JetBlue TrueBlue Lowers Award Minimum To 3,500 Points

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JetBlue has a revenue based frequent flyer program, which is quite different than the chart based programs I’m most fond of.

Redeeming TrueBlue points is pretty straightforward. Each point gets you ~1.4 cents towards the cost of a ticket. The exact “cent per point” value varies a bit, but it is generally in that range. Interestingly the value is actually better when redeeming for their Mint Class, as each point gets you ~1.7 cents towards the cost of a ticket.

Anyway, for a long time the caveat has been that you had to redeem a minimum of 5,000 points per redemption. At a value of 1.4 cents per point, that means you could redeem a TrueBlue point for a minim of a $70 ticket. Or more accurately, you could redeem points for a cheaper ticket, though it would still cost you 5,000 points.

JetBlue has recently changed that, and TrueBlue award redemptions now start at 3,500 points.


In practice this means that at a rate of 1.4 cents per point you can now redeem TrueBlue points for tickets as cheap as ~$50 without paying a “penalty.”

Take a flight between Newark and Boston, for example, which retails for at little as $49 ($5.60 of which is taxes).


An award ticket on that flight would have previously cost 5,000 points, though now costs just 3,500 points (plus the $5.60 in taxes).


In the above case you’re actually still paying a penalty, as you’re redeeming 3,500 points for $43.40 “worth” of ticket, meaning you’re “only” getting ~1.24 cents per point. That’s still a better deal than redeeming 5,000 points, though.

Bottom line

This isn’t a game changer, but it is great news for the less frequent JetBlue flyer. The reason they previously had the minimum was so that you’d have to collect more points in order to be rewarded, making the program less rewarding for the not-so-frequent JetBlue flyer. Now you can more easily redeem for tickets, especially since JetBlue also has family pooling accounts. Kudos to JetBlue on this change!

  1. So I love JetBlue. I think they are the best airline domestically….but I am not using them like I used to. I have used them for years, and I don’t know if you know this, but JetBlue has been SOOOOOOOOOOOO cheap…. All their flights were really, really cheap, but they offered the best domestic flights in terms of everything. I could arrive like 30 or sometimes like 10 minutes before a flight and get rushed right on. Everyone who works there that I have encountered is extremely professional and courteous, and also cool and down to earth.
    NOW, they are WAY more expensive than they used to be. Now you can redeem points for only 3,500 Jetblue miles…. hahaha So what? It really is only going to help people that may have taken a pitely little flight like Logan to Newark, but I think the cost to redeem JetBlue miles has gone way up, because all their flights are way more expensive now. I used to fly from New York to LAX……for like $100…maybe $128….then it went up to about $150….recently $163…and all this does not include the JetBlue miles I get back….but now, this summer and now, the like base price is $229! That’s some big money! I could fly to Rochester, NY from NYC for $59….NYC to anywhere in Florida for like $100!!!…NYC to Grand Cayman or something for $114…a lot of those Caribbean flights were SOOOOO cheap. And JetBlue never had over books. Always had plenty of good snacks and drinks that got dispersed quickly. It was a real personal experience. Very American too. There was no first class. Everyone would sit together. I regularly had celebrities on my flights. is like they are becoming a sad thing because this great airline that has allowed someone like me with little money to fly all over like a big shot, is looking at this airline charging big prices, getting first class and different classes, getting stingy with the drinks and snacks, and getting caught up in some kind of complicated award charts.
    You have no idea how good we had it.
    One main thing they still will have are their own terminals and point to point flights.
    I wish so badly I had flown more back then.
    I was younger and I had money. I am not even old now, but have no money. hahah
    When I first went on JetBlue to Los Angeles from NYC…I paid $23. hahaha
    For like $30 you could go to Aruba for the day and come back during that promotion. hahaha Roundtrip! hahahaha
    I used to love their pop up deals which were last minute. I wish they still did those, but they haven’t done those for years, but they don’t even have their regular book a month or month and a half in advance deals…….
    It’s way more expensive. I think there has been some little inflation in point redemption too, on top of their overall prices increases. This 3,500 miles for award redemption is probably just their PR reply to all the noise from all their old customers who I am certain have noticed this too and have sent them messages about their increasing prices. I know it’s smoke and mirrors.
    It’s just a headline like all the news and spin, and talk from people who don’t know what they are talking about like you Lucky in this post. A PR empty thing like this is just another thing making JetBlue like other regular domestic big corporate HORRIBLE cattle herd airline conglomerates and not the personal airline it was.

    (Now excuse me while I cry a little. Really.) : ( (By the way, I noticed this announcement too when they made it. It is not significant, because I understand the push and pull and I know what is going on. For a customer like me, it impacts me zero percent.)

  2. I love JetBlue but recently the system was reported messed up. And when I logged back it in, the system had wipes away at least 7 of my flights and credited points. They are claiming the system dies not have the flights, so I have to produce a year worth if flights to get my points back. Not to happy with them at this point and may switch to another airline to use.

  3. Been trying to get my head around their points system without luck.
    I’m looking at a one way from NYC to Oakland for 9,200 points. If i paid $ it would be $139.
    Wondering if it is worth spending the points?
    With american I know that if i can find 12,5k miles for a coast to coast one way, that’s the best there is.
    With Jet Blue, i’m not sure. :/
    Any advice?

  4. is there an international point chart? I want to go from SAN to AMS, or, Lax to AMS. I have 40K miles but I can figure how many miles it will cost? I tried entering in the airport codes, dates and clicked True Blue Points but I keep getting a no flights were found message. Kind of a weak frequent flyer website. Help anyone, thx!

  5. True Blue points are a major rip off you must wait 2 weeks to apply, then a month to receive credit. I did just that, after 2 months my request showed still pending. I tried to get points credited to my account and they asked for flight# I gave it to them, on the original request Then they asked for date, that was also given on original request, then they ask for my true blue # also previously submitted. then reservation # . They could not retrieve any of this from my request that was submitted with all the information and accepted. What a scam, waste of time. of course each request was a separate email with time between and ok let me look that up BS.

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