Use Hyatt “My Elite Rate” For 20% Off

Back in November Hyatt announced an award chart devaluation, which was quickly followed up by some positive changes the following week, including the introduction of Points + Cash awards as well as the introduction of My Elite Rates, both of which kick in today, January 7, 2014.

The new My Elite Rate is valid for Platinum and Diamond members, and offers 20% off the daily rate on standard rooms, subject to capacity controls. Not all hotels offer the “My Elite Rate” at all times, but when available, it should automatically appear if you’re logged into your Gold Passport account. These stays will still be eligible for points accrual and elite credit.

So now that it’s January 7, what does availability look like under the My Elite Rate? Surprisingly enough, actually really good. It’s by no means available at all properties all the time, but it’s much more widespread than I was expecting. Typically AAA/senior rates get you 10% off the Hyatt Daily Rate, so doubling that discount while maintaining the flexible booking terms is awesome.

For example, pulling up availability in New York for random dates in February, I see that most properties are offering the My Elite Rate, including the Andaz 5th Avenue:


Looking at the Andaz London, I see equally good availability under the My Elite Rate:


Going another 3,500 miles east, the Park Hyatt Dubai also has good availability under the My Elite Rate:


Bottom line

Availability isn’t perfect with My Elite Rate, though it’s much better than I was expecting. Well over half of the hotels I checked were offering it. Not only is it available at lots of properties, but for the properties it’s available I see lots of dates with availability. Also, I was kind of expecting that the My Elite Rate would be non-refundable, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

This is an awesome new benefit for elite members. Lets just hope availability under the rate stays as good as it is now.

I’ll have more on Hyatt’s new Points + Cash rate shortly…

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  1. Did there seem to be a pattern for which hotels didn’t offer the rate or when the rate was unavailable?

  2. @ Vik — Nope, didn’t notice a pattern. I suspect the individual hotels’ revenue management department decides whether or not to open up space, so I doubt there will be a noticeable pattern.

  3. I assume not, but is the “my elite rate” bookable using Virtuoso (if the hotel is part of Virtuoso) if I were to tell my travel agent about it? Or is it only bookable if I book directly through their website/phone?

  4. Ben, for what dates did you see that rate in London? I have an upcoming night in London and didn’t see any rates nearly as low.

  5. Seems like Grand Hyatt Singapore does not participate in My Elite rate. I searched for variety of dates throughout 2014 all came back empty. Hyatt should list out properties not participating instead of wasting Diamond members time.

  6. What is so good about the elite rate? Looking at Busan on the 11th of Feb. the Elite rate is actually about 20 bucks more then the “First at the park” rate? whats the difference?

  7. @ Ed – The discount is off the “Hyatt Daily Rate,” but there will likely be other rates that are better at times.

  8. Just a heads up, this rate doesn’t seem to be showing up for me if I indicate that I want to see another special rate–e.g. Government or AAA– so make sure not to check those boxes if you want to see the elite rate!

  9. Just catching up with this as I consider the Hyatt in Aruba. Do you get upgrades etc when booking this rate as an elite or no? They offer it for basic queen beds room, the lowest room category it seems at that property. Possible to expect a nicer room upgrade or am I dreaming/being greedy?

  10. @ Jeremy P — Upgrade policies are the same on the “My Elite Rate” as any other rate. So as a Diamond member, for example, I would still expect the best available non-suite as an upgrade.

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