Hyatt Gold Passport Will Be Unavailable December 15-18, 2015

Hyatt Gold Passport is in the process of emailing members to let them know that Gold Passport services will be unavailable for three days, between December 15 and December 18, 2015.


This is because Gold Passport is undergoing system maintenance, meaning it won’t be possible to access your account information or perform any functions involving your points (including redeeming, purchasing, combining, etc.). However, you’ll still earn Gold Passport points as usual for stays during this period, except they’ll be delayed in posting.

Here’s the email Hyatt is sending out to Gold Passport members:

We know how important it is to have up-to-date Hyatt Gold Passport account information. So, we wanted to let you know that from December 15 to December 18, 2015 we will be undergoing system maintenance and your account information will not be accessible during this time. How does this affect you?

What you’re able to do:

  • Earn points and stay/night credit toward tier status for all eligible stays
  • Earn points for eligible dining and spa services
  • Book paid reservations

What you’re unable to do:

  • Cannot access your account information, including point balance and promotional awards, either online or by calling a Global Contact Center
  • Cannot redeem new promotional awards or points for free nights, room upgrades, or miles
  • Cannot purchase or combine points

Any account activity accrued after December 12, 2015 will not be reflected on your account until the week of December 28, 2015. You can be assured that any points earned during this time will be credited to your account. We appreciate your patience during this time.

We don’t want you to miss out, so if you’re planning an upcoming trip using your points or awards, start exploring and book today.

This is certainly something to be aware of, especially for those of us who love planning travel last minute. There will be a three day period where it won’t be possible to redeem points, Diamond Suite Upgrades, etc. So be sure you’re planning your travel accordingly in the next week or so.

Here’s to hoping this “system maintenance” results in some improvements to the Gold Passport user experience as well. Then again, I guess we should just be happy that Hyatt recently added the ability to book Points + Cash awards through their website.

Will Gold Passport being “down” impact your travel planning, or are you able to plan around the outage?


  1. Seems like a long time to be down for upgrades. Makes me suspicious there’s something more afoot than a website update (even a soup to nuts replacement of the website shouldn’t take four days to execute).

  2. @mallthus – it isn’t a website upgrade, it’s a data migration to a new CRM. And the other big thing here is the length of the time before they start posting points again… re-read that email, if you want to book awards before the end of the year with points not yet in your account, better transfer those points in right away..

  3. 3 days makes sense, since Diamond is the NEW Platinum, perhaps they are inventing a REAL level for Elites. …. Hyatt et tu!

  4. My problem is all stays after Dec 12th won’t post until week of Dec 28th. With 4 nights to re-qualify for diamond. I wont know till end of year that all stays post correctly. Better make sure I save every piece of paper 🙂

  5. DId anyone notice on Award Wallet that Hyatt has another level above Diamond? calling it Diamond Premier?
    Since Diamond is the new Platinum, I think there is going to be a new higher level.

  6. I agree with Gary. The diamond mine confirm for me that they are migrating to a new CRM tool. This also explains why diamond suite upgrades must be used by the end of the expiration in February 2016 rather than just booked. Hyatt hasn’t necessarily changed its policy on using DSU, but this is a limitation of the new system

  7. I agree with Gary. The Hyatt diamond line confirm for me that they are migrating to a new CRM tool. This also explains why diamond suite upgrades must be used by the end of the expiration in February 2016 rather than just booked. Hyatt hasn’t necessarily changed its policy on using DSU, but this is a limitation of the new system

  8. new platform or not, as an IT professional I’d have a hard time keeping my job if I told upper mgmt that I need a system to be offline for 3 days. I just moved all major prod systems to a new data center across the country and had only a few hours of downtime. But then I was allowed to purchase new hardware and overall planning and migration processes took months of employee time, maybe Hyatt IT was stuck with tiny budgets for the project. Not impressive in today’s cheap hardware and offshore development teams world…

  9. This is simply insane. In years of being with much larger programs, I have never seen or heard of a system migration that required 3 days. Typically, one would keep the old system on while setting up the new system and then when ready, switch to the new system, while keeping the old one around just in case…

    Despite the attempt by the loyalists to downplay this announcement, one cannot help but feel that there is more than meets the eye, especially since now, just before the end of the year and the associated flurry of travel/loyalty activites, may be the worst possible time to deprive members of services that will be unavailable for 3 days. Then again, something this boneheaded emanating from HGP should not be a huge surprise…

  10. Any thoughts on how this will impact 2 free nights from the card? I just got the card and will meet minimum spend soon – if they don’t post by 12/12 will it take till 12/28? I hope not!

  11. Hyatt hasn’t cleared up the match almost anything to Diamond fiasco and they are creating another fiasco. So far leveraged UA Premier to MA Gold to HGP Diamond to HH Diamond. Hope SPG follows up with a match. Diamond status will probably become as useless as AA SWU’s, too many Diamonds/SWU’s chasing too few premium rooms/seats.

  12. @Ken — I share your view on this. The 3-day hiatus may be due to the need for some breathing room to clean up the mess created by the latest status match fiasco by HGP — the most unstable hotel loyalty program that travel bloggers inexplicably keep touting as the “best in the business.”

    As I speculated elsewhere, the HGP program managers may have just realized the insanity of giving away to new Diamond members 4 DSUs that would be good to Feb 2016 and then immediately giving to the same new members, who have yet to prove their loyalty, 4 more DSUs that would be good to Feb 2017. If the current policy of allowing DSUs to be applied to stays beyond their expiration date remains in place, then these new members would essentially have 8 DSUs to use for 2016-2017, which would flood the system with upgrade requests [already may have, contributing to the hiatus], thereby negatively affecting the availability of upgrades for HGP Diamonds who earned their status the hard way…

    The recently rumored change about the possibility that HGP is planning to limit the period of validity of DSUs to their expiration date is, therefore, almost certainly true because it may be another preventive measure to limit or undo the potential damage of giving away too many DSUs in relation to the number of available suites (with just 500-ish properties in the entire Hyatt portfolio, many of which have no suites or do not do suite upgrades, there are not that many suites!)

    If the past is any indication, I predict that DSUs — already the most restricted and restrictive elite suite upgrades in the business — will be changed to be valid only up to their expiration date.

    This has definitely not been a good year to be a SPG or HGP loyalist… 😉

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