Hyatt’s “Great 10K” promotion is official

As leaked earlier today by the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort on Facebook, Hyatt’s 4th quarter promotion will in fact be 10,000 bonus Gold Passport points for every five qualifying nights. Per Gold Passport Concierge on FlyerTalk, the promotion will run from September 15 till December 15.

Now, I think it’s fair to say that just about everyone was expecting “Faster Free Nights,” whereby you earn one free night at any Hyatt property in the world for every two stays you make. It’s a Hyatt tradition, and they’ve had it every fourth quarter for years.

In the second quarter they had the “Big Welcome Back” promotion, which was the same thing as “Faster Free Nigths,” offering one free night for every two stays. If anything, the fact that they offered it early in the year (especially since it wasn’t a response to competitors) indicated to me that they would definitely have it towards the end of the year. I went from not being a Hyatt customer to making nearly 50 stays in a matter of months. Now admittedly I made a lot of very cheap stays and redeemed at high end properties, which probably isn’t their target customer.

So I was definitely shocked when I found out that they (apparently) won’t be running “Faster Free Nights” this fourth quarter.

There is a little tidbit that makes this promotion not quite as bad as I had originally thought. Typically you don’t earn any sort of Hyatt bonus points when you choose to earn airline miles for your stay. Since American is offering 3,000 miles per stay right now, it’s a no brainer to go with them for one night stays. So I fully expected that those of us wanting miles wouldn’t get any benefits from the promotion. But Gold Passport Concierge has confirmed that you can earn the bonus points even if you choose to earn miles for your stay.

So what’s the bottom line? This is an okay promotion. Am I going to make any stays I otherwise wouldn’t make? Nope. Am I going to be spending more time at InterContinental hotels again? Yep.

So it’s not “mattress runnable,” but it’s decent. Still, I think Hyatt didn’t do a good job managing expectations on this one. It’s their extreme generosity in the past which causes disappointment with this promotion.

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  1. I guess Hyatt had to adjust our expectations at some point. Obviously, sooner was better than later for them. I will dearly miss those $800 per night international Park Hyatt’s. 🙁

    Time to book some InterContinental mattress runs!

  2. I would actually prefer they make a tradition of offering FFN/BWBs in Q2 rather than Q4 like they did this year. I think it works better for both the chain and the customer. More people have vacation time in the summer so its a better opportunity to redeem, and Hyatt can still pull in revenue during the holiday season, so as to not lose too much money from FFNs. I always prefer mid-year promotions rather than end of year ones, because I will requalify for status early and can then sit back, relax, and enjoy it—not having to worry about MRing of either type late in the year.

  3. Lucky, just wondering if you could do a post perhaps a primer on IHG promotions… I’d love to know about another chain to start getting in on their promotions. They seem to have a lot of codes, but I’m not sure which ones are useful! =) Thanks

  4. lucky,

    sometimes you are so right, and sometimes (“just about everybody expected …”) and you are often so wrong.

    Hyatt offers FFN promos when it makes sense for them to do so. It made sense earlier in the year, but it doesn’t make sense (for them) now. Over the last 18 months or so, the promos have been very lucrative as Hyatt has attempted to grow their loyalty business during a slow time, but after/around their IPO. You can’t really ever think that will go on forever.


  5. Dissapoinring esp since Hyatt isn’t extending residual ‘Faster Free Nights’ for diamonds past the Aug. 31 deadline (not that 5,000 points per extra stay isn’t too bad either)

    I was told by a Hyatt rep over the phone the other night that the residual ‘Faster Free Nights’ weren’t being offered for extension becausr they were going to re-run the ‘Faster Free Nights’ this fall . . .

  6. Someone on the Hyatt thread on FlyerTalk claims to be in the know that another promotion will be offered next week, that this is not all… so we will see…

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