Hyatt Faster Free Nights are back October 1!

The best promotion in the hotel industry will be back on October 1, with registration opening on September 25. This year they’re giving options. You can either receive 3,000 bonus points for every eligible stay (starting with your second), or one free night after every two eligible stays.

You can earn these rewards between October 1 and January 31, and this time around you can redeem the awards all the way through March 31 of next year.

I was hoping they would make the promotion even more rewarding this year given the recession, but I guess they don’t need to with such a killer promotion.

Keep in mind that Hyatt status matches to their top tier, Diamond. All you need to do is show proof of 12 stays with another brand. Furthermore, their program is now extremely tempting, with all elites getting free internet, and Diamond members getting free lounge access and four confirmed suite upgrades a year.

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  1. As far as I can tell it is, although the United deal is only good through the end of October. Nonetheless that seems like a VERY good reason to mattress run at a sub-$100 property.

  2. @Lucky – I just completed a status match on Saturday. The requirement is 10 stays rather than 12 – so it’s even easier 🙂 All they need is a copy of your activity report showing the 10 stays you’ve completed (they need the specific dates/properties, just having the part that says 10 stays completed isn’t good enough.) I called the GP people and the agent gave me her direct fax number. She even walked it down to a supervisor to expedite it. It took about 4 hours from when I had all the docs faxed in. They expedited b/c I told them I had about 10 stays with Hilton that I was willing to cancel if they could process the match in time. (I really was going to do the 10 stays at hilton before the promo was announced)

  3. @ HunterSFO — Great info, thanks! Gotta love how Hyatt status matches for 10 stays, while other chains refuse to match a Royal Ambassador with 50 nights. Enjoy Hyatt!

    @ BTA — It’s once in a lifetime.

  4. I waited until the last moment if not minute to register for the Hyatt Plat/Diamond promo (of which I was given Diamond status). I already have a HR n Va booked at $67/night. It would be nice if they had added the “dbl stay promo.” But if I’m correct, u only need 15 nites (not stays) to maintain the Diamond stat for 2010.

  5. You need 25 stays or 50 nights for Hyatt diamond status. Any double stay promos will reduce the number of stays needed.

  6. Lucky, big fan! Love how when you travel you do it real big! My question is with this promotion where can you use the free night? Can I stay at bunch of sub $100 Hyatt places and then roll into the the big boy Hyatt in London on a free stay? Good looking out!

  7. @ ybjfk — Thanks for the kind words. Correct, that would be the intent of doing this. Stay at sub-$100 Hyatt Place hotels and then redeem your free nights for $500+/night Park/Grand Hyatt hotels.


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