New Hyatt & Lindblad Expeditions Partnership

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While Hyatt doesn’t have the global footprint of Hilton, IHG, or Marriott, World of Hyatt has done a great job forging partnerships with other travel brands that add value for World of Hyatt members.

This is true of their Small Luxury Hotels of the World partnership, American Airlines partnership, and several others. Today Hyatt has announced their latest partnership.

Hyatt & Lindblad Expeditions partnerships

Hyatt and Lindblad Expeditions have just formed a new loyalty collaboration. For those of you not familiar with Lindblad Expeditions, they offer some pretty cool expedition cruises and adventure travel experiences. They offer over 300 expedition trips per year, and the ships hold between 28 and 149 guests.

Lindblad Expeditions focuses on nature destinations, including Arctic Svalbard, Antarctica, Alaska, Galapagos, Baja California, Costa Rica & Panama, the Amazon, Mediterranean, New Zealand, Africa, British Isles, and more.

So, how does this new partnership work in practice?

Earn & redeem Hyatt points for Lindblad Expeditions

World of Hyatt members can earn and redeem points with Lindblad Expeditions as follows:

  • Members will earn five base points per dollar spent on eligible spend, not including incidentals
  • Members will receive their standard elite tier bonus points on eligible spend
  • Members will be able to redeem points to use for complimentary expeditions

Perhaps an interesting aspect of this is that you can earn World of Hyatt Globalist status if you earn 100,000 base points in a year. Lindblad Expeditions experiences are expensive, so if you book a $20,000 expedition you get Globalist status (since you earn 5x points per dollar spent), which is pretty cool.

We don’t yet know what the redemption rates are, though I’d imagine each point is worth a certain amount towards an experience, and I doubt it will be a great rate.

World of Hyatt benefits with Lindblad Expeditions

World of Hyatt members will receive the following benefits with Lindblad Expeditions:

  • Members of all tiers will be rewarded with a $250 on-board credit to use during their expedition on spa services, alcoholic beverages, specific excursions or classes, souvenirs or supplies, and more
    Members will receive elite tier qualifying night credits for eligible nights on a Lindblad
  • expedition
  • Members will be able to purchase specially curated Lindblad Expedition experiences through FIND

What’s the catch?

The catch is that in order to receive points and benefits you need to book your Lindblad Expedition experience through Hyatt.

What’s happening here is that ordinarily if you booked this experience through a travel agency they’d be getting a commission. Clearly Hyatt is getting a commission on Lindblad Expedition experiences, and in return they’re offering points and other benefits on that.

I imagine in some cases you’ll be able to get a considerably better deal booking an expedition either directly with Lindblad or through a third party, so there might be an opportunity cost to taking advantage of these benefits.

Bottom line

While this is niche and really high end, I’m sure this will be useful to some. In some cases there will probably be better deals available if not booking through Hyatt, though some might still find this to be worthwhile.

For example, if you book a $20,000 expedition you’ll get Hyatt Globalist status, which is pretty cool

Has anyone booked something through Lindblad, or have plans to take advantage of this?

  1. Lindblad are basically the same as National Geographic expeditions. They often offer discounts or deals for free airfare when buying an expedition. I wonder if these will be available through Hyatt?

  2. Cool partnership! May also have been influenced a bit by the new Ritz Cruiseline. Any word on if Virgin Cruises has any formal deals with any of the Virgin Airlines?

  3. It would be interesting to see a cost analysis of this in a few weeks/months that compares booking with Hyatt vs other avenues. If you’re already going to spend $20k at Lindblad, the 100,000 points + Globalist status actually offers a pretty nice kickback for another future trip! (4 nights in a suite at Park Hyatt Seoul or Mallorca?)

  4. For the people looking at Antarctica, if u are just trying to check it off your box, Lindblad will cost u about $16K for a SOLO cabin 10-11 day cruise. I did it with a Chinese charter firm called Albatross Expeditions for less than half that in Jan 2019. I am sure the experiences are quite different on the ship, but if getting to the 7th continent is your main goal, there are much much cheaper options that provide reasonable accommodations.

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