Even Better Offer: Buy LifeMiles With A *135%* Bonus!

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Since early May, Avianca’s LifeMiles program has been offering up to a 125% bonus on purchased miles. While the promotion was set to expire on May 31, 2016, it has been extended until June 3, 2016, as I wrote about last night.


A 125% bonus on purchased miles is a great deal, and presents an opportunity to purchase LifeMiles for as little as ~1.47 cents each. Well, as it turns out, there’s an opportunity to purchase them with an even better bonus, of up to 135%.

Per commenter George, you can receive a 135% bonus on purchased LifeMiles through Brazilian blog Passageiro de Primeira. This brings the cost per purchased mile down to ~1.4 cents.

To take advantage of this offer, register your LifeMiles number on this page.


You should then be brought to a page confirming that you registered.


However, you can’t immediately buy miles under this offer. Instead you have to wait at least 24 hours, at which point your account should reflect the increased bonus when you go to the mileage purchase page. I just registered for the promotion for my account, so expect I’ll see my account eligible for the bonus by tomorrow morning.

While I was going back and forth about whether to buy LifeMiles with a 125% bonus, with a 135% bonus I’m a buyer. That’s because LifeMiles are just about the best value currency for premium redemptions on Star Alliance.

For example, in the past several months I’ve used LifeMiles for Avianca business class and Air India first class. My stash of LifeMiles is slowly shrinking, so I do want to replenish them at some point.

Air-India-First-Class - 14
Air India first class, which I recently redeemed LifeMiles for

I’m eying some redemptions in ANA first class and Lufthansa first class, and also want to sample a few Star Alliance business class products. Buying LifeMiles seems like the best way to accomplish that, especially now that LifeMiles is no longer blocking Lufthansa first class awards, and also given that they now allow mixed cabin awards.

Lufthansa-First-Class-747 - 8
LifeMiles are one of the best ways to book Lufthansa first class

If you do buy miles, keep in mind that LifeMiles processes mileage purchases directly, meaning the purchase would count as airfare. Therefore you’ll ideally want to pay for the purchase using a card which offers triple miles on airfare, like the Citi Prestige® Card or American Express® Gold Card.

Bottom line

I was happy to see LifeMiles extend the 125% bonus on purchased miles, though the 135% bonus being offered for the next few days is even better, as it’s an opportunity to purchase miles for ~1.4 cents each. To be eligible for the 135% bonus be sure to register at this link, and then after 24 hours you’ll be eligible for the offer.

If you’re eying premium cabin Star Alliance redemptions, this is a great opportunity to purchase miles for that purpose.

I was on the fence about taking advantage of the promotion with a 125% bonus, though with a 135% bonus I’m thinking I’ll pull the trigger.

Does the 135% bonus impact whether or not you’ll purchase miles through this promotion?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am a newbie to the miles & points game, I mostly took advantage of cheap biz fares.

    This is a great article which made me do my research about LifeMiles and there are a few facts I simply can’t believe.

    Take a flight from Europe to Central Asia as an example ( I am from Europe. ). You want to spend your holidays in Sri Lanka and are looking for a good premium class fare. The mileage chart says that a flight from Europe to Central Asia ( which Sri Lanka seems to be Part of ) costs just 60.000 miles in First Class. That means that I could actually fly on Singapore from FRA to SIN and further to Colombo. When I use the 1,4 cents each mile offer, this means I have to pay 840€ for a one way flight in First on Singapore. This can’t be true, right?

    Same for Biz flights from Europe to South Africa.

    Do I make a mistake ? Please tell me.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Lol..they will 100% NOT devalue anything, as they are still suffering from the last one. So don’t worry.

  3. I agree with Philip. Why do you think LM is extending the offer? Because they didn’t sell as well as they did back in Dec, when they offered up to 150% bonus.

    I think LM is still looking for the sweet spot that buyers are happy to buy, yet they squeeze most out of us.

  4. The blogger from Passageiro de Primeira always gets infos from your blog – and others – and NEVER EVER mentions the source. NEVER. He also delete posts whose comments he does not like.
    He is paid by several companies – Meliá, Kayak etc – and does not disclose this info. In fact, before the contract with Kayak he stated that he preferred google flights and ITA Matrix. Then, total silence.
    There’s no problem in earning money honestly, but this honesty goes down the drain when he stays at Meliá, gets luxury treatment that no other guests would ever get, exposes this luxury treatment but does not disclose he is paid to be there and to say that. He also gets lots of free first and business class tickets from airlines such as Lufthansa and writes ravishing reviews about them. The only one he ever admitted flying for free was Delta.
    So I would think twice before directing people to his page since he does not extend the courtesy to his fellow bloggers.

  5. @Moritz – Singapore doesn´t release first class to their partners, only through their own mileage program. You should simulate on Avianca webpage to check what you will find, but there are great values to be found.

  6. There is also on Passageiro de Primeira page an award chart with reduced miles on flights to/from Brazil from/to North America and Europe. Lufthansa first class is only 80k miles from Europe (with a flight 50% longer than to North America), Air Canada 42,5k miles on business from North America.

  7. Is it possible to book Premium Economy Awards through Avianca? E.g. ANA or EVA has amazing PE products but the Avianca redemption page only allows you to choose First, Business, and Economy

  8. Is it possible to fly Lufthansa first from US to asia with Lifemiles? or will they not show those routings? Thanks!

  9. @Matt, it depends on 2 factors: how many Lifemiles you need to redeem F from North America to Asia and on which airline. SQ does not have availability in F for partner airlines.

  10. @Beatriz ah, good call. I forgot that about SQ 🙁 Guess I’ll have to look into going back to Germany!

  11. I must have missed a recent devaluation of Star Alliance air miles. The last time I looked, it was 55,000 miles one way for a business class tickets from Munich to Bangkok. Now, it’s 85,000 miles on the United award chart. Two business class round trips from MUC to BKK using Life Miles would cost 312,000 miles, but Avianca seems to get limited seat allocation on Star Alliance compared to United. So, at the cost of $3,300 using 312,000 miles would represent a dollar value of about $3,100. I consistently buy business class tickets from MUC to BKK on Qatar Airways, Etihad, Cathay Pacific, etc., in the $1,800 range for a round trip, including fuel charges, plus I can accrue air miles on these tickets. Bottom line: the AVIANCA offer was not really that attractive for me, even with the 135% bonus. Obviously, you get a much better value if you redeem them for First Class seats.

  12. @ William: when I plugged in my Munich to Bangkok itinerary, it showed availability on a Lufthansa flight from Munich to Beijing, then Beijing to Bangkok at 78,000 Life Miles points for business class, so yes, you can book LH flights.

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