LATAM Introducing New Business Class Seats

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LATAM has announced that they’re investing 400 million USD in their aircraft interiors, which will see them refreshing two thirds of their fleet over the next two years, including longhaul aircraft. LATAM already has fully flat beds in business class throughout their longhaul fleet, but they’ll be modernizing that product.

Specifically, LATAM has chosen the Vantage XL seat as their new business class product (this is the same seat you’ll find on airlines like Qantas and SAS). This features direct aisle access from every seat, as well as 18″ personal monitors. I also quite like the finishes that they chose for these cabins.

The first planes to feature these new seats should be LATAM Peru 767s, the first of which will get the new cabins by the end of the year. This is an awesome development. LATAM’s 767s have very narrow but fully flat seats in a 2-2-2 configuration, so this should represent a nice improvement.

LATAM’s 767-300 business class

I’m curious if they’ll be able to squeeze in four Vantage XL seats per row, or if they’ll be going with a 1-1-1 configuration. We’ve never seen an airline install these seats on a 767, though given how narrow the cabin is, I’m not sure how they’d fit in four seats.

The next planes to get the new business class will be LATAM Brazil’s 777s, and those planes should be reconfigured starting in 2019.

For now LATAM’s existing A350-900s, 787-8s, and 787-9s will maintain the current seats. However, newly delivered 787-9s and A350-1000s will feature the revamped design over the coming years.

LATAM’s 787-9 business class

Bottom line

It’s fantastic to see LATAM investing in their fleet in this way. LATAM’s 787 and A350 business class is already pretty good, though this will represent a nice improvement for their 767s and 777s. In particular I’m curious to see what kind of a configuration they’ll be able to install on their 767s, given the narrow cabin.

What do you make of LATAM’s new business class?

  1. Could they not reconfigure some of their 787s, which are grounded due to the engine issues, now instead of taking them out of service at a later date?

  2. @ Jake
    My guess is that they had this planned in the works months before the grounding issue came up and so haven’t got seats that are designed and built for the 787s. They probably also lack the personnel capacity to increase the rollout speed

  3. @Brian Radigan you can get a very good value on short flights with Avios. Not sure where you get the best value is for long haul flights.

  4. Well…the 787s and 350s already have a “refreshed” business class seat so my Guess is that they are giving priority to aircrafts with older seats. A bit like United and Qantas who are giving last priority to their newest aircrafts in order to establish a higher base line standard for their business class product. Makes sense in a way.

  5. I would imagine the 767 get the non-XL Vantage seat (EI, B6 etc). Just like CX have a smaller version of the 77W seat on the A330

  6. I was looking at some LATAM Peru flights for next year, but was discouraged by the 767s they fly. If they change to that nice Vantage XL seat I’d happily fly them, since it’s far more convenient timing for what I need. Otherwise it’ll be Avianca via Bogota, with a 9 hour layover.

  7. It’s about time they change theim business class product on board their 77Ws! The 2-3-2 lie flats are an awful configuration, cramped and worn out. But still they are able to charge very high fares on FRA-GRU because of limited completion on this premium heavy route…

  8. I absolutely do not recommend Latam.
    I use to be their Top Tier for many years but just gave up on them. They have the worst customer service on their FF Program, they take months to process a refund (if you’re lucky they refund you at all), their points expire after 2 years, their food on Business class is poor compared to most airlines, there’s really nothing enticing about flying with them.

  9. I’m a bit conflicted about your thoughts. If they currently have 2-2-2 on their 767s, how is four across going to be a problem? Yes, they stagger them, but aren’t these Vantage XL seats basically what American, Austrian, Delta, JAL, … etc. already have on their 767s in business class?

    Moreover (okay, this is nit-picking now), six across usually receives a lot of bashing in your reviews (think of LH, UA, etc.), which admittedly is not always ideal, however with LATAM it’s fine (= pretty good)?

  10. Avios is also best bet for LATAM long haul, SCL IPC PPT the best redemption, and MAD FRA one of the very few flat beds in Europe for approx 200 EUR

  11. Is this the first Vantage XL config with ”honeymoon seats” in the middle (in everyother row)? Interesting, but I can’t really see a benefit to it when they seem to have gone with a solid, rather big privacy divider between the honeymoon seats? Surely that can’t be lowered? Seems like a lost opportunity given how easily they could have been the only carrier with a forward facing ”double bed” in biz?

  12. Lucky I believe you are mistaken.

    “LATAM already has fully flat beds in business class throughout their longhaul fleet“

    This is definitely not the case unless they have dramatically changed their cabins within the last couple months. They still use angle-flat seats on their 777s (ex TAM) even on key routes like GRU-LHR.

  13. @ schar

    LATAM is the result of a merger (takeover, really) between LAN Chile and Brazil’s TAM.

    LATAM has group airlines based in different countries, including LATAM Peru.

  14. @19nixxon91
    JAL, AA, Austrian etc. have the older Vantage seat in their 767s. It has a significant smaller foot print than the VantageXL. And is also a lot narrower

  15. Thanks for clarifying @Jesper. I tried to pull up comparison data on Thompson Aero’s sales brochure & websites but couldn’t manage to do so. At first sight it sure seems like the privacy shell is the only added bonus to the XL I didn’t like the cheapskate Vantage seat on AA’s 767

  16. Hi Lucky,

    If I was booking a LATAM flight with British Avios (BOS – GRU), do you know the best way for me to get my seat selection?

    Thank you for any help.

  17. Hi Lucky
    I am a bit worried now after reading the above comments. I just paid for 4 Business class airline tickets with LATAM, departing from JHB to Brazil in March. Did I waste my money? This will be our first business class trip and I dont want to be disappointed. (767)


  18. Hey,
    I’ll be flying on a Latam Brazil 767-300ER in June, 2019. How likely do you think it would be that we get these new seats on our flight?
    Thanks, Sam Holly

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