Review: Lufthansa A321 Business Class Frankfurt To Oslo

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We arrived at the gate a little later than planned for our 5 PM flight up to Oslo, and boarding was mostly finished. You might wonder how it’s possible to be late when you have a four hour layover, but trust me, it is. We didn’t miss the flight and that’s what matters.

The consequence for our tardiness was ending up on the last bus headed out to the remote pad. This meant we had to sit and wait for all the true stragglers to show up. Our kids were getting a little antsy when we finally started to move.

Bus ride to the remote pad at Frankfurt Airport

It was a long bus ride. Like I thought perhaps that the flight had been cancelled and instead they were going to bus us all the way to Oslo. The upside was that we got a great tour of the Frankfurt Airport and saw a good chunk of the Lufthansa fleet in the process.

Bus ride to the remote pad at Frankfurt Airport

Bus ride to the remote pad at Frankfurt Airport

Bus ride to the remote pad at Frankfurt Airport

Bus ride to the remote pad at Frankfurt Airport

After what was probably a 10-15 minute ride, we finally arrived at the plane. We boarded up the stairs.

Lufthansa A321 Frankfurt to Oslo

We had been assigned seats at the front of the business class cabin, but the flight attendant who greeted us told us that everyone had boarded so we could take whatever seat we wanted. Considering that it was our family, one other young couple, and a solo traveler we really did have whatever we wanted.

The first few rows of the cabin had a permanently affixed table in the middle seat.

Lufthansa A321 Frankfurt to Oslo

The flight attendant offered us to move back such that we could have three of us in the same row, but I assured her that was unnecessary. Instead my wife took the 1-year old, I sat with our 5-year old, and my daughter was across the aisle.

Lufthansa A321 Frankfurt to Oslo

The seat pitch was kind of tight.

Lufthansa A321 Frankfurt to Oslo

We we were soon offered a departure chocolate. I passed as I’m not really a fan of milk chocolate.

Lufthansa A321 Frankfurt to Oslo

The flight was rather uneventful. I had expected that we would receive dinner on this 2 hour flight given that it was scheduled to depart at 5:00 PM and arrive in Oslo at 7:05 PM — not that we really need it after eating sausages all afternoon in the club! — but it turned out to be more of a cold snack.

The regular plate consisted of a salad atop slices of mango, sliced cold chicken, a dessert of fruit, a dollop of crème fraîche (or mascarpone? fancy dairy products are not my forte), and more chocolate.

Lufthansa A321 Frankfurt to Oslo

The flight attendant said they had kids meals onboard, even though we hadn’t ordered them. I thought that was kind of impressive. Their plate consisted of a sandwich, fruit, and a brownie. I think I might have preferred this instead.

Lufthansa A321 Frankfurt to Oslo

My son and I each had sparkling water with our meal. I mostly dozed for the rest of the flight as it was now late in the day following our overnight flight, though I remember being offered tea or coffee at some point.

Lufthansa A321 Frankfurt to Oslo

Before long the captain came on to say we were arriving into the Oslo Airport. We didn’t have a gate at this end either, and instead deplaned down frozen stairs. I was actually a little surprised at how icy the stairs were.

Lufthansa A321 Frankfurt to Oslo

My phone said it was cold, somewhere around 5°F. This was by far the coldest temperature we experienced on the trip. Welcome to Norway!

We quickly claimed our bags and headed to the hotel.

Lufthansa A321 Business Class Bottom Line

Business class on intra-European flights isn’t all that impressive, and mostly consists of an empty middle seat. But as I always say, the three most important things when traveling with kids are space, space, and more space, so in that sense, it was fine.

I didn’t think that the snack was all that substantial for a flight departing at dinnertime. But I was impressed that they had kids meals loaded even though we hadn’t requested them. So I guess that balances out. Overall, this was a comfortable flight up to Oslo.

  1. Nice review. Was there Wifi on board? I like to use short haul flights to get caught up on my e-mails.

  2. What was people’s reaction there to the election of trump? I find people are generally positive. The hegemony of christian white male finally being restored, though they can’t be open about it yet, since most of them are still scared of their wives at home.

  3. Deniz Wesley — I don’t believe so. I didn’t see any mention of it. And I agree, I find it useful too and probably would have bought it.

  4. @Travis thanks for the reply. I guess that’s one of the very few areas LH will have to work on.

  5. I enjoyed reading the report. The food looks very funky. Is that small shrimp on top of the mango?

    But why aren’t the flight details listed at the top of the review? We don’t have any idea that it was a dinner flight–or the duration or anything else because there aren’t any details.

  6. Donald — The flight was scheduled to depart 5:00 PM and arrive Oslo at 7:05 PM. 2:05 duration. I guess I forgot to include that, but edited to add above. Thanks.

  7. Thanks Travis!
    I enjoy your reports. You cover a different kind of travel experience that isn’t always applicable to me, but I can always forward it on to my brother with 3 kids and my friends. Can’t wait for the rest of the report (and for the trolls to go somewhere else!

  8. Agree with @donald. I appreciate your trip reports as well as it highlights the family with kids perspective and how the airlines or hotels treat them. So thank you Travis!

  9. Welcome to Norway! 🙂 Hope you enjoy Oslo despite the rather cold temperatures we’re getting at the moment. Let me know if you want any tips from a local, I’m happy to help!

    I totally agree that Business Class on intra-European flights with Lufthansa aren’t all that impressive since the main difference from Economy is a blocked middle seat and a better meal. In Economy they usually serve either a small snack or a sandwich. I was upgraded on a flight from Frankfurt to Rome last year and since I usually travel Economy I was thrilled when I got my new boarding pass. After the flight I was more “meh” about the whole thing. The experience wasn’t exceptional enough for me to be willing to pay extra for it.

  10. Your notion of a flight starting at 5 as being appropriate for the evening meal is a typically American observation. Plenty of my fellow Europeans would not expect something substantial at that time of day.

    On my first trip (a Tauck tour) in the US (in California, many centuries ago) most f our fellow travellers were astounded my partner and I would not consider dining before 7.

    Something to bear in mind.

  11. I took the same route in business about a week earlier at an earlier time–around 3pm I think. Boarding was totally chaotic, but par for the course for intra-European flights. I normally don’t buy business in Europe as I don’t think it’s worth it. Lufthansa is probably near the top of the majors and has good connections. Service is however consistently good. Maybe SAS is slightly better.

  12. I don’t think it’s worth travelling business within Europe, especially risking to do the entire trip with joyful and truly fun (but noisy) kids.

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