. I kept my Marriott number. Since it is a Marriott Program and probably have a lot more prior employees (and hotels), they will be able to tell who were SPG people by the number. So as Lifetime Plat Premier I’d rather them think I am a loyal Marriott member when they dish out upgrades in the morning. May not make any difference, but that is my logic. I used to work for a company that got bought out and they added a 7 in front of our badge numbers, so everyone knew from your badge where you came from. We used to call it the dreaded 7 badge.

  48. fortunate – is there any reason not to consolidate accounts now? I don’t know but rather I might be 2 evenings shy of fitting the bill for lifetime gold with SPG… would that issue in the event that I consolidated records now?

  49. @ Daniel B. — Sorry about that. If you have 750 nights plus two million base points with Marriott alone (not Starwood) then you would qualify, yes.

  50. As a longtime SPG Platinum (since program inception) and Lifetime Platinum member and someone who qualifies for the new Lifetime Platinum Premier status (based on what my Ambassador said before the conversion) – I’m VERY curious if individual hotel properties will see the difference in Lifetime Statuses (LP or LPP) on incoming reservations and whether or not Lifetime Status dictates upgrades. My assumption would be the nighter Lifetime Status – the better the chances for an upgrade. Although I’m sure all Platinum reservations – regardless of status will show up in the new systems going on-line at all properties worldwide in October – as the same level.
    We will see…

  51. So a few hundred complaint comments later, any well-connected blogger know when the issues will be solved once and for all? I mean it’s the internet and complaining sure it fun, but yeah…

  52. @Lucky – the numbers are WRONG, don’t believe them when they say they are correct. Don’t jump to conclusions based on them. Like Gary Leff, I was also showing 3 years as Plat prior to combining when I had actually earned 6 years. I combined and gained 1 more year Gold and 1 more year Platinum even though I had only trivial stays at SPG and NO STATUS ever except matching. I would not assume that matched years will count and that may get corrected in the future. It also may be the case that I am not getting credit for Marriott status gained via status match, rollover nights, or soft landing. There has been no communication on what counts or what does not.

  53. Does Plat Prem get acces to lounge at RC? How about regular plat?

    I’ve more or less written Marriott off after the lifetime plat mapping and the cert issue. It’s craxy to treat 650 night from Starwood primarily earned via W, Westin, Sheraton, and St Regis similar to Marriott nights that could have been earned much easier via the vast budget offerings.

    Yes I get more or less the lifetime benefits promised, less suite confirmed stays, but it sits poorly.

    Going forward Marriott will be a tuck in stay if Hyatt is stupidly expensive.

  54. It does not appear to me that the Lifetime Status is corrected as of yet. Take me for example.
    22 years SPG Platinum Elite (pre-merger SPG Lifetime Platinum), 1499 lifetime nights
    2018 Elite Status: Platinum Premier Elite.

    So, I have clearly qualified for the new Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite level (double qualified if only that was a thing!). However, when I look up my Lifetime Status on the Account Overview page, it says Lifetime Platinum Elite, not Platinum Premier.

    So, either that is an error, or Marriott is not going to implement the 750 nights/10 years Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status thing until January 1, 2019 ??

  55. @Lucky. Thanks. Do you mean that if I get it (hit the 2,000,000 mark) BEFORE the end of this year I will still get it? I am at 850 nights and 1,988,000 points right now. Thanks

  56. @ Dodson — SPG elites who qualify only get the status as of early 2019, as far as I know. I think there will be a sweep and it will post at once for everyone who is eligible.

  57. @Daniel B.: if you achieve 750 nights and 2.0M points by the end of the year, then yes. SPG nights/points won’t count, only Marriott.

  58. @lucky


    Separate question.

    With programs such as Hyatt Prive, Amex Fhr others?

    How do you value hotel status?

    I learned of Prive via a recent column of your and now question needing Hyatt status with HH diamond via Amex, lifetime plat at MRriott, prive at Hyatt.

    How about a column exploring this in some detail?

  59. @ Martin. It really is spelled out in T&C on how to achieve lifetime status so there is no need to believe anything if one can read. See point 4.2.f where it talks about two ways to achieve lifetime elite status. Note “loyalty program”= the combined program. It’s right there in black and white when it refers to 750 nights and 10 Platinum years in the COMBINED i.e. “loyalty program” (See the definition on the very top of T&C). Perhaps if you carefully read further down you will find an answer on why your lifetime status is not what you expected? Just an idea.

  60. It’s happening again… Lucky Marriott was not generous with the travel packages, why on Earth would they be generous here? Don’t hype this up like everyone hyped the travel packages.

    They wouldn’t throw us a bone for a one time vacation package but they’ll give you and others lifetime top tier status?

  61. @tim martin, yes, you’re correct. I stand corrected. I thought the 750 nights + 10 years was legacy SPG, but it’s the combined program.

  62. I’m at 9 yrs assuming I get 12 more marriott nights.

    Question: IF I don’t merge the accounts (already did long back to get spg plat), but w/ the new link, should I keep it separate and try to get SPG Plat before year’s end?? So I can get a 10th year by having spg and marriott plat in ’18?? Would it count?

    What happened to the 2MM points (along w/ 750 nights)? did that get nicked in favor of 10 yrs of plat and no longer need 2MM points for LT???

  63. With all of the complaints, I am pleasantly surprised with the accounts merger. Prior to combining my accounts I was at 705 lifetime Marriott nights and about 30 SPG nights, along with 10 years Marriott Platinum and about 1,750,000 points.

    My current status shows lifetime platinum elite.

    After I combined the accounts, it showed 730 lifetime nights, 11 years platinum and what appears to be 1,990,000 lifetime points (based on the shown balance and points I’ve used over the years – I keep a running balance), missing some 8 nights and 1,000 points from two recent stays.

    Today, the account finally caught up, and I have 738 lifetime nights, 11 years platinum and what I figure is 1,991,000 (although lifetime points is missing on the site).

    So I’m still showing lifetime platinum elite.

    I am only 12 nights from the 750, and have that many nights planned between now and the end of September between holiday and business travel, so no real need to do any mattress runs. I should also reach the 2 million points mark so I am confident I will qualify for lifetime platinum premier elite through both methods, and agree if you are close, it is worth it to take some trips to get the extra qualifying nights.

    For those that are freaking out, I counsel some patience, let the systems balance, keep track of your statuses, nights and points, and when it settles down in another week or so and your nights/balance are still not correct, then politely contact Marriott. Remember, there are people at the other end of the line, and if you read the fine print, they can cancel your account at any time.

  64. @Lucky

    My summary shows that I have the following:

    Nights: 699
    Years as Silver, Gold or Platinum: 18
    Years as Gold or Platinum: 7
    Years as Platinum: 7

    But it only shows me as a Lifetime Silver Elite. Wouldn’t I have qualified for Lifetime Gold Elite based on the criteria?

    Lifetime Silver Elite
    250 Lifetime Nights + 5 Years Elite Status
    Lifetime Gold Elite
    400 Lifetime Nights + 7 Years Gold Elite Status or Higher

    I guess I am confused about the whole thing. Thanks for your insight!!

  65. @ Matt H — It sounds to me like you should be. I imagine they’re still in the process of updating systems, so maybe that’s why it hasn’t posted yet?

  66. The question really is

    1) how reliable are the numbers right now?
    2) is the coming status really worth spending these dollars as there is a lot of insecurity regarding the benefits because they seem to be very easy with promising, underdelivering, changing, pretending… when it comes to elite benefits at Marriott.

    On the other hand, I see the temptation for a once in a lifetime chance (although this whole loyalty programme and its tiers can be abolished and there is little you could do about it), plus: in your situation where you will be spending most nights in hotels anyways it‘s more a question of opportunity costs. If you miss Hyatt Globalist because of staying at the Mormons, it may be less worth it compared to already having qualified for major other status you may want to reach.

    btw: is there any update on the wording of the upgrade policy that you had been promised again? They don‘t seem to be overly bothered with getting their messy terms right…

  67. “750 nights and ten years of Platinum status by the end of this year will qualify for lifetime Platinum Premier”

    I’ve got 762 and 18 years Platinum. LT Platinum, NOT PP. (If you didn’t have the 2mm points in the old Marriott system they won’t give it to you- very pissed.)

  68. @ Peter — Says who? That doesn’t match my understanding. If you earned it mostly through SPG then you’d only receive Platinum Premier at the beginning of next year. Maybe that’s the confusion here?

  69. Lucky I just called the hotel where I am staying to move up my reservation to tomorrow they are showing me as a PLT Premier.

  70. @Martin I’ve spent hundreds of hours pouring over the many Flyertalk threads, trying to understand the comments of the Starwood Lurkers and reading the wiki, and to the best of my knowledge (which could be wrong), this is what I understand:

    1. Marriott and Starwood nights both count toward 750 both under the combined AND the legacy programs. The primary Starwood Lurker had many questions on this and was very clear that this is the answer. It is in the wiki on Flyertalk. He specifically said that he ran it by the loyalty team. I think many people are getting this wrong.

    2. Only Marriott points count towards 2,000,000 lifetime pre-August 18. Starwood points will not count at all. No idea how it works post August 18. I do know based on personal experience that Ritz Carlton credit card points earned post August 18 are counting towards lifetime, just like they did earlier. There is speculation that AMEX credit card points will not count towards Marriott lifetime post-August 18, but don’t know for certain.

    3. Only Starwood nights count towards qualifying through stays in 2018–Marriott nights will not count.

    4. Waiver of the spending requirement for Ambassador counts only Starwood nights in 2018, not Marriott.

    5. Marriott has made clear that exactly how they are counting lifetime years in proprietary, whatever that means, but I know that Lucky isn’t the only one who was pleasantly surprised post account merger.

    6. You can still earn elite nights (including lifetime nights) through spending on the old Marriott personal card.

    7. Many, many people’s accounts are still messed up. I am happy where I stand now (and think I understand how Marriott got there). but continue to check it to make sure it hasn’t changed.

  71. @Lucky Been there, done it. Did a lot of mattress runs recently. If not at 750 yet, will be there soon. (My night totals seem to fluctuate). I needed many nights like you (and am much older), but felt I would rather have the status and find it not as good as expected after spending the time and money, as opposed to not having it and finding out it is worth it. One thought is why would they not offer it in the future if it were not worth having? Also, and here it seems unclear, if one achieves a combined 750 and 10+ before December (based on the new rules and not a legacy rule) would one get the LPP immediately or not until January. Practically, in most cases, it would not make a difference as I will make PP this year anyway. It is just a question of when it becomes lifetime.

  72. My merged status is 1134 lifetime nights, 13 years elite, 11 years platinum (9 SPG + 2 at Marriott that were actually earned). They did not count my matched platinum status years. I also “renewed” platinum this year when the accounts merged, but I have not been given credit for this year (which would be my 12th year platinum).

    My lifetime status states that “I’m on the way to lifetime silver”. Whoopee.

    I wrote Marriott after they posted that lifetime status was correct and received reply: “For some of our members, your Platinum status may be displaying incorrectly in your account. Rest assured that you will still receive all the benefits your current status entitles you to during your stays.”

    Still waiting for it to be corrected. And very importantly, to choose my gift for hitting 50 nights this year. Pre-merge, I was 44 Marriott YTD and 28 SPG, so I’m now 72 nights. My next stay is mid-Sept where I’ll become Platinum Premier for the rest of this year before I theoretically become LTPP in January.

  73. Lucky confirmed Marriott took a certain thresh hold and applied it to one time PLT P status. Also the Ritz now auto access to the lounge and room upgrade if available for me the Ritz lounge is fine for me especially overseas.

    So there you have it

  74. @ghostrider5408 Are you suggesting that PLT Premier gets access to Ritz Carlton lounges without paying for it? That was never my understanding, but it would be great news if true. The only thing I saw was that PLT Premier would be eligible for upgrades to suites at Ritz if available, but I never saw anything about access to Ritz lounges (whether or not upgraded to a suite). That would totally change my attitude towards staying at Ritz Carltons.

  75. Given how much you travel I am sure the Platinum Premier status will pay off for you in the long run. I would say go for it! It will also give you chance to do a lot of hotel reviews.

  76. Can someone tell me how to find the window that tell you the number of years you’ve had your elite status?

    I navigated to activity, then details and it only shows me the information for 2018. I’ve tried every other option and can’t find it. I’m sure I’m just being stupid but if someone could tell me where it is I’d very much appreciate it.

  77. @UA-NYC. Thought so–otherwise it would have been all over the Internet. So what is “So there you have it”?

    @Steve. Easiest way is on the app. Go to My Account and swipe left. There is also a hidden web page accessible through the Internet, but if I pasted the link here, this response probably not post and get stuck in moderation. Information on the app and the hidden web page for me is identical.

  78. I am at 1861 nights post merging accounts at 15 years. If they merge with Hilton that will hit 2500 ish.

    I’ve been platinum premier a few times, mostly just platinum. Never once could tell the difference other than on the card.

    My feeling is that this is not a worthwhile mattress run for benefits, only for the once in a lifetime name on the account. So if money is not a factor and you want to live in a hotel full time again and maybe save on rent, sure, otherwise would be easy to pass on.

  79. With combined accounts, I’m at 9 years of platinum and 800+ nights.
    In 2018, I only have 2 stays at Marriott properties. It appears to me the easiest way to get the Lifetime Platinum Elite(which requires 10 years of platinum) is that I should have 25 stays at Starwood properties. Anyway, I couldn’t find where to check how many stays for my account, this makes me uncomfortable and delayed to do the mattress run.

    @Lucky, do you have information on this if 25 stays at Starwood this year would really count 1 year of platinum and will grant me the life time platinum during this year to be the LTPP beginning of next year?


  80. Some general points in reply.
    I have a saved chat from a Marriott Online Chat representative confirming that SPG nights count towards lifetime status nights for both loyalty and legacy, and that SPG points once accounts merge are lifetime eligble for legacy.
    Got this answer after asking weather I should be better off not merging accounts until the end of the year in order to qualify for legacy, and they insisted that merging accounts would actually be better.

    That being said, after reaching 50 SPG nights before August 18th, I have not received my 50 Suite night Awards, and now my post-merger SPG account says it only has 44 nights, and when I looked on the lifetime nights somehow I have 88 despite this being my first year in SPG. Wow

  81. Lucky, or anyone

    What reason would they have for making years counting towards lifetime platinum proprietary?

    Or more particular to me, I am not sure if two complete years as Marriott gold were counted as lifetime platinum years? Who (and when) would I make the inquiry to ask if they were included as lifetime platinum years, and request that they be counted if they were not?

    Another who or when inquiry — I would like to have in writing from Marriott that I can get one lifetime year from Marriott in 2018 (based on 50 nights at marriott legacy hotels as well as rollover nights and credit card nights) , as well as a lifetime platinum year from spg in this same year based on 25 stays at starwood legacy hotels in the calendar year — when should i request if it works that way, who should I make the request. Finally , for old Marriott hands, does Marriott tend to honor things that their employees say or put in writing, or do they just say sorry, the reps were wrong, no cookie for you?

  82. From the Marriott FAQ:

    Yes, members can earn Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite in 2018 if they achieve 750 Lifetime nights and 10 years at Platinum Elite status. This requirement is only for 2018 and will not be continued in future years. Members will receive notice of this Lifetime achievement in January 2019.

    This is crystal clear, what Lucky has in mind will work. I am at 744 nights, 10 years Plat and will also complete the 750, no brainer.
    At a minimum, LTPP gives the option to select a free night as benefit. So getting a free night per year for life alone should justify the mattress run this year.

  83. I am was SPG lifetime gold, but now showing Marriott lifetime silver. I believe I should have been matched to lifetime gold? Should I wait for a few weeks or initiate a support ticket now!

  84. For a while mine was showing next level is : Lifetime Silver, which was a bit alarming; however now showing Platinum Premier Elite , but with Lifetime status as just Platinum Elite. YTD night count is still wrong ( it decreased after the merger) as is years count ( 17 rather than 19). Liftetime nights went up by 40, for no good reason .
    When I pointed out these errors, via ‘phone, the agent asked me to identify the missing 5 night stay. I wanted to say: HTFWIK?, but resisted ,out of politeness and the impression that these agents must be under siege from disgruntled members.
    My only interest in having it resolved is the fact that I won’t reach the 100 night threshold without those 5 missing nights. Presumably the LT status will be confirmed in January, as per previous advice, although that seems a bit arbitrary , given the programs have merged already and there is no reason to delay.

  85. @lucky Like Peter, I also have over 750 combined nights and 12 years Plat. I was SPG lifetime Gold because I haven’t had 10 years of plat (about 250 nights). I had about 500 Marriott nights but barely made it over 1.6 mil Marriott points so I was lifetime Gold as well.
    I’m happy that my status is showing up as lifetime Plat Elite. If 2 mil points isn’t required any longer, I wouldn’t mind getting lifetime PPE.

  86. Don’t know what’s going on. Have been with Marriott for 13 years, been Gold for many of those, was informed I would now be Platinum and this is what my account then showed BUT now it’s gone back down to Gold. I have 3 reservations with them in November made in March and if I find that I’ve lost Lounge Access I’m going to be screaming mad.

  87. Interesting. Hadn’t heard about lifetime Platinum Premier. Would be cool if it actually works. I’m at 1337 lifetime with 21 years of Platinum. That’s since 2001… But 21 years of platinum is probably right if its added between the programs as there were definitely years that I was platinum in both (and some years I was platinum in neither as I was staying at Hiltons or Hyatts). I’ve been Lifetime Platinum with SPG for 3 or 4 years now (hate giving up the metal card I have) and Lifetime Silver with Marriott for a while as well.

    If that all melds together to get Lifetime Platinum Premier, that’d be cool. Not mattress running for it though.

  88. I am shown as Lifetime Platinum Elite, not Lifetime Platinum Premier. Lifetime Platinum Premier level doesn’t even show as an option on my account, even though I have 14 years at Platinum and 863 nights (will be 871 when I check out tomorrow), and thus have exceeded 750 nights and 10 years at Platinum.

    The next level shown for me is Ambassador service, but I will not attain that. I will reach 100 nights this year, but with only about $10k in spend whereas that requires $20k.

  89. If you nights and years of platinum are correct, I would query Marriott, although the higher leverl may not show up until Jan 2019. Best to ask.

  90. When I go to my summary it doesn’t show lifetime status or anything, just what I am (Lifetime Plat). I was SPG Lifetime Plat with 900 some odd nights and I think 10 years of Plat because I think I needed that to qualify for SPG lifetime when I got it. So all my qualifications are from SPG, none combined other than 200 nights. I am thinking either the lifetime stats hasn’t transferred yet, or I won’t get Premier until the new year. Any insights?

  91. Thanks. I called them and they said 72 hours after combining (on Sun), so I just emailed them too. In the back of my mind I just think maybe I am missing something.

  92. Keep in mind Platinum Premier gets you free United Airlines Silver status under the new program. To me that’s the biggest benefit over regular Platinum Elite.

  93. Lucky, where do I get it from? From emails back and forth when they announced. If you are LT Platinum (Marriott) in Aug (and later extended to 12/31) you will be LT PP – using the old Marriott rules. [Admittedly, this now seems odd since they reset the LT points so how could they track it?]. Most of my nights were from Marriott, I was not quite there on Marriott points.

    If now you are saying that LT PP will be granted based on *combined* nights, and years, but *not* points on 12/31 and that that number is 750, then that is different and very good news. My account does not reflect i; I was gold on the date of merging the accounts and now am platinum with the 762 nights, and LT points reset from 1.7++. I have not stayed the nights for platinum this year so that must be the LT status.

  94. OK no. Sorry, read the faq. It CLEARLY states you must be LT Platinum under LEGACY requirements to be PP. And that correctly explains my email exchange as well as my status.

    Perhaps you are already PP this year and that’s why it shows that status (i.e. current, not LT)?

  95. Peter—your long term points were not reset. You can call Marriott and they will tell you your current long term balance (just did that two days ago).

    You can achieve LTPP with 2 million MARRIOTT points and 750 nights. Historic Starwood points don’t count. Current thought is the 750 nights can be both Starwood and Marriott per Starwood Lurker on Flyertalk but not 100 percent clear.

    You have until December 31 to get your points to 2 million if you can’t do it on years.

  96. @Lucky – where in my account can I find these Lifetime statistics? The Activity page just shows Earned Awards and Latest Activity.

  97. @Lucky – where in my account can I find these Lifetime statistics? My Activity page just shows Earned awards and Latest Activity.

  98. Hi Lucky,

    I combined accounts and Marriott now tells me that I have 1088 nights with 10 years of Platinum. Based on this, it appears I would have Platinum Premiere Lifetime? but that’s not listed. Funny thing is, I haven’t stayed at Marriott or associated properties this year and only once last year! Would I still be a PP Elite?

  99. With 2155 lifetime nights and 19 years combined Platinum, I easily stepped over the Lifetime Platinum Premier bar. Now I’m just waiting to see what my Ambassador can do for me. Yes…I’m bragging.

  100. The best way to find historical status information is to search your email for Marriott and “Your Account”. It seems in early January of every year you get a promotional email, sometimes pushing Megabonus or other promotion and in that email will be a summary of your total nights and status through the previous year end. Collect data from that to be ready to present your case to Marriott. I have sent them this information through the Customer Care email form and a case has been opened.

  101. @lucky I was SPG Lifetime Plt. When I log into my Marriott account it welcomes me as Platinum Premier Elite but lower on the page it says I’m Lifetime Platinum Elite. I’ve got 18 years and 943 nights between the programs. Should this be Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite? Thanks. -Dave-

  102. Lucky,

    I called Marriott this morning to make a very complicated set of reservations (it took 75 minutes for them to complete them). While on the phone, I casually asked when the Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite would post for those of us who had already qualified. He said mid-September. I don’t know if that is accurate, but it would sure be nice.

  103. Do we have a official definition for “plat year”? I have plat status from 2010.5.2 to 2015.2.22 (2010 for 50+night, 2011 for 100+ night, 2012 for 100+ night, 2013 for 25+ night, and there is 0 night at 2014), and there is 3 plat years on App, is it correct?
    And I got plat status from test of plat this year, will 2018 count into lifetime plat year?
    I have 6 years plat status in spg and total 600+ night in spg&marriott, so the plat year of marriott will impact my lifetime status

  104. @lucky do you know if POST-merge (i.e. Aug 18th) if transferring M pts to an account, the receiving acct still receives LT points? Any data points on that?

    Thank you

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