Hyatt Introduces “Office For The Day” Rates (Great For Earning Status)

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Over the summer, Hyatt introduced the “Work from Hyatt” concept, offering special rates and private workspaces for those who want to stay at a Hyatt for at least seven nights. Now Hyatt has introduced another rate concept, which many may like, especially given that this opens up the ability to affordably earn status.

Hyatt’s new “Office for the Day” rates

Through May 31, 2021, more than 400 Hyatt hotels in the Americas will offer day rates, intended to allow people to use Hyatt hotel rooms as their office. To see if a hotel is eligible and to book, simply enter special offer code “OFFICE” at the time of booking.

These new rates come with the following benefits:

  • A guest room from 7AM until 7PM, with a workspace (you also receive a high-floor room with a view, subject to availability)
  • Complimentary high speed wifi
  • A 50% discount on self or valet parking
  • A 15% discount on food & beverage (on up to $300 of spending)
  • Complimentary in-room bottled water, coffee, and tea
  • Access to hotel amenities, including the gym and pool
  • Access to business facilities, including printers, scanners, and fax machines
  • Standard World of Hyatt in-hotel benefits, including the ability to earn points and elite nights
  • Flexible cancelations at no charge up to 24 hours before scheduled arrival

How expensive are Hyatt “Office for the Day” rates?

Hyatt advertises that rates start at $65, though in my experience they’re all over the place, both lower and higher.

First of all, when you go to make a booking, you’ll still have to pretend that you’re doing an overnight search (Hyatt’s IT doesn’t seem to allow bookings that check-in and check-out on the same day). So pretend you’re making an overnight booking, though be aware that your stay is only valid for the check-in day.

At some hotels I see rates starting at $59 per day…

At other hotels I see rates starting at $133 per day…

This is great if you’re going for status

In addition to this potentially being useful for people looking for a place to work, this is potentially great for those looking to “mattress run” as well:

  • You’ll earn World of Hyatt points at the standard rates with this, including bonus points through Bonus Journeys
  • With Bonus Journeys you can also earn double elite nights between January 1 and February 28, 2021
  • In 2021, World of Hyatt is only requiring 30 nights to earn Globalist status
  • In other words, working from a Hyatt for 15 days in the first two months of 2021 could earn you Globalist status

It could get even easier than that, when you consider all the strategies there are to earn Globalist status easily, especially when you incorporate the World of Hyatt Credit Card (review).

Bottom line

Hyatt has introduced a new rate plan that allows you to book an office for the day. Some might find to be useful in general, as a way to get out of the house and have some peace and quiet.

Beyond that, this could be incredibly valuable for those looking to earn points or status. Booking a room for the day will earn you the same elite credits as an overnight stay, and in early 2021 you’re looking at potentially earning double elite nights, all while elite requirements are half of what they’d usually be.

Anyone plan to use Hyatt “Office for the Day” rates, either as a way to get work done, or as a way to earn Globalist status?

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  1. Some hotels have offered day rates for many years, especially at big airports. Not sure what’s all that new other than the marketing (and maybe the price)

  2. Closest hyatt to me is charging $89 a “day,” making Globalist cost $1335, if I booked a straight two weeks stay instead, the cost drops to $86 a day, saving me $45. You probably have to really poke around to make this work.

  3. @ neil — For sure this has been common at airport hotels, but I think what’s new here (in addition to the marketing) is the number of hotels participating, including those not near airports.

  4. @ AA Flyer — I’d absolutely credit them if that was my source, but I was informed of this directly by Hyatt’s corporate communications (I suspect that’s how they got the information as well).

  5. For some reason the “Office” rate is not showing in the Special Rates drop down menu on my desktop!

    Is there a code as well?

  6. @Ben The Hyatt release went out yesterday (so presumably you got it yesterday just like everyone else). What exactly was it that tipped you off as to just how lucrative this ‘office for the day” promo could be? Any chance it was another BA blog?

  7. Looking for opinions…

    If i have 40 nights now and local hotels are $65/night category 1 hotels. With the 25% points rebate i could book 10 nights for 37,500. I could then book another 10 night mattress run for $700. Before the end of the year.

    This would get me Globalist for next year and I believe 20 nights for next year towards 2022. And a category 7 certificate and 4 suite upgrade certs. Plus the 5 from Hyatt card im just about there already to start the year.

    Is that worth it or insane!? Lol

  8. @ AA Flyer — I don’t always get around to publishing everything the same day, and there’s actually a strategy there, believe it or not. A couple of days ago I wrote about how easy it is to earn Globalist status, and shortly thereafter I received the press release. In general I try to spread out stories about a given airline or program a bit, which is why I decided to wait a bit before writing about this (I had other Hyatt posts in the queue).

    But I’m not sure what you’re even trying to get at when you suggest I needed to be “tipped off” about how this was lucrative? The press release clearly stated you earn stay credits, and I’ve been actively engaged in Hyatt’s loyalty program, and all of its promotions, for nearly 15 years (going back to Faster Free Nights). Do you think I’m not capable of processing how promotions work myself? If so, I wouldn’t recommend reading this blog, because I’d argue understanding loyalty programs is one of the few things that I *am* good at.

  9. Hey @AA Flyer…give Ben a break. Do YOU have a competitive blog? If not, pipe down. Some of us actually enjoy reading this without the snarky comments.

  10. Sadly the Hyatts in melbourne aren’t participating. I’d definitely do this on Tuesday if I could, have some people coming to do some work on the house and it’s still not really possible to work in a cafe.

  11. @Lucky – thanks for the information! If I find a property that offers digital check-in and digital key, would I need to actually show up to the property for the stay to count? (Would Hyatt’s IT even be able to monitor this?) Just trying to think creatively about doing this in a cheaper city than where I live. Curious about your thoughts on this approach.

  12. Why are you all excited about this? It is a day rate and given that Hyatt Corporate just alerted ALL Hyatts to be on the look out and flag phantom stays, these bookings would require you to check in DAILY, which seems like a major PITA. Am I missing something?

  13. @ eric — You earn an elite credit for a night, but you can’t actually stay in the room for the night.

  14. @ Deltahater — This isn’t for everyone, but some people may actually enjoy working from a hotel some days while earning stay credits at an affordable cost.

  15. @ Josh — I don’t have any firsthand experience with whether or not stay credits and points would post with a digital check-in and check-out with Hyatt, unfortunately. I would note that this is prohibited in the T&Cs, so if you get caught it could be problematic. If others have an experience with this they’re welcome to share…

  16. Would it be possible to book the office for the day, and then an overnight rate for the same day? If so, one could theoretically earn 2 qualifying nights per day (or 4 with the promo), which would make a mattress run more time efficient.

  17. My local hotel treated this as a regular reservation. I even got a 4PM late check out for the next day lolz.

  18. Hotel rates have already dropped significantly due to COVID, and I was using some local Hyatts in Albuquerque for meetings. This update makes it all the more attractive!

  19. @Dave:

    I met with the director of Revenue for my local Hyatt and she told me that she just got off the phone with corporate regarding phantom stays. This was on Wednesday 12/02/20. I was in the middle of negotiating phantom check-ins for my group. We had a rate of $40, but then she told me each guest has to be present at check-in.

    Yes, there are certainly those who want to get out of the house. But the OFFICE rate does not work as a mattress run for most of us

  20. @Ben-

    I just wanted to confirm that the “Office for the Day” rate will count toward the reduced 30 night qualification for Globalist ?

    Appreciate the information.

  21. Just a quick data point,

    I didn’t receive credit for 1 night. On the receipt it says “0 Nights” so I called WoH Globalist line and the representative made the correction for me. I was also charged for parking (50% off) as a Globalist member although my previous stay here at the same hotel with a non “office for the day” reservation, it was waived.

  22. My experience:

    I booked a big ol’ DoubleTree for about $60. The confirmation email stated “Office for the Day” with the highly-specific 7 am-5 pm availability including ONE coffee. In the app this was converted to an overnight stay with 3 pm check in and a more expensive rate. When I called Hyatt, I was told they are having difficulty processing these reservations and to just arrive in the morning. I was also given 500 points on the call. However, given the incorrect information I could not use the app to choose a room or check in.

    I was apparently the first guest at the hotel to book the Office for the Day rate. A staff member deleted the old overnight reservation and created one with the correct rate. They could have given me an entire wing of the hotel, or even a floor – it was almost completely empty. The restaurants were shut down. The gym was closed. There were breakfast bags available for $7. The staff member made a fresh pot for the included coffee. I was told checkout time was not an issue – I could stay past 5 pm if necessary.

    The room was fine for work with fast internet. I received the 10k additional points the next day. My sense is Hyatt and many properties are still getting up to speed with this program.

  23. Do office for the day rates also give credit towards the Brand Explorer stay with 5 brands to earn a free night promo?

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