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Yesterday I wrote about the interesting situation I was in regarding Marriott lifetime Platinum Premier status. I finally managed to combine my Marriott and Starwood accounts, and to my surprise I was already showing as being a lifetime Platinum member, and was also showing 672 lifetime nights and 11 years of Platinum status.

This was exciting since it meant there was a chance I could earn lifetime Platinum Premier status, which won’t be issued going forward. This raised a lot of questions among readers, so I wanted to address a few of those in this post, especially since I followed up with Marriott for clarification.

Yes, you can earn lifetime Platinum Premier based on combined activity

Going forward, Marriott will only let you earn the following lifetime elite tiers:

  • Lifetime Silver Elite: 250 Qualifying Nights + 5 Years as Silver Elite, Gold Elite or Platinum Elite
  • Lifetime Gold Elite: 400 Qualifying Nights + 7 Years as Gold Elite or Platinum Elite
  • Lifetime Platinum Elite: 600 Qualifying Nights + 10 Years as Platinum Elite

However, through December 31, 2018, it’s possible to earn lifetime Platinum Premier Elite based on the following requirements:

  • Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite*: 750 Qualifying Nights + 10 Years as Platinum Elite

There was some confusion regarding whether you could only earn lifetime Platinum Premier based on activity in one program, or if you could earn it based on combined activity in both. I have confirmed with Marriott (and they’ve also published this officially) that the latter is true.

In other words, if by the end of 2018 you have 400 lifetime nights and five years of Platinum with Starwood, and 350 lifetime nights and five years of Platinum with Marriott, you’d earn lifetime Platinum Premier.

Lifetime Platinum Premier will post in January 2019

Some people had mentioned that they completed the criteria for lifetime Platinum Premier, but their accounts don’t yet reflect the status. That’s because if you earned the status through the new combined criteria, it will only post in January 2019.

So don’t worry, if you have 750 nights and 10 years of Platinum, you should be good.

Is lifetime Platinum Premier even worth it?

If Platinum Premier is within range, is it even worth going for the status? Maybe. The differences between Platinum Premier and Platinum are as follows:

  • Platinum Premiers get a 75% points bonus, while Platinums get a 50% points bonus
  • Platinum Premiers get space available suite upgrades at Ritz-Carltons, while Platinums don’t
  • Platinum Premiers get United MileagePlus Silver status
  • While not published, in general I expect Platinum Premiers will be prioritized for upgrades ahead of Platinums, so it could make a difference in terms of the upgrades you get

So is the difference massive? Probably not. But at the same time over the years the value could really add up, especially if the investment isn’t that huge.

Is Marriott accurately displaying lifetime status right now?

A Marriott spokesperson tells me that Marriott lifetime account statistics should be accurate, and that’s supported by the status.marriott.com website:

When will my Lifetime status be reflected in my account?
Lifetime status should now be reflected correctly in your account. The only exception is for members who achieve Lifetime status by legacy requirements between August 18 and December 31, 2018. As previously stated, these members will receive notice of their updated Lifetime status in January 2019. For more information on this and other Elite Tiers & Benefits topics, please visit: http://members.marriott.com/faq/

At the same time, many people have reported changes being made to their status totals. At the same time, others have reported that they’ve stayed constant, even if they’ve had their accounts combined for over a week. So…

Where this leaves me

Like I said, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of lifetime nights that my account showed, since it seems like matched Marriott Platinum years counted towards my lifetime total. Marriott hasn’t explicitly stated one way or another if those years should qualify.

If my account statistics are accurate, I will absolutely go for lifetime Platinum Premier, which will require 78 nights before the end of the year. I’d probably naturally stay 40 nights, so that’s a “mattress run” for nearly another 40 nights. I should be able to do that for under $100 per night, so it will cost me a few thousand dollars.

That’s a lot of money, but seems worth it for (hopefully) decades of Platinum Premier status.

The one thing I need to decide on is at what point I can trust that my account info is accurate:

  • Do I just go for it now and trust what I’m being told is correct? I have my account summary, and Marriott’s website says the info is supposed to be accurate, so…
  • Or do I wait in case they adjust my lifetime numbers? If so, how long do I wait?

So assuming nothing changes I’m definitely going for lifetime Platinum Premier. The question is how long I should wait — do I start the journey now, wait a few days, wait a few weeks, or what?

Anyone else in a similar situation?

  1. hey Ben,

    So, I can get it based on activity in just ONE program? I have 922 nights and 14 years as platinum (all with Marriott).

  2. I have 489 nights combined and > 10 years as platinum. So if I get 11 more nights before end of year would I get lifetime platinum?

  3. @ qasr — So using the new criteria you’d need 10 years of Platinum plus 600 nights, so you’d need 111 nights. Alternatively you can qualify exclusively through SPG legacy requirements, which would be 10 years of Platinum plus 500 nights, but that would have to be all Starwood activity, and couldn’t include any Marriott activity.

  4. @Lucky – how many years of each program elite status did you have?

    My issue is that I’ll end the year with 750+ nights, but my LT is only saying 7 years total of elite status (6 SPG). What I took from your article yesterday is that matched years with Marriott would count, but I didn’t see that happen when I merged my accounts. The number of years requirement is very frustrating and would love to see some exceptions…any idea if there’s a chance of that?

  5. I have combined my accounts and now sit on 9 years platinum tenure. I have over 100 nights this year. Would I be able to qualify for lifetime platinum elite (assuming that Marriott would recognize 2018 as my 10th year at platinum level). @Lucky can you get clarification on that matter? I am considering a mattress run but don’t just want to blow cash for nought.

  6. @ LX — If you’ve already earned Platinum this year then that number should unfortunately be included in your total, as far as I know. So you may be a year short, unfortunately.

  7. @ Bolt — I had eight with SPG and I guess three with Marriott. There seem to be inconsistent reports as to what matched years count towards the total and which don’t. Unfortunately I wouldn’t expect them to be generous beyond what they’ve already done. 🙁

  8. There are some cheap Marriott properties in India. Especially my home city of Ahmedabad. I believe you are starting a Singapore airlines journey there. You can get prepaid rates as low as 60 bucks. There are other cities in India (like Coimbatore) where you can get rates as low as $45.

  9. @ Lucky: Thank you, so I’ll miss out on that opportunity. Oh well, lifetime platinum doesn’t sound too shabby for now.

  10. Hey Lucky,

    Remember how it was stated that Gold Elites would be upgraded to Platinum Elite on 08/01/18 through the end of the year? I have an email from Marriott Rewards stating as such and I finally reached out to them as my status as Gold Elite has remained unchanged. Everyone I spoke with on the phone had no idea what I was talking about so I forwarded the email I had to them. Still waiting for a response.

    Have you heard anything new on this?

  11. I am in a similar situation. Before the integration, my two accounts were showing slightly less than 750 nights in total across both programs. Post integration and account combining, that number increased to 750, where it has stayed since (actually it is up a few due to a recent stay). I planned on mattress running for the final stays I needed, so if Marriott is going to adjust my nights back down, they better not do so in late December.

  12. Ben, I’ve seen that lately you’ve been very active in the comments section on many posts. Thanks for doing that, it’s great to see you continue to be part of the conversation after the original article gets posted.

  13. @ Boco — Thanks for the kind words! Doing what I can, and apologize that sometimes I don’t. But am making an effort to do more of it, since I do enjoy it!

  14. My combined accounts show 9 total years Platinum with 1300 nights. I was at 60 Marriott nights before I merged accounts, so I confirmed with my Ambassador that I need only another 15 Marriott nights to reach 75 Marriott nights for 2018 and thereby earn 1 more year of Platinum. That would qualify me for Lifetime Platinum Premier.

    I’m already mapping out a possible event for a putative 10 elite nights (I’ve asked my Ambassador if my first actual meeting will, indeed, qualify me for those 10 EQN or not), as well as possible nights with Marriott hotels to get me to the 75 nights total. I already have 5 nights with Ritz-Carlton and Marriott booked…and will either get the remaining 10 nights through the event or through more stays. I’ve also decided it would be worth it to just use 10 nights at Cat 3 hotels nearby for 17,500 points apiece if absolutely necessary–since the Lifetime status benefits are worth it for me.

  15. @ Spencer Bachus — There was a lot of misinformation, though it depends how you earned Gold status. Did you earn it through the Amex Plat, or something else?

  16. Couldn’t you book a conference room at a Marriott/SPG property and get credited with 10 nights? That might speed up the additional 40 nights you need for the balance of the year.

  17. @Lucky
    Amex Platinum bumped me up to Gold. I was under the impression that they were just going to be giving the temporary boost to all Gold Elites through the end of the year so no one lost benefits on existing reservations. That’s essentially what Marriott stated to me in their email.

  18. I’ve had SPG Gold only due to having an Amex Platinum card for a number of years . After combining, it suddenly shows I have 7 years of LT Platinum. Very strange as I’ve never had SPG Platinum. For Marriott, I only had Gold due to linked accounts and have only stayed with them a handful of nights ever.

  19. I mean it’s literally not worth it. Even $4000 this year will equal thousands more over this lifetime. The points earn bonus will be maybe a couple hundred per year. Could take a decade or two to “pay” for this gain — and every year you earn Platinum Premier naturally, you have to subtract that value.

    The same is true for suites at RCs… How often are you getting this as a PP *in a year you didn’t earn PP AND get 10 suite nights for it*? Rare.

    And this mythic upgrade priority? It might add value over time. But so might being Ben Schlappig and getting recognized by a hotel manager or desk employee.

    In short, I would save the $$$ and spend it on things I wanted over time. I would enjoy future premier years I get organically where I get the SNAs.

    And I would note that in a decade, Marriott might well offer Lifetime Platinum Premier to people that earn it by years of PP. Programs change, like AA’s Platinum Pro, etc. etc.

  20. @Lucky You might as well just start going for it. There are only 124 days left this year. My problem is the total for my nights this year still does not correctly display stays since July.

  21. I have held back from combining my accounts as I am going for Ambassador this year (100+ nights). If I get them all with SPG am I correct in assuming that I don’t need to hit the spend? That’s the reason I’m holding back as I think if I combine, I will need 100+ nights and the $20k.

  22. If what Marriott is saying is true and all properties will get the new unified IT platform by October, then theoretically the system should be able to identify LPPE, PPE+A, PPE, P,G etc and be able to give upgrades based on status. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    I’m SPG LP +Ambassador with 1400+nights and 14 years Platinum all with SPG

  23. @ Paul — Correct, 100 nights exclusively with SPG gets you Ambassador this year. However, I don’t believe you have to keep accounts separate to qualify that way, as long as the stays otherwise match up. I have combined accounts and am still hoping to qualify that way, so I’m in trouble if that doesn’t work.

  24. The other published difference between P and PP is that PP gets United Silver status (as long as the current partnership lasts). But the reason to strive for LTPP is not the current benefits, it’s for what may change in the future.

    Back when AA lifetime status was relatively easy (all miles counted), I got LT GLD. When they announced the changes, I could have pushed for LT PLT, but didn’t, because the differences at that time were not important to me. Since then, AA GLD has devalued (no free MCE until check-in, only 1 free checked bag, etc), and I wish I had pushed for LT PLT when I had the chance. Who is to say Marriott won’t someday do similar, for example, limiting lounge access only to PP?

  25. Lucky, did you free 35000 point nights post from Amex SPG cards? My annual fee posted earlier this month but I haven’t received my free nights.

  26. Hi Lucky

    Can Marriott confirm if after combining accounts MR/SPG LT nights will also combine for someone trying to reach LTPP under the legacy MR program (750nt/2MIL points)?

    I have 710 MR nights & over 2 Million MR points, and 22 SPG LT nights. However, I can’t seem to get a straight answer from Marriott on wether I need 40 or 18 more nights before 12/31 to reach LTPP. Also, will the additional nights need to be at a MR legacy hotel, or can it be any MR/SPG property?

  27. Still a cluster for me. Had LTP and over 750 nights in SPG alone before 2018… and still not showing as LTPPE. Plus had over 100 nights in 2018 before 8/18 and currently showing merged balance of 65. Not got my Your 24 or Ambassador notifications.

  28. Hi Lucky,

    William one of the Starwood Lurkers on FlyerTalk, whose language was approved by the Loyalty department, has stated that members with a 750 combined SPG and MR nights plus an uncombined 2MM MR points will qualify for Lifetime Platinum Premiere. Since some bloggers and commenters believe otherwise, would it be possible to reconfirm the current policy?

    I appreciate that you take the time to respond to individual questions.

  29. William on of the Starwood Lurkers on FlyerTalk, whose language was approved by the Loyalty department, has stated that some with a 750 combined SPG and MR nights plus an uncombined 2MM MR points will qualify for Lifetime Platinum Premiere. Since some bloggers and posters believe that combined nights can only be utilized with combined years of status, it would be helpful if the current policy can be reconfirmed.

    I enjoy your commentary and appreciate that you take the time to answer questions.

  30. No one seems to be mentioning the biggest Platinum Premier benefit: free United Airlines Silver status.

  31. I guess the under $100 a night must include a large amount of points nights, correct? I am only at 53 nights and my average is $183 with no points nights yet this year.

  32. My account already shows Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite – 26 years of elite with 16 as Plat, 2MM+ pts, 750+ nights, blah blah.

    And I’ve gotta share that I never get upgraded – from the average cities to the best cities, and across every different Marriott and SPG brand, and many nations – it just doesn’t happen. So, I’m really unsure what anyone else expects, but I expect nothing.

  33. They are still allowing nights + points to qualify for LT status by Dec 31st right?

    so with only 9 yrs PLAT
    500 nights
    1.6 million points, that would be LT gold this year which at the end of the year translates to LT Plat, right?

  34. Could you check into multiple hotels to earn multiple nights credits? Say check into the courtyard and then the Fairfield inn right next door? I know of a few properties that even share a common lobby…

  35. Edw3rd, same here. 28 years of elite, with 26 years of Platinum, over 1000 nights and I don’t know how many millions of points and I almost never see an upgrade regardless of property or brand. Contrast that with IHG where I almost always get an upgrade, including to the Presidential Suite in DC recently even though my only loyalty is via their credit card and paid program.

  36. We need clarification on whether status earned in these methods count:
    Status Match
    Rollover Nights
    Linked Status MarriottSPG
    United RewardsPlus
    Soft Landing alternative qualification (160 nts over 3 years = Plat)

    Lucky, you got the Marriott connections, can we get clarification on all that? Then we have news we can use instead of speculation.

  37. This may help:

    NOTE: Members who reach 750 nights and 10 years at Platinum by December 31, 2018, will be grandfathered into Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status (notified January 2019). In addition, members that achieve Marriott Rewards Lifetime Platinum under the legacy requirements by year end will also be grandfathered into Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status. And don’t forget that we’ll combine Lifetime activity across both Rewards and SPG toward qualification when members combine accounts. Beginning in 2019, qualification into Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status will not be available. See FAQs for details.


  38. AncientMariner, It is always preferable when people quote from a company’s website instead of guessing.

    The following came from the Wiki dealing with the merger. As I am sure you know, William is Starwood Social Media Specialist, William Sanders, who has been providing answers approved by the Loyalty dept. to questions posed on FlyerTalk.

    “B8. Do Marriott members with 2MM uncombined lifetime MR points and with 750 combined lifetime MR nights and lifetime SPG nights qualify for LTPP?
    Yes.This is confirmed at members.marriott.com under the Benefits and Lifetime tab where it specifically states, “You can also qualify for Lifetime status via the existing criteria for Rewards and SPG through December 31, 2018.” Existing legacy criteria for earning Lifetime Platinum Premier in MR/RCR is 750 Lifetime nights + 2MM Lifetime points. Also, in August, when members combine Rewards and SPG accounts, their lifetime nights across both programs count toward Lifetime Elite status in the new combined program. To be included in at previous thresholds for Rewards or SPG, members will have until December 31, 2018, to complete stays in order to achieve the Lifetime Elite status. ”

    When William was asked if his answer could be summarized as “Yes,” he responded I don’t see why not or something to that effect. There are at least a couple of bloggers that are still implying that combined nights can only be combined with years of status and MR members with 2MM+ MR only points can’t utilize SPG nights to qualify for LTPP.

  39. OK no. Sorry, read the faq. It CLEARLY states you must be LT Platinum under LEGACY requirements to be PP. I don’t know why this is being made so confusing.

    Either you are LT PLT under OLD rules 12/31 or you don’t get LT PP.

    There is no LT PP under the new rules (only those who are grandfathered per above), so barring you already being LT PLT in one of the two programs, the result of your combining accounts is whatever the NEW program states. (in my case combining netted 762 nights, 18 PLT years, a reset points clock and Platinum (not PP) status.)

    Now, I see another blog quotes something very similar to my example as being OK for PP but it is not what has happened to me, nor is it what is spelled out in the FAQ.
    ** I’m basing on Marriott status. Lucky , you’re using SPG. Perhaps you were already 75+ this year so you are PP currently, but not LT.

  40. Totally agree with mpg321. I don’t know why some people are still messing this up. Also don’t know why Lucky didn’t mention this method for qualifying for LTPP in his article. Marriott lifetime points continue to accrue until December 31. Anyone who was in the Marriott program can call and get his or her LT points balance. Just found out by calling Marriott that my points from the Ritz Carlton credit card did add to my LT points post August 18, and my accounts are merged.

  41. This is interesting news. I was under the strong impression that the cutoff for “legacy” (750 Marriott nights + 2M points) requirements was Aug 1, meaning combined nights weren’t eligible.

    I’m pretty sure I read that myself on Marriott’s pre-merge FAQ, but I’m not sure. As I remember, 750 combined nights + 10 years by Dec 31 was only added to give a fair shake to enraged SPG LTP (500 SPG nights + 10 years) members who, even if they crossed the 750 threshold, would have had no way of qualifying for LTPP without the 2M Marriott points.

    The language from William and the Marriott web site (quoted by AncientMariner) seem to make pretty clear that the “legacy” cutoff is in fact Dec 31, meaning you can still use 2M Marriott points as an alternative to years, but now with 750 *combined* nights.

    Has the language been changed post-merge, or was I wrong about Aug 1? If I’m not wrong, I think it’s obviously better for all that they extended it, though I’m sure some people who sprinted for 750 Marriott nights would be annoyed to learn they didn’t have to reach as far if combined nights were going to be eligible.

  42. Only those who qualified with 750 MR nights and 2MM MR points are supposed to be made LTPP in August. Members who have met the criteria for LTPP using merged nights and/or years of status should be upgraded in January, 2019.

    I am using “supposed to be” and “should” because of the flaws in the combined data.

  43. mpg321 quoted B8, so I might as well quote B9. You have until December 31 to qualify on nights plus points:

    B9. After August, 2018, will Marriott Rewards members continue to accrue lifetime points in the same way they always have towards lifetime status until December 31, 2018?
    As members.marriott.com states, “You can also qualify for Lifetime status via the existing criteria for Rewards and SPGthrough December 31, 2018.

  44. Some of Marriott’s can be confusing and imprecise. In addition, references to the new program while discussing legacy criteria doesn’t inspire confidence in the explanations provided. Still, if combined activity didn’t count under towards LTPP, then the third sentence should not have been added.

    “NOTE: Members who reach 750 nights and 10 years at Platinum by December 31, 2018, will be grandfathered into Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status (notified January 2019). In addition, members that achieve Marriott Rewards Lifetime Platinum under the legacy requirements by year end will also be grandfathered into Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status. And don’t forget that we’ll combine Lifetime activity across both Rewards and SPG toward qualification when members combine accounts. Beginning in 2019, qualification into Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status will not be available. See FAQs for details.”

  45. I had 1400+ nights at SPG and 17 yrs of Platinum, however my account still shows lifetime status as Platinum Premier not Platinum Premier Elite and my Ambassador says its only corrected end of January 2019? Don’t know whom to believe.

  46. @Edward/Steve – you guys are legacy Marriott it seems…most long-term SPG loyals such as myself (800+ nights over the last 9 years, almost all butt in bed) have had much greater success with upgrades (probably half the time to a suite / jr suite or the like). SPG just tried harder, and of course actively upgrading its Platinums to suites was a core program benefit, with “tougher” and more proactive language than other programs (ignore The Repeat Troll as what he says is total BS).

    The good news is that Marriott has pledged to update its T&Cs and suite upgrade policy to the better SPG version. Plus there are SNAs which are a turbo-charged upgrade…while I have not cleared 100% of the time, I have also never had one expire.

  47. Such a collosal waste of money ( and likely tax payer dollars as you will no doubt claim it as a business expense) for a vague and sketchy upgrade list priority. SPG or MR simply is not driven by offering upgrades – it’s no WOH as it does not need to be. Also, if you have Marriott reps speaking with you on this, be assured that they will upgrade you anyway for positive reviews. The probably already do. If bloggers know how to game the system, multi billion $ corporations like Airlines and Hotels do too – be it by making awards easier to book, upgrades and better on board experience.

  48. Same boat here as legacy Marriott. 730 lifetime nights, 2.6MM points. Combined I now have 771 nights, with basically all of those SPG nights being since the acquisition was announced. Foolishly optimistic I guess. Currently showing as Lifetime Platinum, and can’t get a straight answer from Marriott if I will be lifetime PP in Jan or not. Was legacy MR Platinum last year too, and currently only showing as new Platinum – still trying to get them to fix that.

  49. What does it matter? I have spent more nights in a Marriott that in my own home over the course of my lifetime. Upgrades are sporadic, maybe 30 days out of thousands?

    The best upgrade you can ever get from the hotel is lifetime access to the concierge lounge for you to receive a (variable quality) breakfast. At a majority of properties, meaning the ones that cost $250 or less, it beats the homeless shelter. I have been to over 100 domestic and a few dozen overseas properties at Marriott and Starwood, – little less on the Hilton side as I started there when I hit twice over the lifetime platinum requirement without as much as a reply from Marriott customer service asking if that meant anything. Of these – Only a few I would set out to eat at if it were not free and 10 feet from my bed, but most days I hit up VI or IHOP if I want real food.

  50. Update: they told me to keep an eye on status.marriott.com as a “small number” of people still have issues with showing incorrect statuses. I guess I’ll have to ask for them to fix the amount of bonus points awarded after my stay next week.

  51. I was pleasantly surprised when I merged my accounts. I thought I would qualify for lifetime SPG Plat before the end of the year. I thought I was about 20 or so night short. I had a Marriott account but it was a secondary hotel account that I never really kept track of – may have had gold status a couple of years and Plat when they match to SPG. After the merger it indicated 12 years of plat with 746 nights in total. I did not realize I had about 250 nights at Marriott – I thought maybe 100 nights max?

  52. I’m at 9 years on Plat status – if I re-qualify this year, will that be year 10? I need about 70 more nights, and I have 7 booked already for September… so it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that I could hit the 750. I’m so confused/lost.

  53. @Lucky,

    I have heard that 2018 will be the final year in accumulating lifetime status for the Marriott Rewards program. Is this correct or just another rumor that is unfounded. Thanks.

  54. @ Sam Kuhn — 2018 is the last year where you can earn lifetime Platinum Premier, but in future years you’ll still be able to earn lifetime status for lower tiers.

  55. i’ve been credited with 18 nights towards platinum. I believe I had 2 years as SPG platinum. No years at Marriott platinum but many years as Marriott gold. Could this be right?
    If so, I need to do a mattress run, as I’ve have 745 nights by end of year.

  56. it seems Marriott adjusted lifetime night counts slightly within last couple of days. specifically spg amex nights for 2018 have been deducted from the lifetime total.

  57. @linas. Me too. I think they did it yesterday. Five lifetime nights deducted. No warning. This is the stuff that concerns me.

  58. Hi, I’m at 722 nights and 10 years. To pay out of pocket for the 28 left will be $2400 (78 per night). Is it worth it? BTW – did you pay out of pocket and reach your status?

  59. @MAS. Have you considered a meeting? Mine was a little expensive at $133.25 (including tax and service charge) but I live in an expensive area where it is hard to find a room under $120 per night. It yielded me 10 elite nights. That would easily save you hundreds of dollars if you are going this route. Some people don’t show up but I decided to take no chances. My wife and I sat in a room for 20 minutes and read emails—that was the extent of our meeting. I will end 2018 at 10 years and 754 nights, so that meeting put me over.

  60. Thanks DSK – really appreciate the quick reply! Looked into the meeting option. Marriott rep seemed confused about the concept! So kept with the room – manager lowered the rate to $69 per night. Only need 22 nights now to make it to 750. Do you think I should have a total of 751 nights to be safe or will 750 be OK?

  61. In your post you do not reference the mileage requirement for grandfathering of Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite. It is my understanding from my correspondence with Marriot Rewards Reps that you must also achieve 2,000,000 lifetime points with Marriot to qualify before December 31, 2018. Do you have information that is contrary to this? I have 788 nights and 12 consecutive years as Platinum Premier and profile does not reflect Platinum Premier as I am still short of the 2 million lifetime points. Can you please clarify?

  62. The Marriott terms say that there are two ways of achieving lifetime platinum premier:

    See section 4.2.b of the terms: https://www.marriott.com/loyalty/terms/default.mi#elite

    Either “***Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite: 750 Qualifying Nights + 10 Years as Platinum Elite” or ” *Lifetime Platinum Elite: With 750 Nights + 2,000,000 Points achieved through 2018, Member will achieve Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite Status***. Notice of this achievement and benefits will begin in January 2019.”

  63. Any idea when in “January 2019” the Lifetime Platinum Premier statuses will begin to be awarded/recognized? I think I should be good with 759 nights+16 years as Platinum, but been waiting since August to find out

  64. Same as N. My lifetime status has not posted as Plat Prem. Well qualified thru 2018 in terms of nights (1380) and Plat yrs (22).

  65. In the same boat as N and DXS5651. I have 814 nights and 10 yrs of plat. Called Marriott and got a rude rep saying I don’t qualify because I also needed 100 nights and $20K in spending in 2018 to qualify. (?) Am I missing something?

  66. Well, at least no body has posted confirmation that they’ve received the LTPPE through the Legacy method yet… So no news is good news. Still early January! Maybe they will catch up over the next couple weeks

  67. I achieved the legacy MR requirements of 750 nights and 2MM MR points but still only reflecting Lifetime Platinum Elite, when it should now be LTPP…here’s to hoping they make good on their commitment to updating this before the end of the month.

  68. I just checked today Jan 19, 2019 and nothing has changed I finished 2018 with 764 combined nights and 11 years of platinum.
    My status is still platinum elite.

  69. Same here. Tried to take no chances so qualified both ways for lifetime platinum premier elite. 757 nights. 10 years Platinum. 2,011,116 Marriott Rewards points. Still showing lifetime platinum elite, not lifetime platinum premier elite.

  70. Hi, from what the rep just told me that notifications will probably happen in mid Feb (and when the new system goes online). As of 12/31 I was at 750 nights and 10 years at platinum so she confirmed that I qualify. I don’t mind waiting as long as it happens!

  71. Am probably in the same situation as Joe and DSK.

    I was not Lifetime before the merger, just Platinum Elite, since it has been a few years since I left consulting and got downgraded. Combined I am 1164 nights and 18 years Platinum. I was just told that because I wasn’t lifetime before Aug 18th that my new status is correct: Lifetime Platinum and that I am not eligible for Lifetime Platinum Premier. He couldn’t explain it, just what he was told. I will wait until Feb and hopefully it sort itself out.

  72. Well, I found discussion about the MLPP in the insiders marriott rewards


    were one of the participants found that you can check the page for your choice benefits
    and there it shows if you are LTPP. I tried myself and for the first time I saw that the system
    recognize me as LTPP. Now this might just be a glitch but it the best glitch so far..

    Here is the link to where you can check your status


    Good Luck

  73. @Joe. It worked for me too, although it almost seems like a glitch. Would love more data points. Thanks very much for pointing this out!

  74. I just used Joe’s link as well and saw the same thing. Also I logged into the regular website (not the app) and to the overview link and scrolled down to see that I was “lifetime platinum preimer elite”. The app itself is not showing the same info it I think that website info is more important.

  75. Perhaps someone here can help me out here.

    Jan 1, 2018, I had 8 years Plat with SPG.
    Upon reading the qualifications for LTPP, I got the following before Dec 31, 2018:

    54 Nights SPG (crossed 50 in early September)
    103 Nights Marriott (crossed 50 nights in early October, 75 in November, 100 in December

    Total number of nights on Dec 31 = 753

    BUT – system still today shows only 8 years of platinum. I had been informed by agents on both sides of the merger that the above should qualify me for LTPP, so ended up staying 50+ nights, or about 10K CAD, in the fall 2018 to reach the 750 nights before Dec 31.

    Was I misinformed? Am I wright to feel cheated?

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