16 LATAM Planes Now Have New Business Class Seats

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Well over a year ago I wrote about how LATAM is spending $400 million updating their interiors across their fleet, which includes installing a new business class product.

Historically the airline has a pretty lackluster business class hard product, with most planes having either six or seven seats per row. Not only do they not have direct aisle access from every seat, but some 777s have angled seats in business class.

LATAM’s New Business Class Seats

Going forward, LATAM will have Vantage XL seats in business class, similar to what you’ll find on RwandAir, Qantas, and SAS. Seats will have 18″ personal monitors.

LATAM’s new business class

LATAM’s new business class

LATAM’s new business class

I’ve been extremely impressed by the pace at which LATAM has been reconfiguring planes with their new business class, at least for those planes that need it most — the 767-300s and 777-300s.

So, how is LATAM’s progress?

Seven LATAM 767s Have New Business Class Seats

The first LATAM Chile 767-300 featuring new business class seats entered service in March 2019, and now there are already seven planes with the new seats. The registration codes for these planes are as follows:

On top of that, one more plane, with the registration code CC-CWY, is in the process of getting the new seats. LATAM Chile has a total of 17 767-300s in their fleet.

Seven LATAM 777s Have New Business Class Seats

The first LATAM 777-300ER featuring new business class seats entered service in July 2019, and now there are seven 777s with the new seats. The registration codes for these planes are as follows:

LATAM is doing these reconfigurations in Abu Dhabi. On top of that, there are another two 777s in Abu Dhabi being reconfigured right now, with registration codes PT-MUF and PT-MUH. That means that there’s a single 777-300ER in service right now, PT-MUI, with the old configuration.

The reconfigured 777-300ERs have 38 business class seats.

The bad news is that we’re seeing a massive reduction in premium seats on the 777 — LATAM is going from 56 to 38 business class seats. That’s bad news for fares and award availability, not that they were great about making award seats available anyway.

What’s Next For LATAM?

What’s LATAM’s plan from here? LATAM expects to finish reconfiguring planes in the next two years, but the specifics of that aren’t totally clear. What we do know is that:

  • LATAM Argentina planes won’t receive the new interiors
  • Future delivery A350s and 787s will feature the new interiors, and the first two such plane joined the fleet in late 2019, with registration codes CC-BGO and CC-BGP
  • Existing A350s and 787s won’t receive the new interiors
  • Hopefully the remaining non-Argentina 767s will be fully reconfigured in the next couple of years
  • LATAM Brazil 777s should be fully reconfigured shortly, since there’s only one plane remaining

LATAM’s current 787-9 business class

Bottom Line

I’m impressed by the pace at which LATAM is installing their new business class.

As of now 16 LATAM planes have the new business class seats, including:

  • Seven LATAM Chile 767-300s, with another one entering service shortly
  • Seven LATAM Brazil 777-300ERs, with another two entering service shortly
  • Two LATAM Chile 787-9s

If you’re flying on LATAM in the coming months your odds of lucking out with the new product are improving, especially on the 777-300ER, where there’s only one plane flying with the old seats at this point.

If anyone ends up on a LATAM plane with the new seats, please report back!

  1. Well…. actually the idea for LATAM Argentina is to have an interchange agreement accepted by the unions and local authorities, so the new interiors will be present on Argentinian long-haul routes by using planes registered in Chile or other countries.
    The 767s currently based in Argentina are planned to be scraped or sold, supposedly later this year.

  2. This plane will fly LA8064 GRU/MAD route July 23, 25, 27 and 29, LA8065 Return 24, 26, 28 and 30.
    At least this is the seatmap that appears for this flight

  3. Hi, Ben. Long time reader here. Not all 767 are going to be reconfigured, but only those old ones with 18C, used in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Those in use in Brazil by former Tam with 30C seats are arguably new planes, 8 to 6 years old, and will continue flying as they are today.

  4. I’m going to fly LATAM from MAD to GRU on the 28-Jul and the seat map shows the new business class product. Hopefully there won’t be a swap in aircraft

  5. Always get this old business class setup on the A350 BCN-DOH-BCN operated by Qatar …. can’t wait to get a change.

  6. Am I the only one that doesn’t like the new angled solo single business seat ??
    My partner and I enjoy sitting window side now most duo business class seats are in the middle !
    Looks like we need to slum in it in premium economy !

  7. @RJ

    QR’s A350s have either Qsuites or their previous reverse herringbone seat — which I’d argue is the world’s 2nd-best J seat, after Qsuites (though it may slip down the rankings as more airlines introduce suites). QR is anyway replacing the herringbones with Qsuites, though I haven’t seen anyone talk about the timescale for when that job will be finished.

    In the meantime, I’d be thrilled if the worst J seat I ever got on any airline was up to the standard of QR’s worst A350 seats.

  8. @The nice Paul
    Yes I like the A350 reverse herringbone seat as well. I think it is good for day flights or shorter flight and the QSuite is perfect for long flights over 8h and overnight flights.
    When I fly BCN-TYO I try to always fly QR, even if I also like the Sky Suite III of JAL. But longer flight thru LHR. Or thru HEL but the BNC-HEL leg is A320.

    On BCN-DOH / DOH-BCN, QR is operating 3 flights, all on A350. QR138, QR 146 and QR142. The QR 146 is using the LATAM A350, leased to QR (or from QR to LATAM ?), so we get this older hard product from LATAM. Not bad, spacious but no privacy and 2-2-2 configuration instead of 1-2-1 …
    So I try to get the later flight QR142 but this means arriving at midnight in Tokyo.

  9. Reply to @Paul Mayne – I think the beauty now is that most airlines propose this option. You are a solo flyer you can have a solo seat and if you travel in couple you can have the love nest. Compared to the usual 2-2-2 that doesn’t have this option.
    For this I like Qatar or Etihad configuration. Can be very private for a solo travel and cosy for couple or family of 4 (QR).

  10. Will Latam list the routes flown by the planes with the new business class or are they just going to rotate it through their network and pax are going to have to play a guessing game?

  11. @Paul Mayne, I’m with you. I think the current business class config is best for couples and for those who love massive foot/leg space! I’ve always felt the reverse herringbone config is too cramped and claustrophobic. Yes the plus side everyone has direct aisle access but I think the 2-2-2 is fine too as most people will have direct aisle access and the ones who do not at least have the window!

  12. There is nothing lackluster about LATAM’s 787 full flat bed seats. Perfect for folks travelling together and no limiting footwell allows very comfortable sleep? And middle seats offer direct aisle access for solo travelers. This has actually become one of my favourite busienss class seats.

  13. I’ve seen a bunch of LATAM Brazil 777’s at Orlando before. I wonder if they will fly then there anytime soon.

  14. I think I might be flying on one of the LATAM Chili 767’s in a few weeks. I will report back with pictures if I do!

  15. i flew cc-cxc a few days ago, jfk-gye. while the plane came in late in jfk, the red eye flight had me a bit sleepy, obviously, which scaled back my excitement a bit. business class looked as pictured, although the size of the buziness class cabin felt a little confined, due to more seats being in the business class cabin. my latam+ seat was nice, with a decent recline, a foot rest, and dedicated overhead compartment. the new IFE screens were very nice as well, although we pressed the “flight attendant’ button a few times, but no one came :/

    overall a nice refurbished interior, now back to jfk in a few days on the good old 767 older interior 🙂

  16. It would make sense for existing A350s and 787s to get the new interiors when they go in for heavy maintenance, no?

  17. As an update, I fly regularly to GRU and Latam is still coming in with significantly cheaper C fares. Just booked $2100 r/t from Miami in late January. And the config is the new business class. At some point AA needs to wake up and realize that 7k r/t to GRU is not competitive.

  18. I’m possibly flying Latam GRU-LHR in a few months time. Has anyone got news of the upgrade on this route?

  19. Just flew on a new reconfigured 789 from LIma to JFK. I have to say that they have done a terrible job. The seats feel cramped and claustrophobic, several people were trying to switch seats. I switched 3 times until I found one semi-decent. The problem is the distance between rows is minimal and now when you sleep half of your body goes under the seat in front of you in a very narrow space. almost as if going through an MRI. Avoiding LATAM now as much as I can

  20. I’m mystified by Lucky’s enthusiasm for this refit; 350s and 787s keeping the old configuration (so it’s a lucky dip what seat you’ll get); the Argentine-based fleet not changing at all, as part of some incomprehensible union-smashing game; and they’ve taken over 3 years (the same time BA will take to convert its entire* — much bigger — longhaul fleet, but which you complain is far too slow)?

    I hate airlines with this much product inconsistency: it becomes a guessing game, so I try to avoid them unless I’m happy with the standard of the worst seat in the fleet.

    * except the 747s that will shortly retire.

  21. @ The nice Paul — In just over six months they’ve gotten to the point where they have a single 777 in service with their old seats. To me that’s *really* impressive, especially since the airline doesn’t swap out 777s and other planes very much. I can’t think of another airline that has nearly reconfigured an entire subfleet so quickly.

    Sure, there’s going to be inconsistency, but as far as I’m concerned they’ve exceeded expectations in terms of what they promised. They said 777s would be reconfigured within a couple of years, but in reality all but one 777 have been reconfigured in about six months.

  22. I have flown it twice now and it’s solid. Of course, the quirky LATAM business soft product which includes my pet peeve of no pre meal beverage service.

    For those about to fly it, 8A/L window seats in the mini cabin at the rear are the two go to seats to reserve. The “compartment” area is larger for some reason and less cramped than the others.

  23. Looks good, but for the moment I’m not considering LATAM as I’ve no idea what their arrangement with BAEC will be by the time of the prospective trip [Christmas]. Some clarity on whether earning will be retained in the new look “partnership” [or whatever it is to be called] would be useful!

  24. I recently travelled on this new business product from SCL to GRU and it’s lovely. Was annoyed that my flight from NYC didn’t have it as this 787-9 had come from LAX …. very nice indeed.

  25. I recently travelled on this new business product from SCL to GRU and it’s lovely. Was annoyed that my flight from NYC didn’t have it as this 787-9 had come from LAX …. very nice indeed.

  26. I flew the honeymoon seats last week with my wife. I’m flying back to nyc next week. My initial experience is that this seat looks nice but functionally isn’t all that great. The foot well is small. The plugs are not in great places. The barrier between seats can’t come down. Again – All very stylish but not the best practical use of the space.

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