Great HNL fares lead to…

a dozen FlyerTalkers going going to Hawaii on the same flights. United has some great fares to Hawaii right now, such as $300 from the west coast and $450ish from the east coast, so I booked TPA-IAD-ORD-SFO-HNL-SFO-ORD-IAD-TPA for around $480 for May, and have all my upgrades confirmed to premium cabins. While I wouldn’t have done it if I actually had to pay the full price, I had a $300 voucher, so for $180 it’s a pretty darn good deal. Unfortunately I will still have classes in May so can only stay for 26 hours, arriving at 7PM on a Friday and taking the redeye back on Saturday.

Of course going alone would be fun enough, especially to a destination like Hawaii, but wouldn’t it be fun to go as a group? FlyerTalkers, being the “I’m up for anything” group they are, quickly started holding the itinerary. In the end around a dozen of us will be heading to Honolulu on the same flights, and it looks to be a great time! We did a similar thing in January where 18 of us flew from LAX to IAD, overnighted in IAD, met up with more FlyerTalkers, and then flew IAD to LAX the next afternoon, all in Business Class.

If anyone else will be around May 16-17, feel free to join us! Otherwise look for the crazy people on UA77 and UA78 on the 16th and 17th, respectively.


  1. I never understand why people don’t consider their vouchers the equivalent of $$$ and feel they paid less if they use a voucher.

  2. Oh, I definitely do in a way. I would never buy a crappy base fare and then use the voucher to turn it into a good, deal, but if it’s a good deal to start and I use a voucher I’ll look at it as a win-win. Besides, I earn so many vouchers that most of my trips have vouchers of some amount involved.

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