Hyatt Offering Diamond Status Matches Via Twitter

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Hyatt Gold Passport is one of my primary hotel programs, as I love the benefits of Diamond status, including the four confirmed Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards.


Back in the day Hyatt had one of the most generous status challenges imaginable. Basically if you could prove any status with another hotel chain you’d immediately receive Diamond status, along with four confirmed Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards. If you stayed 12 nights within 60 days you’d get to keep Diamond status for the rest of the program year.

Not surprisingly, the opportunity was ripe for abuse, whereby people just used it for the confirmed suite upgrades. So in November 2014, Hyatt discontinued the Diamond Challenge.

In June 2015 Hyatt introduced an updated version, called the Elite Tier Offer. Through that promotion you’d receive Diamond status after completing 12 nights during a 60 day period, though you wouldn’t get any status upfront. They closed registration for that promotion in late July, and there hasn’t been a publicity available status match or fast track opportunity since.

As we all know by now, Marriott is taking over SPG, which is leaving a lot of SPG members unhappy and concerned. Hyatt is capitalizing on that:

As noted by View from the Wing, people are reporting getting matched to Gold Passport Diamond status through February 2017 by proving status with a competing chain, along with at least one eligible stay.

This offer probably won’t last, so you’ll want to DM @HyattConcierge ASAP if you’re interested. You’ll be asked to email over credentials with another hotel chain.

Bottom line

While this promotion isn’t really “published,” this has the potential to be one of the most valuable Diamond status match opportunities we’ve seen in a long time. If you’re in the market for a new hotel loyalty program, I’d recommend DMing @HyattConcierge on Twitter. I’m a huge fan of Hyatt Gold Passport, so think this is a great opportunity.

If you do get in touch with them, please report back with your experiences!

  1. I haven’t be able to qualify again for Hyatt Diamond this year, so I just send them a DM to see if they can extend my status through next year. I’m Hyatt Diamond (currently), IHG Plat Ambassador (cc+stays), SPG Gold (cc), Hilton Gold (cc), Ritz Carlton Silver (stays), so I’ll see what they say and report back.

  2. There is no such thing a “confirmed” elite suite upgrade in the hotel loyalty business. Hyatt Diamond suite upgrades are “confirmable”, meaning that depending on availability like any other elite suite upgrade, they can potentially be confirmed. To keep referring to HGP DSUs as “confirmed” is yet another attempt to make things seem better than they are, which is disingenuous.

  3. @ DCS — If there is a suite available for sale, you can confirm it. That’s different than Starwood Suite Night Awards, which are capacity controlled and can be redeemed at most five days out. Wow, you’re really grasping at straws here…

  4. @Lucky: “If there is a suite available for sale, you can confirm it.”

    Big “if”…

    What you just said there is the best definition for “confirmable” I have heard. It is not the definition of “confirmed” because of the “if” part… 😉

  5. @DCS

    Please just stop posting. You talk about facts and yet you’re always changing context and misleading people.

    Let’s talk facts. These DSUs are confirmed in the *strongest* sense of the word. If it is available at time of booking, it is yours no matter how far out you booked it and what date you booked it for (new years). These are confirmed at time of booking, its the strongest suite benefit of any program. You wouldn’t understand that because you’re a HHonors koolaid subscriber. Yes you’re 12/12 or 14/14 suite upgrade every year that you cleared, save us the rubbish, no one cares about your statistically insignificant anecdotal evidence. You are not the only member with top tier status across programs. We have all been there.

    Whom exactly are you preaching to? FT/MP/IF and the BA blogs are all full of top tiers including HHonors top tiers who know exactly that Hilton late checkout = 2 pm if that. All of us have received 6 pm that one time, all of us receive very late check outs consistently at properties we are regulars at, that has nothing to do with the program(s). No HHonors Diamond is going to be granted 6 pm or even 4 pm at a property they are staying at first time. Suite upgrades at HHonors are not a norm. 1000s of personal first hand accounts on FT that are statistically significant vs Your anecdotal account. Hmmm.

    HHonors doesn’t and cannot compete with SPG or Hyatt or on property benefits like late checkout and suite upgrades.

    Keep touting the falsehoods. That Gary and Ben let you continue to use their websites to broadcast your views speaks volumes of their personality. That you continue to diss them with factually wrong statements and consistently return despite being at odds with their views speaks volumes about yours.

  6. @DCS

    I know you failed grade school Math because you have trouble with value conversions across points currencies but the fact that you also don’t have a good grasp on language really complicates things.

    My guess is you are neither bad at Math nor English, you just have an agenda.

    What is the big “if” in the availability of a suite? The confirmed part refers to the fact I can confirm it for upto 7 days even 12 months in advance on a new years night if I want. What is the “if” here? That the room needs to be available for booking? Well if it wasn’t then I couldn’t “confirm” it even with cash now could I?

    So are every single person’s confirmed standard vanilla ‘paid-with-money’ bookings of hotel rooms not confirmed then? By your definition they could have only paid for the room “IF” it was available hence they’re not really confirmed reservations.

  7. @Andy — I am here to stay so the sooner you get used to that the sooner you might regain sanity, which, judging from from the gibberish you just wrote above, seems to be taking leave of.

    After I reading posts and comments here and elsewhere in the travel blogosphere 1-2 years ago and finding so many myths, inaccuracies, and false claims that were being passed for dogma or being peddled as the gospel truths, I decided to stay to right that ship and set it straight. That’s my “agenda”. So, make wrong or false claims at your own peril!

    Returning to the claim about DSUs, what do you believed anyone would infer if told that a suite upgrade is “confirmed”. It is does not require one to have an advanced degree in syntactic analysis to conclude that the claim is that the suite is, well, “confirmed”, when it is not! HGP awards 4 instruments that their Diamond members can use to confirm suite upgrades, provided that such upgrades are available. The latter caveat is why the notion that DSUs are “confirmed” is simply ridiculous and disingenuous for implying that DSUs are what they are not. The wish is that they would be “confirmed”, but the reality is that they are not, although they can be. There is nuance there at all. DSUs are “confirmable” upgrades. Period.

    Lastly, you really do not want to go here:
    “I know you failed grade school Math because you have trouble with value conversions across points currencies but the fact that you also don’t have a good grasp on language really complicates things.

    My guess is you are neither bad at Math nor English, you just have an agenda.”

    …because you sound very silly saying that about someone (me) who is a FULL professor with joint appointments at the medical schools of two Ivy League universities in Manhattan, where I teach and do research in the area of medical imaging, not as a physician but as PHYSICIST. I have published well over 100 scientific papers and constantly write federal (NIH) grant proposals for funds to support my research, ALL IN ENGLISH. My beat is to model complex brain processes to try to make sense of the medical imaging that we derive so that, in comparison, modeling the “values” loyalty points is a trivial exercise that a surprisingly large number of self-appointed travel/loyalty gurus in the blogophere have trouble grasping and consequently make false claims about all the time.

    DSUs are “confirmed”…Yeah, right. Remember that the next time you fail to clear one.


  8. Back on point, I was able to get the potential status match by simply calling the goldpassport number (1-800-228-3360 ) and asking for it since I do not have a twitter account. They told me all I had to do was send the screenshots in to [email protected] and they would confer the Diamond level if I proved status and stays this year. Name has to be on screenshots.

    As for DCS comments, I enjoy reading them. He is not harming anyone with his comments. If others are annoyed, simply don’t read them. We all don’t have to agree here.

  9. Alaska Airlines earning with AA back to 100%?

    or travel on or after January 1, 2016

    Class of service Purchased fares booked in Base miles Class of service bonus EQMs per mile flown
    First F, P 100% 50% 1.50
    Full-Fare Economy Y, S 100% – 1.00
    Discount Economy B, H, M, Q, U, G, K, L, T, V 100% – 0.50

  10. @ABC — It depends. A junior scientist would need to get a few significant papers under their belt as first author. Been there, done that. Now, it is my lab, I get the funding for the research and I am a full professor, what makes you think that I would not go as last or “senior” author most of the time? Moreover, I have never met anyone who would send papers to lower-tier journals, but often, the most consequential findings have been published in journals that no one would care to send their papers to!

  11. Fine. I’m going to bite the bait.

    What is it about “confirmed” suite upgrades that you are taking issue with. ‘Availability’ sounds like you must adopt a wait and see approach or the hotel gives it to you if they can’t find any paying customers, neither of these are true. With a DSU, you are at the same level as a customer who would search for a room and then pay full price for that room.

    Since you area able to do this at the time of booking just like a normal reservation (if you were paying for the suite) means practically speaking, you can never *not* find availability 99% of the time.

    Are you going anywhere soon, let’s say a medical conference and you have a paid reservation at a Hilton. Is this reservation also ‘not confirmed’ since you obviously could only get that room ‘based upon availability’. So basically the confirmed suites are just as confirmed or as unconfirmed as any other reservation possible in the travel industry.

    There is no further nuance or caveat there. That is what it is. How is this in any shape, way or form up for debate?

    Then again you’ve debated “confirmed” 4 pm checkout before and implied that it is upto ‘availability’ as well when it is not at any SPG/Hyatt that’s not a resort. So all the credentials in the world mean nothing if you demonstrate a glaring lack of basic understanding.

    Your agenda here is that HHonors is uncompetitive with both benefits, so you are trying to deliberately introduce caveats and nuances where there are none since HHonors is one of the worst programs for both late checkouts and suite upgrade where everything is not only “based upon availability” (understandable) but also at the hotel’s discretion (wait what?)

    All top tier’s that have held status close to a decade and have regular properties that know us by name and face live in bubble. Most of us are aware of it, you however are not. Hence you go around fighting the good fight making new naive members feel if they put in the effort for Diamond status, they too can live out of suites and leave past sundown. Your account is probably flagged with all sorts of VIP tags considering the loyalty you show to Hilton, your personal anecdotal experiences do not match anyone else’s and are not statistically significant and are not borne by the average expectation of a “mere” top tier judging fro just about every travel forum.

  12. After couple of years a Hilton Diamond, I have to say, I have NEVER EVER gotten, even asked, for an upgrade to a better room, let alon a suite, on any of my paid Hilton stays. It doesn’t matter if I am at Embassy Suites, Hilton or Hampton Inn… I would be lucky to get mentioned as a Diamond.

    As a Hyatt Platinum, I’ve been offered upgrades on every stays, even on award nights. I hope I get the status match then I will definitely be dumping Hilton and try to get most of my nights at Hyatt.

  13. @Andy – One last comment and then I will move on because I do not feel you have the intellectual capacity to engage with in a drawn out “debate”. Why? You completely fail to grasp where I am coming from and are reducing it to a trivial “I said/you said” polemic. While Hilton is my #1 program, I am an equal “opportunity opportunist”, who goes wherever I will find value for my points. Thus, during the upcoming holidays, as part of my Annual Year-end Asian Escapade ™, I will redeem

    – a C+P award stay at Grand Hyatt Singapore (Hilton SIN, a dated property, made every standard award unaffordable by declaring every room as a “premium” room — screw them);
    – a C+P award stay at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok (better this time around than booking an award stay at nearby Conrad BKK, as well as a change of pace since I have stayed at the Conrad 3 times in as many years already)
    – a C+P award stay at Grant Hyatt Siem Reap (no Hilton presence in Cambodia at the moment!)

    In addition, I will spend one award night at Renaissance by Marriott Bangkok. I will do the above even though I just raked in some 1,000,000 HH points this year (my highest yearly total ever thanks to HHonors’ lucrative promos in 2015) and could have afforded to book stays only at HHonors properties, where I have redeemed during the same year-end period for

    – an award stay at Hilton Shanghai
    – an award stay at the brand new Waldorf=Astoria Beijing
    – a 5-night award stay at the very aspirational Conrad Koh Samui, where I will spend Xmas!

    See? I am not as wedded to HHonors as you might think, so that your conjectures and assigning malice to my trying to set the record straight as “defending HHonors” completely miss the point. If it seems like I defend Hilton a lot and I do, that’s because the bloggers almost uniformly despise that program for reasons that are uniformly bogus, while gushing over SPG — the least rewarding program in the business — or over a work-in-progress like Hyatt GP, which is never sure what they want to accomplish [now, their ridiculous Diamond Challenge seems to be back, likely to attract unhappy SPG loyalists, which sort of smells like desperation]…

    I am done here. The soapbox is yours; knock yourself out…


  14. @Juno — Last year, I cleared 12 of 12 suite upgrades, including on award stays, as a HHonors Diamond. That’s 8 more than HGP Diamonds can clear a year using DSUs before that they’d have to pay to see the inside of a suite again. And try using your DSU on a “pure” award stay!

    This year, I have already requalifies for HH Diamond on base points or spend, with just 12 stays and only on two of those stays did I fail to clear a suite upgrade (happened at Hilton FRA and Hilton BUD during Easter when, according to those properties’ managers, Catholics flocked to both cities and hotels were full). So, I have to question whether you are even a HH Diamond…

  15. @DCS

    As usual, the bulk of your wall of text has nothing to do with the issue at hand. You are fact light and word heavy. All talk no substance. When confronted with the facts of the superiority of a confirmed suite upgrade, confirmed late check out etc you really can’t do much except grasp at straws since HHonors doesn’t understand the word “confirmed” in any sense of it.

    You are emotionally wedded to HHonors far more than Ben/Gary are to Hyatt/SPG.
    You are so blinded you don’t even realize where you are and whom you are talking to. The entire population of FT/BA/MP/IF is full of mutli-program elites who have no issues comparing across. There is no mystery about Hilton, everyone knows exactly what it is and what it offers.

    Gary/Ben are fans of SPG/Hyatt because they are not cost sensitive to the same degree as those on capped expense accounts or those on budgets. They chase “value”, they want 200-300 USD stays look like 5 times as much, only SPG and Hyatt are good with that *consistently*. If you are a budget traveler or on a company account with expense caps, goto Marriott and Hilton, that’s well established. No one is in the dark about it.

    It figures you refer to this as a Soapbox, because you are nothing but a drama queen. When called out with facts, you come up dry.

    In light of you doubting Juno’s integrity, I’m amazed because while pretty much everyone thinks you are annoying and full of it, no one has questioned the actual veracity of your upgrades, merely the statistical significance of them relative to everyone else and relative to their own experiences. But since you find it so hard to believe he hasn’t received a suite, let me just come out and say you stand alone – in pretty much everything you say.

    And yes, you simply have no understanding of basic Math or English. You simply do not know what confirmed means either in English (confirmed late check out) or in context (confirmed DSU) and we have all been witness to your fuzzy math about points currency conversions.

    Did you ever point out that when availability of standard rooms is tight, Hilton premium rooms are 200% the base room redemption whereas SPG is 10-15% more? Really puts a crack in your expensive SPG redemption and award availability argument doesn’t it. So of course you din’t

    You are the one misleading people, not Ben. If his attention could be bought, he would a Hilton kool aid drinker since Hilton’s marketing budget is far larger than Hyatt’s. Hilton could pay him much more than Hyatt. Hilton relies on credit card signups far more than Hyatt, so they would want Ben to be a referral mouthpiece.

    Except Ben’s preferences are well established, his design choices are pretty well known and Hyatt fits the profile almost perfectly (urban/major city traveler, not overly concerned with rural or suburban footprint, value rather than cost conscious and offers fantastic on property benefits with exactly the sort of decor he likes).

    You seem consistent with HHonors target market as well. Doesn’t understand points conversions or currency conversions, doesn’t understand what confirmed means, doesn’t understand the meaning of devaluation (so Hilton’s devaluation shouldn’t be compared to their earlier value despite being a real devaluation of epic proportions but should only be compared to the rest of the industry because it brought them on par but Hilton’s points should not be compared to anyone else’s but only to themselves. Hypocrisy and cherry picking anyone?)

    You sounded confused when you failed to properly convert currency values by accounting for earning side twice. At least we could give you the benefit of the doubt since your communication skills are so poor that you might be trying to say 5 Hilton points = 1 SPG point = same value and Hilton gives you 5 for every 1 of SPG so the final value you get out of both is same. But nope, turns out when people panicked when they though their SPG points might convert 1:1 to Marriott, you again pulled out the argument showing you actually have no understanding whatsoever of the conversions and values. A sign up bonus of 60,000 Hilton points is the same as 60,000 SPG points to you since you are on record as saying Hiton points are worth 2.4c as SPG points.

    Do yourself a favor and stop making yourself look like an idiot.
    You’ve crossed the line several times by pointing fingers at others integrity and now you’ve got nothing when I am doing the same at yours.

  16. Does status matching affect the current status that you have with the competing chain in any way? And do you think they would count a 3 night stay i had a couple weeks ago?

  17. @Andy — Such nonsense and confusion is a truly sad commentary… I will let your confusion about the “value” of points persist ad infinitum because you are clearly incapable of learning the most trivial concepts. Lastly, to presume that you can speak for Ben or anyone else is, well, delusional…

  18. @Andy, notice how the two stays that weren’t upgraded would have been perfect uses of a DSU? Confirming suites in advance at high demand properties and/or high demand times is pretty much the game here.

  19. @Eric – The chain you are matching from would have no way of knowing you matched. So, no worries there.

    Any stay at the chain you’re currently elite with works. They are just making sure there is some activity because people used to get the Hilton HHonors Reserve card which comes with Gold status and then immediately match to Hyatt Diamond for the DSUs. They want to make sure they are awarding status to customers who will actually bring their business to Hyatt. Although I’m not totally convinced one stay is actually proof of that.

  20. @Mike — You are presuming (a) that there was availability, which was not guaranteed, and (b) that one even still had DSUs to use since only 4 are given per year. “Availability” is the game, whether we are talking about the bogus “confirmed” DSUs or complimentary but UNLIMITED upgrades that I get as a HHonors Diamond, which are good even on “pure” (points-only) award stays. I cleared 10 of 12 upgrades this year; that’s 6 more than a HGP Diamond could have cleared with the so-called “confirmed” DSUs. This is not rocket science at all…

  21. >>>Do yourself a favor and stop making yourself look like an idiot.
    You’ve crossed the line several times by pointing fingers at others integrity and now you’ve got nothing when I am doing the same at yours.<<<

    Andy, here is a "thank you" on behalf of the rest of us. Constantly having to wade past DCS's incorrect, argumentative responses has made reading Ben's blog a PITA for a while now.

  22. You said one more comment, you made 2 now. Yet you are off in your math there by less than as you are with your value of points.

    Also, I don’t speak for Ben, I merely am going by what he himself acknowledges. He has mentioned as far back as 3 years ago what his decor preferences are, what his travel patterns are and its evident he is understands the difference between cost and value and hunts for the value rather than low cost.

    Oh wait, I forgot you have no grasp of elementary words, so you have no idea what delusions means because delusion is what would describe you exactly.

    Ok since you are cocksure of your valuation of points. Let me cave in and go with your valuation and make you an excellent offer. Let’s trade how many ever SPG points you have for HHonors points one to one. You are on record as saying 1 HHonors point is worth 2.4c only as a Hilton point but when converted to a StarPoint it is worth 2.4c. You also believe SPG redemptions are ridiculously overvalued (Which they are at only the high end for base rooms), also you don’t feel you have any better chance at a suite upgrade with SPG and Hilton would allow you to redeem at 5 times more properties!

    This is a no brainer.

    Let’s do it, tell me how many Hyatt and SPG points you have, I’ll trade you every single one to one with Hilton’s points, I have close to a million Hilton points, probably more than the SPG+Hyatt point you have, so it will work out perfectly for both of us!

    My olive branch to you! 😀

  23. @Joseph N — I will wear that as a badge of honors! Then when you have something substantive to say, I will be here to address it.

    Good bye.

  24. @Andy — I will do the Godfather imitation here: You keep bringing back in with nonsense every time I think I am out.

    Answer one simply question, actually two, for me:

    (1) What is the colder temperature between 0 degree Celsius and 32 degrees Fahrenheit?
    (2) Why are starpoints valued at 2.x cents and HHonors at ~0.5 cents?

    I am giving you the rope to hang yourself with so that we may, at long last, move on.

  25. @DCS – My point was more that in those two cases the DSU would have been your better bet because it allows you to book far in advance when the likelihood of suite availability is better. Clearly each program has it’s advantages. I think what can rub people the wrong way about your HHonors evangelism is you leave no room for the idea that other programs work for other travelers. Sounds like you’re happy at Hilton and they’re rewarding your loyalty, which is great. Happy travels.

  26. @DCS

    What is this availability you speak of, you refuse to answer the direct question.
    You are deliberately misleading people into thinking Hyatts DSUs are no better than Hilton.

    Hyatt it is confirmed as much as any reservation for any hotel paid for in any method can be confirmed. Hilton is the worst benefit in comparison. SPG is better because the hotel is compelled to based on availability on day of arrival and for duration of stay. SPG or Hyatt would be better depending on pattern of stays and exact requirements. Hilton would be worst all round.

    BTW, since Hilton rooms can only be booked on subject to availability (if there is no room, how can I pay for it?) so then Hilton is terrible coz none of their rooms are “Confirmed”, they are merely “confirmable” (and this applies to every chain and every hotel!). Nothing is confirmed, your flight could be cancelled, the hotel could burn down, how is that confirmed, OMG!

    Actually since this is how you are as a person, I’m beginning to understand how you get your suite upgrades.
    As a front desk agent, the mere sight of you would make me forget all policy and just want to get you out of my hair as quickly as possible by any means necessary. I would boot someone out of the Royal suite to make place for you because after all, the other person’s royal suite reservation wasn’t really confirmed according to your definition. He is not in it yet after all, in 5 mins you will be in it. See, clearly not confirmed for him. Totally confirmed for you.

  27. @Mike — And my point was that “availability” is the name of the game because it does matter whether you have an instrument that can clear an upgrade ahead of time or at check-in if there is no availability.

  28. You are the man Andy!

    I also offer my Hilton points for Hyatt and SPG points for 1:1 trade to anyone who thinks they are the equal.

  29. @DCS
    They are valued higher because you get less of them. Hilton gives you nearly 5 times as many points so that at the end for top tier members you end up with the same earned value

    So an SPG highest earning tier (Plat75) earns 4 points per USD for a total value of 4*2.4c = 9.6c

    A Hilton highest earning tier (Diamond 60) earns 20 points per USD (10+ MyWay 10) for a total value of 20*0.5c = 10c

    So the higher earning number for Hilton is already accounted for here. Just like currencies. Japan and USA have a similar standard of living. People earn 5000 USD here but in Japan they would earn 10s of 1000s of Yen.

    Finally you are equally rich.

    *EVERYONE* except you has understood this.

    *BUT* you are only equally rich if your conversion remains with this sane logic.

    You now want to make it seem like 1 Yen is one USD, coz you earn so many more of them! With your insane logic, someone earning 5000 Yen is middle class (no he is not).

    You want me to go kill myself? New low, even for you. It is Ben who is giving you a long leash of rope by continuing to allow you to spout nonsense on his blog, coz asking someone to go kill themselves it pretty much grounds for a ban anywhere.

    Push comes to shove and you are not worth your words. Let’s all agree with what you are saying, please trade with us then.

    Trade you SPG/Hyatt point with our HHonors points
    Put your money where you mouth is
    Else shut up

  30. @Andy sez, cluelessly: “You are deliberately misleading people into thinking Hyatts DSUs are no better than Hilton.”

    It is not my fault if you have drunk too much of the bloggers’ “Hyatt is best” kool-aid, but Hyatt “confirmed” DSUs are demonstrably no better than Hilton’s complimentary upgrades — au contraire! — because;

    (1) You get only 4 HGP DSUs, whereas Hilton Diamond upgrades are UNLIMITED;
    (2) HGP DSUs are good on paid or C+P awards but not on pure award stays; Hilton’s are good on any eligible stay, including pure award stays;
    (3) both types of upgrades depend on availability, whether or not you are willing to admit it and bogusly refer to HGP DSUs as “confirmed”; but I can provide online evidence that I cleared 100% of my suite upgrades last year and just batted 83% so far this year, with 1 revenue and 4 award stays remaining to do, and I like my chances…


    (1) What is the colder temperature between 0 degree Celsius and 32 degrees Fahrenheit?
    (2) Why are starpoints valued at 2.x cents and HHonors at ~0.5 cent?

  31. @DCS

    Also your emphasis on earning side is misplaced. The value of a commodity doesn’t change with how difficult it was to earn it. It is defined by what it is worth one already earned and what you can get in exchange for it now.

    A manual labourer’s 50 USD are *NOT* worth more (or less) than an office workers 50 USD because they earned them at different per hourly rates or one earned many more than the other. 50 USD is 50 USD, both will get you the exact same good in exchange.

    0 C = 32 F the same way as 1 SPG point = 5 Hilton points
    One figure is larger than the other because the units are changing. Thanks for proving your stupidity.

    1 SPG != 1 Hilton points the same way 0 C != 0 F

    So the question of which is colder, both are same. Which is what we are saying. You are saying 1 C = 1 F, your arguments are so convoluted you have managed you confuse your own brain. Looks like your field of academic research will be needed on a very personal level very soon….

  32. Is the confirmed stay supposed to have been with Hyatt or with the other program you are matching from? Or is it that you have to have a future Hyatt stay before you get the status?

  33. I’ve answered both your questions. People have previously replied to your misconceptions about late check out and suite upgrades but just stick your fingers in your ears and keep going lallalaa no one has answered me.

    Let’s pull apart your most recent post, specifically (3) because this is like taking candy from a baby.

    So Hilton’s and Hyatt’s both depend on availability? So both are exactly same with regards to availability?

    Ok then,

    I want a reservation on new years (your hotel of choice) and with a confirmed suite upgrade. As in I want to know now so that I can commit to my better half that she will be in a suite on new years.

    Can I know with certainty (either way, yes or no) if I book Hilton? No
    Is it likely if they have an empty suite on check in? No (statistical evidence and program doesn’t require it)

    Can I know with certainty if I book Hyatt? Yes
    Is it likely if have an empty suite upon check in? No (statistical evidence and program doesn’t require it)

    Can I know with certainty if I book SPG? Yes but only 5 days in advance onwards
    Is it likely if they have an empty suite upon check in? Yes! (Its in the program! Call?Tweet SPG if you don’t get it, you have backup!)

    Fancy that? Different outcomes for different programs. Your mind must be blown.

    Oh late check out the next day at this non-resort downtown property?
    4 PM at Hyatt
    4 PM at SPG
    Whenever hotel feels like it at Hilton

  34. @Jody – The stay is with the chain you currently have status with and are matching from. Depending on how you show your status, don’t think Hyatt’s twitter team would be able to see the difference between a points or cash stay. For instance I used a screen capture of my account from the starwood app which shows cumulative nights so far this year. That was enough for them to match. I’ll have a post soon with more details on my experience matching.

  35. @ To everyone asking the right questions

    The confirmed stay has to be with the program you are currently with. They want to see that you actually stayed and are not stringing together several matches by hopping chain matching programs.

    Almost certainly should have been with money but a lot of programs don’t make this distinction clear on the past stay page, only on the detailed points activity page. So YMMV.

  36. Can everyone arguing just shut the hell up? Your wall of text makes its difficult to scroll through the comments on my phone – move the arguing to Flyertalk…

  37. @Andy — Now, I know why I wanted out. Anyone who makes a big deal about being allowed to check out at 4 pm (when every program would do that for their elites); does not know that Starwood awards are the highest priced in the business [I do not collect them so I have none to exchange with you], or believes that HGP DSUs are “confirmed” and the best in the business, is delusional. I can debate @Lucky or @Gary Leff, because they are the purveyors of that toxic brew. You are simply drinking it and are clueless…

    Good bye, Andy. The next time our paths cross I will give you the complete treatise on a whole host of issues on which you seem totally confused. Better yet, I will provide you with links to a couple places on the web where you can learn from bloggers who actually do “get it.”

    For now, duty calls!

    Good day!

  38. Hilton Diamond upgrades at unlimited…… the discretion of the hotel

    Hyatt Suite Upgrades are also unlimited then at the discretion of the hotel
    Hyatt confirm(ed/able) upgrade are only a min of 4 days and max of 28 days (4 stays of 7 days each) NOT at the discretion of the hotel.
    SPG suite upgrades are unlimited NOT at discretion of hotel (you can fight for one if you are unfairly denied and will be compensated if hotel was found to be violating the rule)

    Basically I realized I drank your kool aid. For a minute you managed to manipulate me into thinking Hilton suites are based on availability.

    NO they aren’t!

    The whole hotel could be empty and if the hotel doesn’t want to upgrade, they don’t have to.
    Hilton are based on hotel’s discretion, availability is just an initial and final hurdle. They don’t have to decide if its not available and if it is, they can still decide not to give it to you anyway.

    SPG and Hyatt suite upgrade benefit >>>>>>> Marriott/Hilton
    SPG Hyatt late check out benefit >>>>>>>>Marriott/Hilton
    If you do 25 one night stays, then
    SPG and Hyatt lounge access benefit>>>>>>>>>>>Marriott/Hilton

    Hyatt high end redemptions and SPG upto mid range redemptions (especially regarding availability and cost for premium rooms)>>>>>>>>>Hilton

    Wait, there is more!
    Hyatt and SPG events earnings rates and benefit>>>>>>>>>>>Hilton (Marriott is the best however by a factor of 2)
    Hyatt and SPG properties>>>>>>>>>>>Hilton (how many Conrads+Waldorf’s are there?)

    What if one happens to not be in USA or Europe/London where Hilton and Marriott enjoy solid footprints.

    What if, gasp, there might be people living in Middle East who happen to be quite rich or India or China where I hear there are quite a few people (trust me on this, your math is horrendous, just trust me, I have electronic anecdotal evidence). Let’s see the footprint now:

    O.M.G Looks like SPG footprint spanks Hilton and Marriott. Even Hyatt isn’t bad. Looks like instead of opening roadside 50 USD motels, these chains expanded aggressively into new emerging markets. Looks at their pipeline, omg all these fancy hotels coming online in the next 5 years.

    Let’s look at the transfer capitals of the world currently (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha) due to them being hubs of the ME3, lets see their footprints:

    SPG – Wow, they’ve saturated these cities
    Marriott – Not bad, quite comprehensive
    Hyatt – Too concentrated in only one area in Dubai but quite good in Doha in Abu Dhabi

    Hilton – WTH, where are the Hiltons you’d wanna stay at in Abu Dhabi and Doha? And Dubai has 2 I’d want to stay at vs dozen for SPG

    Chinks in the armor………

    Lets look at India’s major cities, Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore:

    SPG: Wow, good job SPG! ITC partnership really paying off! Those rates for those hotels! Wow. Good price spread, good geographical spread, good quality and brand spread
    Hyatt: Need more work Hyatt, get on it. 1 or 2 per city isn’t enough
    Marriott: Need more work Marriott, get on it. 1 or 2 per city isn’t enough
    Hilton: Are you even trying? You’re in trouble when Hyatt’s footprint is twice your size.

    Let’s look at China now,

    No let’s save Hilton and Marriott the embarrassment for your next post

  39. @Lucky sez: “OMG DCS IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!”

    You bet… Remember our first encounter and my promise? The travel blogosphere will join the reality-based community, even if they have to be dragged screaming and kicking 🙂


  40. So can I get matched to Hyatt diamond if I currently have marriott gold status with at least one stay in past year or do I need to be marriott plat to be matched to diamond.

  41. You don’t have SPG nor Hyatt points?
    How? Aren’t you top tier with at least Hyatt?

    So where did all the points go? Surely you did not redeem them for awards coz then you wouldn’t get suites on those.

    Did you transfer them to an airline? Aw? Did they give you a 1:1 ratio on them? No? Gasp? How come? Did they not know all points are worth the same?

    Surely you wouldn’t redeem awards with Hyatt and lose suite upgrades and it would kill you the airlines would give you less miles for the same no. of Hyatt points over same number of SPG points, so that’s probably not how you are spending them.

    So where did they all go? You *are* Hyatt Diamond aren’t you?


    I truly apologise, I really am sorry. But DCS is a painful boil that’s been around for years and gets more and more painful, better lance it and endure pain once and suffer the 1000 words in this thread than the 10,000 he will post int he future otherwise. That was my reasoning. I have actually been silently lurking for over 2 years now without engaging in any flaming. At first I quite enjoyed his posts, since HHonors is a solid number 3 and better than Marriott, Accor, IHG, Choice, Discovery, Fairmont, iPrefer, LHW programs for most things. It is often number 2 based on more focused criteria. It is also number 1 for ease of attaining status! Their devaluation though real, only brought them in line with the others and Hyatt’s was equally bad if not worse that year. So I enjoyed his perspective initially. Then I realised he is either clinically insane, stupid or intentionally obtuse and deceptive (i.e a troll)

    I will actually heed your request and abstain from any further posts in this thread. All his points have been answered though he will create strawmen arguments and move the goalposts and claim I said things I did not (I do not claim SPG aspirational rewards are good value for instance.

    Apologies once again

  42. Not to change the topic, but….

    …how long is it taking for the status match to be reflected? Can we get some data points?

    I actually tried a different route last night. I called Hyatt Gold Passport and found a sympathetic agent. She took 40 mins but gave me a personal id to submit the SPG Gold status screen capture. Then she completed all the work necessary to have me upgraded to Diamond. I am still waiting for this to take effect and was wondering how long it was taking others.

  43. @Iowan – they completed the process in a matter of hours for me. Expect to see a post soon detailing my experience.

  44. Ben – my friend…. please delete this dipshit DCS from your blog. This is like a high school drama and it is totally undermining the good content you provide.

    Side note – I’m SPG Platinum, Hilton Diamond and soon to be Hyatt whatever they call top tier assuming they match. SPG kicks the shit out of Hilton all day long in terms of their program. I will go from Hilton Diamond to Blue (only 4 nights this year at Hilton) for precisely the reasons that have been articulated before – SPG treats me better and I believe hte benefits are better.

    As far as what is the colder temperature between 0 degree Celsius and 32 degrees Fahrenheit? Who gives a rats ass. Go back to your lab dude.

  45. @Jason Perkins — I gotta step in here to address this garbage. I do not expect OMAAT to be anything more than full of “Hyatt or SPG is best” kool-aid-drinking bunch, considering what you are fed here daily. Therefore, I am not here to win a popularity context — au contraire. However, to be so clueless as to keep singing the praises of a program that just went belly up is stupid. There is no such thing as “reverse Darwinism” or “Survival of the Weakest.” SPG will be no more — get used to it! — because it was structurally a weak and flawed hospitality company that ran one of the most expensive and, hence, least rewarding loyalty programs.

    Put out some substantive arguments to support your position and we will debate. To wish me away betrays your limited intellect…

    Yours Truly,

    — Dipshit DCS

  46. DCS,

    Now I feel as stupid as others must have taking your bait – but I have five minutes to spare before my next call. I don’t drink Kool-Aid – it isn’t good for you. There is plenty on this blog (and others) which I disagree with nor feel is germane to me. I simply skip past it and don’t TROLL IT LIKE I’M DESPERATE.

    I can think on my own. Hence my rationale to direct my stays to Starwood. Now, I’m no genius but I would probably agree with you that Marriott will likely leverage their program which has many, many more members and eliminate SPG’s. However, this hasn’t been decided yet as you might be insinuating – or wait, maybe you are actually the CEO of Marriott and you have made this decision?!? That would be weird as you seem to be Hilton’s #1 fanboy. Either way, whether it goes the way of the dodo or remains to be the program after Marriott’s acquisition is final (which, again, isn’t a done deal), I’ll be fine. I’m not sure about your argument that they are a structurally weak and flawed hospitality company – if they are, then Marriott (plus other rumored acquirers) must be out of their mind to pay north of $12B for them. Then again, in addition to your day job in the lab, maybe you are an expert on how hotels should be run too?

    You like Hilton for whatever reasons you feel – good for you. I don’t – and I’m willing to let my Diamond status go. They must like you like SPG likes me (perhaps soon to be Marriott).

    Fact is I have no time nor patience to debate anyone who I don’t either revere, respect or know. I suspect the overwleming number of others whom you have also trolled on here feel the same – ?

  47. 5 hours wait for the twitter line to respond…the promo is ONLY SPG Plats matching to Hyatt Diamond. Nothing else:

    Unfortunately we are only matching SPG Platinum to Hyatt Diamond. There currently is no program to fast track to Diamond. ^LM

  48. @Jason Perkins sez, likely with a straight face: “Fact is I have no time nor patience to debate anyone who I don’t either revere, respect or know. I suspect the overwleming number of others whom you have also trolled on here feel the same – ?”

    And yet you injected yourself without being invited, and the ad populi argument notwithstanding, who exactly is trolling whom? Just because you or your ilk do not agree with my take on your coveted programs should not make me the bad guy in the world of adults, but that would be too much to expect. I am still waiting for substantive comments that I can address; not this whining…

  49. @Sice: See Mikes post

    @Andy: Can you stop being a 5 year old and respect DCS?

    @DCS: Can you stop being a 5 year old and respect Andy?

    @Adam: Shut up

  50. I DM’ed last night:
    – My Gold Passport #
    – Screen shot of my SPG Gold status web page
    – Screen shot of my most recent Sheraton stay reservation

    Early PM today – I got a confirmation of Diamond status until Feb 2017. I just checked my Hyatt acct. Diamond, Baby!

  51. So when I used a DSU, is there any confirmation I get? Does my rate change on my current reservation if I use a DSU? Because I added it to my existing reservation and my nightly rate changed. Any HELP greatly APPRECIATED!!

  52. I just requalified for Hyatt Diamond for the third year in a row. I initially had finished the Hyatt Diamond challenge in 2013 with the perks from the beginning of the challenge. I decided that Hyatt hotels have a consistent and elegant product with beautiful hotels. My field is education which by default, would put in a Hilton or Radisson, but these hotel chains have not been consistent like Hyatt. I read all of the posts on the inconsistency of SPG and Diamond upgrades, and thus, decided for my vacations – Hyatt was the place for me.

    I have to say that while I understand that Hyatt is a business and gaining the SPG Plats business is a smart move, as a renewed Diamond, with 25 one night stays, I am not pleased that there will now be a glut of Diamond members who may or may not have earned SPG Platinum by actual stays.

    I would have preferred to have seen a requirement like 7 stays and Diamond status. I’ll be contacting Hyatt to mention my discontent.

    As a SPG gold myself on stays, I shall be ditching my SPG Amex relatively soon since I valued the points for stays. I have never cared for Marriott; too many properties with broken this or that, dirty hotel rooms and what not.

  53. @lucky, Now that I am in China, do you have a series of reviews of only the Chinese Hyatts? I am thinking of doing my next 25 one night stays during the year to see the country elegantly. Any suggestions of routes to take and landmarks of value in the areas of Hyatts?

  54. And just because I cannot resist, maybe it’s the rainy, polluted air Sunday here in Shanghai affecting the brain cells, but I shall engage.. and the fact that I once again teaching persuasive arguments to ESL students.

    I teach my students that ethos, as in credibility, is best established when the author’s name/source is visible and searchable to others. When allusions are made to someone’s education; i.e., degrees, certifications, licenses without full disclosure, then the ethos has not been established. In this case, I teach that an advertiser or claimant is using logos, putting forth reasonable sounding arguments and perhaps backing up facts with vague references, such as doctors say…., experts say.. In this way, students can evaluate whether the information is valid or invalid.

    And on that note, I am off to find some coffee… Next Hyatt stay is on points at the Park Hyatt for one night and one at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo since I did not want to spend all of my points at one place. After all, there are 25 stays in the upcoming year that I have to do to re-qualify for status until Feb 2018, hmm, I wonder if Hyatt would reduce that number to let’s say 20 for us, old timers. Worth a shot!

  55. I have Platinum with SPG and Gold with Marriott. Hyatt just accepted my request for Diamond and I have it through February 2017.

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