How Soon Do Hyatt Elite Nights From Spending Post?

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The World of Hyatt Credit Card was introduced last summer, and is a card I really like. It has a $95 annual fee, but offers a variety of benefits that make it more than worthwhile, in my opinion.

Why is the World of Hyatt Card valuable?

Among other things, the card offers:

  • Automatic World of Hyatt Discoverist status for as long as your account is open
  • 5 qualifying night credits toward your next tier status every year
  • 2 qualifying night credits towards your next tier status every time you spend $5,000 on your card
  • A Category 1-4 anniversary free night certificate on your account anniversary every year
  • A second Category 1-4 free night certificate when you spend $15,000 on the card in a calendar year

So at a minimum, you’re getting five elite nights towards status and a Category 1-4 free night certificate every year just for having The World of Hyatt Credit Card. To me that more than justifies the annual fee on the card, by a long shot (I consistently get $250+ of value out of the free night certificate alone). On top of that, this is a card that’s worth spending on, at least for Hyatt loyalists, in my opinion.

For example, if you spend $15,000 on the card per year you’re earning a total of 11 nights towards status annually plus two Category 1-4 free night certificates (that’s an incremental six elite nights and one free night certificate compared to having the card and not putting spend on it). That’s well worth it, in my opinion.

The Park Hyatt Saigon, a great use of a Category 1-4 free night certificate

When do Hyatt Card elite nights post?

One of the great perks of The World of Hyatt Credit Card is that you get five elite nights towards status just for having the card. As I noted last week, for those who had the card coming into the new year, these seemed to post within the first two weeks of the year, which is much quicker than was promised.

I only picked up this card late last year, and intentionally waited until early this year to complete my first $5,000 of spending on the card. That’s because I wanted the elite nights from spending to count towards my status for this year and not last year.

So I completed $10,000 of spending in the first two weeks of the year (in reality I spent about $4,000 late last year and $6,000 early this year), so was curious to see when the credits would post.

The terms of The World of Hyatt Credit Card say the following regarding when these post:

Please allow up to 8 weeks from the last day of the calendar month when you qualify, for World of Hyatt Tier-Qualifying Night credits to be added to your World of Hyatt account

According to that, it could have been late March before my elite nights posted. However, it didn’t end up taking nearly that long.

The statement where I completed my $10,000+ of spending closed on January 17, 2019, while on January 18 I had four additional elite nights in my account. So my Hyatt elite nights from credit card spending posted one day after the statement closed where I completed that spend.

At least my number of elite nights increased by four, and there were two corresponding line items in my account activity that said “Reward bonus,” though when I tried to expand it, it didn’t show anything. Still, I think it’s safe to say that each of those represented two elite nights.

While I completed the entire spending requirement to earn the welcome bonus, as of now only part of that has posted, dated for my closing statement date. I imagine the rest of that will post soon, perhaps with the next statement.

Bottom line

Anecdotally it seems like elite nights from spending on The World of Hyatt Credit Card post a day after the statement where you complete the spending closes. At least that was my experience.

I’m curious if others had a similar experience, because it would be a useful thing to know in terms of figuring out towards which year’s status spending in December/January counts. It would seem that spending in December would count towards the following year as long as the statement closes in January, though my one data point isn’t enough to state that definitively.

What has your experience with elite nights from spending posting?

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  1. This was what I thought originally, but it looks like Chase correctly set this up on a calendar year basis, regardless of what they do with all other statements. I spent more than $5k on my December cycle that closed in January, but less than $5k in calendar 2019 (my statement closed 1/9/19). No nights posted. My nights always post 1-2 days after statement close. This leads me to believe the actual spend is calendar year, at least for year-end cut off.

  2. But based on your article it looks like all 4 nights posted? Also, you should already have the 5 nights for 2019 you get from just having the credit card. Are you accounting for those as well? I have 9 nights for 2019. 5 from the credit card, and 4 from an actual stay.

  3. Same here, I started spending heavy after my December statement date thinking that nights and point would post after the January statement date. The free night after 15k posted, the correct number of points posted but only 2 of 8 night showed up. After a lengthy conversation with Hyatt it turns out Chase send over 6 on 12/31 and 2 on 1/8 making the 6 useless since they expired hours later. They acknowledged that wasn’t right and are actively working to fix this. Interestingly enough I called Chase and they said they sent all 8 nights on 1/8. I just hope they make it right.

  4. I’m a huge fan of the card for all of the reasons Lucky mentioned. They did indeed seem to somehow figure out the calendar year correlation (intra-statement) for elite nights but fair enough. The one major annoyance is the total lack of detail on the WoH site about the source and accrural of points and nights. Just as Lucky’s screenshot shows, it literally just says “Reward Bonus” next to each line item without an explanation of the source. It also does not show elite night credit sourcing so it’s unclear where the count comes from. That said, I still think this is an under appreciated card for everyday spend because fo the rich rewards that come with elite night tiers. I put six figures on it last year and will do the same this year which yields the 10K incremental bonus rewards (suite upgrades or 10K points).

  5. “A second Category 1-4 free night certificate when you spend $15,000 on the card in a calendar year”

    I always thought this free night came after $15k in spend during the cardmember year. Can you clarify? Thank you!

  6. I actually contacted Chase and asked them something similar to this. They said the status-eligible nights apply to the year in which you did the spending. So if you spend another $5000 in December, the status applies toward the previous year, not the following January.

    I did not ask about what happens if it’s split across December/January, as I assume the counting resets to $0 at the start of the calendar year.

    That said, if it was end of December, and you just spent another $5000…if you were really close but didn’t earn a higher status, or already had Globalist status for the year before (such that the two days were wasted), I’m thinking you could call Hyatt’s Customer Service line and ask them to roll those two days to the following year instead, and I suspect they would.

  7. This is my card to put big purchases on simply to get to Globalist. I’ll continue to remodel my house with this card as long as they give the nights credit. The question of when the nights post is critical if you are counting on them to push you to the next level. I played it safe and made sure I had maxed out before November closing date and it all worked according to plan.

  8. We signed up at the end of last month and they have already posted 10 elite nights to our account? We haven’t even made our first payment yet, I believe the first billing cycle closes in Feb. Not complaining though, might actually have a shot at some lounge passes now:)

  9. Best hotel card out there. One of the best low cost cards.

    One could even say you get 13 elite nights from spending $15k? The 11 you mention plus the two from the certificates. Sort of true…

  10. By spending 15K per year on the card u are really getting 2 extra free nights. One night for the spending requirement, and one night for earning 15K points after the spend.

  11. I am traveling right now with this card and really am not loving it.

    Discoverist status entitles me to basically nothing. Most importantly no free breakfast.

    I spent $15k and got a free night cert, but it’s severley limited below cat 4.

    Further, the heavy spend in nov and dec is now wiped out in terms of night credits, so that is useless.

    Overall, no breakfast, limited categories, and some points.

    Very Meh. Looking hard at the Aspire.

  12. Like others have noted, I had nights post on 12/31 for spend occuring on a 12/5-1/5 cycle. Its almost like Chase was working to push through nights before the end of the calendar year. I had hoped /thought these would post after the cycle closed and credited to my account in CY 2019.

  13. I did all my spend on 1.4 (none in Dec). My statement cut on 1.17 and my 60k points posted. My elite nights posted the next day, 1.18.

    I really wish Hyatt would provide detail on what the “Reward Bonus” is, however. Is coded the same as referral bonuses, spend, etc. and is confusing having to sort thru it all.

  14. For the $15,000 spending that earns the 1 free night how long does that take to credit and in what form? Do they just add it electronically to your account? How long did that take?

    Also for additional spending beyond $140,000 that earns 70, 80 or 90 nights. How did they ask which you preferred? Did you have to call in to request it? How long did that take? Thanks in advance.

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