Hyatt Platinum trial status and fast track

Through the end of the year (yeah, that’s over ten months) Hyatt is offering “trial” Platinum status for 180 days just for joining the Gold Passport program. If you stay five eligible nights during that period you’ll receive Platinum status through February 2011, and if you stay 15 nights you’ll earn Diamond status. Current members can enroll by calling (800) 228-3360.

(Tip of the hat to Loyalty Traveler)

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  1. If I sign up do i have to book my rooms through the Hyatt website to requalify for platinum? Or, can i just book 5 Hyatt stays (prior to 2012) though travelzoo or expedia and those nights qualify for the requalification of platinum?

  2. Travelzoo could work since its actually booked through Hyatt website (using a variation of the offer) – Expedia / Travelocity will not work.

  3. Do rooms booked at a room-block conference rate qualify as eligible nights under this promotion?

  4. Call the 800-228-3360 number and request that the rep to sign you up for the Platinum fast track promo which is code TRIALPL09. I called and they were able to sign me up for this promo, as the link to sign up for it online is no longer working. I was told it may take up to 48 hours for the promo to appear on my account.

  5. Here is an update, I signed on to my GP account a few hours after signing up for the promo over the phone, and the promo showed up as my status was changed to Platinum status valid for 6 months. From the Flyertalk thread, it appears that Hyatt has discontinued this promo, but I would still recommend calling 800-228-6360 and request a signup for TRIALPL09, but YMMV depending upon the GP rep.

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