Lufthansa Is Introducing Mattress Pads & Pajamas In Business Class In 2018

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A few days ago Lufthansa teased pictures of their new business class product, which will debut in 2020 on the 777X. The hard product looks fantastic, and like a huge improvement over Lufthansa’s current business class. Not only does it look great, but I’m surprised that they intentionally selected a configuration that doesn’t maximize the number of seats in the cabin.

Lufthansa’s new business class seats

Lufthansa revealed their new cabins in an unusual way, given that they shared pictures of the new seats on social media, but didn’t have a press release with further details to go along with it. Well, now Lufthansa has a press release about the new seat, and has also revealed information about an improved soft product, which they’ll be rolling out as early as next year.

Lufthansa has revealed that their new business class seat will be 220cm (86.6 inches) long. That’s about 7’3″, which is insanely long.

What I find most interesting at this point are the improvements that Lufthansa is making to their business class soft product in 2018, ahead of the new seats being rolled out. In early 2018:

  • Lufthansa will be introducing mattress pads in longhaul business class.
  • Passengers will be offered “sleeping sweaters” on request. The press release suggests that these are similar to what’s offered in first class, so I suspect they’ll be offering similar pajamas. Goodness knows that with the temperatures Lufthansa keeps their cabins at, nobody needs a sleeping “sweater” on a Lufthansa flight.
  • Lufthansa will also be introducing new blankets that are “lined but still light”

Lufthansa’s first class pajamas

While Lufthansa’s excellent new business class hard product is still three years from being in service, it’s great to see that they’ll be making other improvements to the experience in the meantime. Similarly, British Airways will be introducing a new business class seat in a couple of years, though in the meantime they’re offering improved catering, better bedding, etc.

  1. It says the bed will be “up to” 220 cm long. I guess that the true window seats will make for the longest bed, and the other seats will be shorter. It will be interesting whether they will charge a premium for the “long bed” seats, and for the “extra desk space” seats as they put it (presumably the throne seats).

    The other improvements sound nice, especially the mattress pad. Let’s see how substantial it will really be.

  2. Sleeping sweaters could just be like the cardigan that offered on ANA that you have to return end flight.

  3. I wish all airlines would blast A/C like American airlines do. Sleeping nice and cozy all bundled up is a million times better than sweating like youre at a sauna

  4. Any guess what will qualify as “long haul”? Seems to good to hope for that SEA to FRA would be long enough.

  5. @lucky Any updates on this implementation? My family and I are flying LH Business in June and was wondering if these soft updates have been implemented.

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