Korean Air Executive Detained Over “Nut Rage” Incident

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Here’s your weekly update about Heather Cho, the nutty Korean Air executive that had an A380 bound for Seoul Incheon returned to the gate after she was displeased with the way she was served nuts.


To start, here are my previous posts in the saga:

A week ago I wrote about how an arrest warrant had been sought for Heather Cho for violating aviation safety rules, including charges of a change in a flight plan, assault on a plane, coercion and interference in the execution of duty.

Well, via Reuters, it looks like a court has now detained Heather Cho:

A South Korean court on Tuesday ordered that a former Korean Air Lines executive be detained for delaying a flight following an outburst over the way she was served nuts, in a case that prompted both outrage and ridicule.

The court’s decision late on Tuesday comes after local prosecutors last week sought a detention warrant for Cho, 40, who faces charges of violating the aviation safety law.

“The necessity for detention is recognised as the case is grave and there has been an attempt to systematically cover up charges from the beginning,” Lee Kwang-woo, a judge at the Seoul Western District Court who handles media affairs, said in a text message.

The ministry came under fire after revelations that some of its officials leaked information to the company and committed other misconduct during the investigation. The ministry said on Monday it would penalise eight officials involved in the case, one of whom was detained on Friday.

Seems like Ms. Cho’s new year is about to be off to a great start!

  1. To be honest, I feel like this whole situation blew too far out of control. With a few media reports this would never be repeated. But putting her in jail for something that kind of qualified as “doing her job”? Too much.

  2. Doing her job by delaying everybody on an A380 flight, really? And its a heck of a delay, not just one or two hours

  3. Nowhere in the quoted material does it suggest that Ms Cho has been detained, only that the requested warrant (which you reported on last week) has been granted.

  4. In what appears as next saga of nut rage case, Ms. Heather Cho’s younger sister apparently sent a text to her older sister stating that she “would definitely get a revenge” on unspecified person, although it is safe to guess that that person is the flight crew kicked off of the plane.

    When this text message was disclosed publicly by the DA office, it caused further invocation in the media and public at large, who are ever more disgusted at the Cho family’s arrogance and covert attempts at smearing the truth. Sensing further public outcry and humiliation, the younger sister wised up and offered apologies on her twitter account.

    Not a day goes by without another dramatic development in the reign of the Nutty Dynasty.

  5. This is going way too far. I am sure she has learned her lesson to not act so foolishly again. KL must be fined, but personal punishment on Heather Cho has been enough.

  6. @Thanh Pham – “I am sure she has learned her lesson to not act so foolishly again.”

    I seriously doubt if she’s learned anything from this. And if she HAS learned anything, it’s to not get caught next time.

  7. Well she’s made the news here in Japan on ntv. Apparently she’s been arrested now and is in jail.

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