Hilton Honors Extends Status For Everyone

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Hilton Honors is taking the lead among major US hotel loyalty programs when it comes to extending status and more.

Latest updates from Hilton Honors

Hilton says they want to show their appreciation to Honors members by extending benefits. Hilton is doing several things, including extending status, pausing points expiration, and extending free night certificates. Here’s all that they’re doing:

Hilton Honors 2019 status extension

Hilton Honors is extending the status of everyone who had status for the entire 2019 program year (based on 2018 activity). Those members were supposed to have their status downgraded as of March 31, 2020, and now that has been extended by a year.

In other words, if your Silver, Gold, or Diamond status was supposed to expire at the end of this month, it will now expire on March 31, 2021.

This is pure goodwill on Hilton’s part, and I commend them for this. After all, this is for members who earned status based on 2018 activity, which pre-dates this entire fiasco. This is purely a way for Hilton to be generous in hopes that people will select them for upcoming stays, once they start traveling again.

Hilton Honors 2020 status extension

Those who did qualify for status in 2020 based on 2019 activity will have their status be valid through March 31, 2022, rather than March 31, 2021. That means they’re extending status by 12 months for members who were loyal last year.

Hilton Honors extending points

Hilton Honors is pausing the expiration of points through December 31, 2020. So no Hilton Honors points will expire this year, while usually they expire after 12 months of inactivity. This is good for members who are less active in the program.

Hilton credit card free night certificates extended

Those earning weekend night rewards through a Hilton Honors credit card will have the expiration of those extended. Those certificates due to expire between March 11, 2020, and August 30, 2020, will now expire on August 31, 2021. That’s a super generous extension.

Hilton deserves credit for this

Hilton is obviously being incredibly generous here. It’s important to understand that this is being done for people based on their stays in 2018 and 2019, so it’s a way to show appreciation to those who have been loyal in the past, which sure is nice.

It’s also very generous that they’re extending weekend night rewards by a minimum of a year.

I do feel like I should acknowledge that Hilton does make it fairly easy to earn status, though, as they give out both Gold and Diamond status just for having select credit cards. That’s not to downplay this gesture, but rather to say that they don’t try to make status as “exclusive” as some other groups.

Will other hotel groups follow?

I think what Hilton is doing here is smart and proactive. Is this a case where other programs will follow them? I don’t necessarily assume so, at least not immediately.

I’m confident that all programs will make it easier to earn or keep status this year. However, I think it’s totally fair if other hotel loyalty programs want to wait to see how this evolves before making any decisions.

That being said, this is unarguably a goodwill gesture from Hilton, and when people start planning travel again, it may make them choose Hilton over a competitor. Other hotel loyalty programs might try to avoid that and match.

Bottom line

Hilton Honors is being generous by extending status for virtually everyone. They’re also pausing the expiration of points, and extending weekend night rewards.

I’ll be curious to see if other programs follow.

What do you make of Hilton’s generous Honors gesture? Do you think other programs will match this generosity?

  1. This was truly awesome and guarantees my loyalty.

    Wonder if Marriott will step up and do the right thing too.

  2. Hilton definitely needs to be applauded for whatever efforts they are taking to support their customers…regrettably others are not waking up and acting on time…I have been trying with IHG to extend the validity of the free weekend nights and it has been one of the most disappointing and frustrating issues sadly…

  3. I think a three month status extension and 25% reduction in qualification requirements for 2020 would better reflect the situation.

    They will likely lose business from Hilton status chasers as they can now pursue Bonvoy/Hyatt for the rest of the year. With statuses likely being extended across the board, I think upcoming quarterly promos will be the ultimate decider for most of us.

  4. Honestly, this is a perfect example of how you build loyalty – and not through a bonus point here and a status credit there.

    This is a company recognizing the hardships that their customers are facing, the reality of the world in which we have found ourselves, and delivering a gesture of kindness and appreciation before their hand was forced.

    My loyalty will be reciprocated. Thank you, Hilton.

  5. Any predictions on whether or not airlines will do something similar? A lot of people are going to have a real hard time making top-tier status this year.

  6. We need airlines to do this for vouchers/credits. Currently have ~ $2K with Alaska Air for a canceled international (Mexico) trip the first week of April that will expire in Sept 2020 (booked Sept 2019) that I’d hate to lose depending on a) how long this goes and b) what flights are actually avail (and when) once normalcy returns.

  7. Who chases Hilton status when you can get a credit card for it? It’s outsized bonuses that they run that make me choose them once I covered status on Hyatt for the year. I suspect Hyatt will reduce thresholds as opposed to just extending.

  8. Guaranteed they waited for Marriott to process their downgrades before announcing this.

    Love it.

  9. Hyatt I’m assuming will match since they are customer focused and try harder as a non-behemoth.

    Marriott, OTOH, just told everyone to “go pound sand” this week.

    I know where my future dollars are (and aren’t) going.

  10. @lucky Not related to this post but I just ran into another 20% off discount (capped at $50) on Amazon if you redeem at least 1 Amex MR point. https://amzn.to/3bnZmWb

    Worth checking it out to see if you or your other readers are eligible.

  11. I agree that Hilton is being quite “honorable.” I wish I could expect as much from Marriott.

  12. Marriott and Hyatt need to do something nice and extra for those of us who are still staying in their hotels during this time. We are keeping them afloat!…while putting up with bare minimum of services.

    Its an interesting time. Not complaining, but many of you wouldn’t be able to cope with no spa, gym, lounge (at least in the original lounges) and others things closed down.

  13. @ Steven M, I’m not sure if Marriott can pull this off, it would be a huge embarrassment after downgrading and Bonvoying so many of their members. Bravo to Hilton. I will definitely be keeping my Hilton Aspire Amex card and will pay the $450 annual fee. I intend on supporting companies who stepped up and did the right thing.

  14. Once again Hilton steps up to the plate. That is why I am loyal to them. They are far from perfect and while I have sometimes noticed from line staff undervalue is diamonds, I have ALWAYS felt extremely valued by the diamond line whenever I have had an issue.

    All you Marriott ho’s stay put. Hopefully you still get your suite upgrades after they downgraded all of you.

  15. This can go both ways…
    – be super Hilton loyal going forward.
    – change chains because they know they have status at Hilton extended already.

    Either way, good gesture on Hilton’s part.

  16. If I read it correctly they got my money for all 2021, I had them extend my 2019 Diamond to 2020 now I am being extended for 2021, very nice

  17. I’ve been happy with Hilton and they been a champ since the beginning of the crisis. So much for other brands. Hilton knows that good gesture when needed will bring business once the crisis is gone. No one wants the bad taste of hotel telling you to pound sand when you needed them to be lenient when you need the most.

    Kudos to Hilton

  18. Hyatt already had their annual status moves for everyone, except in Greater China area, so in this case they cant not match Hilton, unless they upgrade members back…pretty sure it wont happen. Probably they will extend those with current 2020 status until 2022.

  19. Regarding the fact that Hilton does award Diamond status with certain American Express cards, please remember you only get that status once you have charged $40,000 on the card.

  20. The monthly Hilton Honors email for March showed my Diamond status had already been extended to 2021 so Hilton had already decided this last week.

  21. Awesome! I hope others will follow. I will probably lose most of my statuses now when I have to stay at home for at least a quarter and perhaps longer. And I really hope that others will extend the validity of their points/miles. I have enough points on Amex, SK and QR for roughly 40-50 round trips in C between EU-US as well as roughly 20-30 free nights across the hotel programs and would hate to lose it since I’ve put so much money, time and effort into getting them.

  22. I am waiting to hear whether the Aspire $250 resort credits will being extended. A representative said it was being considered . . .

  23. Justifies my decision to abandon Marriotts rubbish programme after years as a Starwood Gold. Well done Hilton.

  24. If one had status solely as a result of an AX card (and not for hotel stays), does this benefit to extend status still apply, even if one has canceled the AX card for which the status was granted?

  25. @Eugenia the Aspire card gives US residents free Diamond status. The lesser (cheaper) card requires the $40k spend. As a Canadian I am not eligible for either card so must “toil” away at 30 stays/ 60 night to maintain my Diamond status. And the closest Hilton is about 150 miles away.

    @Schweden I am intrigued about your mention of a monthly Honors email. As a diamond I get squat from Hilton even though I have registered for all their emails. Please provide more information if you don’t mind.

  26. I called Hilton and I don’t believe how Ben puts it is accurate.
    “Those certificates due to expire between March 11, 2020, and August 30, 2020, will now expire on August 31, 2021.”
    I have a few night certificate expiring 12-30-2020 which, by as Ben puts it above, would mean my certificate would NOT be extended – This is not the case. The Hilton representative confirmed that my cert is also valid through August of 2021.

  27. @Alison: I’m in the same boat, waiting to see how it pans out for the Aspire $250 resort credit. My cardmember year ends in May. I had booked a Hilton beach resort in late April, which would have fully used up that credit, but now that trip may not be feasible, and it will be too late to use the credit somewhere else before the May expiration. If they would extend the credit by a year, for instance, and allow it to stack with with the next cardmember year’s credit, I would be delighted. (But I’m not sure whose call that is: AmEx, Hilton, or both jointly.)

  28. Smart move. Also guarantees my loyalty.
    If the Big 3 airlines follow suit, it will help them immensely once this plague blows over.
    Doubt they have the brains to implement it though. They can’t even treat their employees right let alone customers.

  29. I had the Waldorf Astoria in Rome booked—two rooms—for the week prior to Easter. Our $250 Aspire credits also expire in May. Optimistically, I have rebooked for early October . . . . Would be nice to have the credits to use.

  30. Yesterday, Marriott told me I was SOL because I was in the middle of a status challenge when this all started. Guess I’m sticking right Hilton! #

  31. I received an email from Accor that they will be crediting 50% of status nights and points required to achieve my current status level. If this follows, this is also a nice gesture.

  32. Marriott could learn a few things from Hilton! Marriott absolute dump of a hotel chain right now.

    ~ The Honorable Reginald

  33. I lost over 400k points when i was fighting Cancer. Not a planned event, and if i could have traveled. I would have. Why expire points that have already been earned. Loyalty works both ways.

  34. According to Loyalty Lobby, Marriott has extended free night certificates through January 31, 2021.

  35. This is. a very kind move, which I will definitely compensate with increased loyalty once the travel bans are lifted. Kudos.

    It goes way beyond what any other hotel chain did. Second comes Accor, which reduced the renewal requirements by 50%, although in selected regions only, if I understand correctly.

  36. Hilton here I come. made an effort to reach diamond in 2019. Very nice it will be valid for 24 months 🙂 This will come in handy after the whole corona thing cleared up.

    So Marriott, what about you?

  37. Hilton’s definitely making the customer a priority. I had three rooms booked for the Kentucky Derby using points which concerned me when the date was moved. I called the Diamond Line (status through Aspire AmEx) and they couldn’t have been more wonderful. They couldn’t move the reservations at the call center because the hotel had blocked the re-scheduled dates to keep new folks from bumping those that had already reserved rooms for the original dates. The agent asked if she could put me on hold so that she could call the hotel.
    She circled back with me and let me know they’d handle it within a week. I received personal call and email directly from the hotel that they were on it and would take care to match the club-level rooms that I’d previously reserved. Then yesterday, exactly a week after I called, the new confirmations came through. So much better than my re-booking experiences with Marriott and Hyatt.

  38. Meanwhile Marriott has gifted me a double downgrade from Titanium to Gold despite > 25 stays in 2019. Waiting to see if they’d follow in Hilton’s footsteps during this extraordinary times otherwise no more Marriotts for me and my family for life.

  39. By being first out of the gate here…Hilton has guaranteed my loyalty. This is how you do customer service. I am Diamond and will probably not have a problem making Diamond once this crisis is over. But…so nice not to have to worry about it.

    Can’t say “great job Hilton” enough…thank you!

  40. Most Airline and Hotel Programs do the same. Marriott, time to reconsider even following others is not too late better being hated.

  41. I would also note that Hilton first extended the weekend night certificate back on March 14th, which I thought was an incredibly generous gesture and at least in my case, generated enormous goodwill and esteem with Hilton. Far be it for me to tell folks how to run their businesses, I realize hotels are very capital intensive, but I can’t think this gesture costs Hilton much if anything in cash flow, yet has a long term positive impact on whom in theory are their most profitable guests. So kudos to Hilton, very well done!

    On the other side of the coin, I am still awaiting my refund from United for cancelled flights even though I have lifetime status (sorry for the “But I am a Diamond Guest” dykwia reference) while they continue to downgrade their product and loyalty experience.

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