Review: Grand Tirolia Hotel Kitzbuhel, Hilton Curio Collection

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I know many people are missing trip reports on the blog, so I wanted to post a review of a hotel I stayed at in Austria over the summer, which I haven’t gotten around to writing about until now.

For context on this trip, on the way back from Turkey we spent some time with my mom in Germany, since she was there for several months. In a separate post I reviewed the Andaz Munich, and in this post wanted to review another hotel we stayed at.

We spent a few nights at the Grand Tirolia Hotel Kitzbuhel, which is a Hilton Curio Collection property. For those not familiar with Curio Collection, this is Hilton’s upscale “soft” brand, meaning hotels can maintain their own individual branding while still participating in the Hilton ecosystem.

In other words, the hotels can still have a bit of character while benefiting from Hilton’s global reach and loyalty program.

Why Kitzbuhel, Austria?

Southern Germany and Austria are among my favorite parts of the world, thanks to the cute towns and mountains. I had visited Berchtesgaden several times in the past, and had heard a lot of people say great things about Kitzbuhel.

Kitzbuhel, Austria

For those not familiar with Kitzbuhel, it’s an Alpine Austrian town about 90 minutes from Munich, so it’s an easy car ride away. There’s nothing my mom loves more than fresh mountain air, so it seemed like a nice place to take her to spend a few days (mostly) outdoors.

Kitzbuhel is also popular for skiing, though I can barely walk without tripping, so that’s not really for me…

Kitzbuhel, Austria

Booking the Grand Tirolia Hotel Kitzbuhel

We booked two rooms at the Grand Tirolia Hotel, and paid cash, as the rate was 164EUR per room, which comes out to ~$200 per night. Ford and I are both Hilton Honors Diamond members thanks to the Hilton Aspire Card, which is probably my favorite hotel credit card thanks to the perks.

I often seek out Hiltons when booking two rooms, since I can book one room in each of our names, and then both rooms gets elite perks.

While I could have redeemed points here, I decided not to, since I would have gotten under 0.5 cents of value per point (and that’s what I value Hilton Honors points at).

By the way, it looks like Grand Tirolia Hotel has temporarily closed due to coronavirus. While the hotel’s website indicates that you can make reservations for future dates, all dates show as sold out for me, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

Grand Tirolia Hotel arrival, check-in, and lobby

We reached Grand Tirolia Hotel by car, which is the best way to do so, since it’s not exactly in the middle of town. When we stayed the hotel was offering limited service due to coronavirus, so there was no help with luggage or valet. That wasn’t an issue, as there was no cost to park our car in the garage, and we can easily handle our own luggage.

The 81-room hotel is set on a golf course, so there are also lots of people on the property for the day who are just there to golf.

Grand Tirolia Hotel Kitzbuhel exterior

Reception was located just inside the lobby. We were checked in within 10 minutes, and were even proactively offered suite upgrades for both rooms on account of Hilton Honors Diamond status. Sometimes proactive Diamond suite upgrades do happen, apparently. 😉

Grand Tirolia Hotel Kitzbuhel reception

The lobby had some seating to the right and a pool table.

Grand Tirolia Hotel Kitzbuhel lobby

Grand Tirolia Hotel Kitzbuhel pool table

Then there was also a lobby bar, but it was shut due to coronavirus.

Grand Tirolia Hotel Kitzbuhel lobby bar

Grand Tirolia Hotel Kitzbuhel lobby bar

There are several sets of elevators leading to guest rooms, as not all parts of the building are connected. The elevator for our room was to the far left of the building and down the hall from reception.

Grand Tirolia Hotel Kitzbuhel hallway

We were assigned room 132, which despite the name isn’t actually on the first floor. Rather it’s on the third floor, with the “one” referring to the part of the building we were staying in.

Grand Tirolia Hotel Kitzbuhel hallway

Grand Tirolia Hotel one bedroom suite

At well over 800 square feet I’d say our suite was huge. There was a large entryway with the living room to the right and the bedroom straight ahead. The room had wooden floors and felt rustic — I thought it had a pretty good sense of place, but in a somewhat generic way (if that’s not a total oxymoron).

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite entryway

The living room featured an “L” shaped couch, a dining table with four chairs, and a TV.

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite living area

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite living area

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite living area

Next to the dining table was a Nespresso coffee machine, as well as the minibar.

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite coffee machine

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite minibar

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite minibar

The minibar prices were as follows:

There was also a room service menu, though it was fairly limited due to coronavirus. It read as follows:

On the dining table was a welcome amenity consisting of two bottles of water, as well as a voucher for a free coffee and cake at the hotel’s main restaurant, which I thought was a nice gesture.

Grand Tirolia Hotel welcome amenity

Grand Tirolia Hotel welcome amenity

The bedroom featured a reasonably comfortable king size bed, with two separate duvets (as is the norm in much of Europe).

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite bedroom

There was also a seat and a TV across from the bed.

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite bedroom

The bathroom was off the hallway, and had double sinks, a tub, a walk-in shower, and a separate room with a toilet and bidet.

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite bathroom

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite bathtub

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite shower

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite bathroom

Toiletries were from Crabtree & Evelyn, as you’ll often find at Hiltons.

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite toiletries

The room had two lovely balconies overlooking the golf course and mountains in the distance.

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite balcony

Grand Tirolia Hotel suite view

I have nothing but good things to say about the room, in particular the value we got, given the upgrade.

Restaurant Grand Tirolia breakfast buffet

We received complimentary breakfast with our stay on account of Hilton Honors Diamond status. Breakfast was served in Restaurant Grand Tirolia, just off the lobby. There was plenty of seating, both indoors and outdoors. The weather was perfect, so we were thrilled to be able to sit outdoors.

Restaurant Grand Tirolia indoor seating

Restaurant Grand Tirolia outdoor seating

The hotel had a full-on breakfast buffet. This was the first time I had experienced that during the pandemic. While I realize buffets aren’t objectively that high risk (at least based on what I’ve read), it was still a bit of a shock to see. I’ll let the pictures of the food speak mostly for themselves.

Restaurant Grand Tirolia breakfast buffet

Restaurant Grand Tirolia breakfast buffet

Restaurant Grand Tirolia breakfast buffet

Restaurant Grand Tirolia breakfast buffet

Restaurant Grand Tirolia breakfast buffet

Restaurant Grand Tirolia breakfast buffet

Restaurant Grand Tirolia breakfast buffet

Unfortunately the only coffee option was the machines they had at the buffet, which I didn’t love.

Restaurant Grand Tirolia breakfast buffet

In addition to the buffet, a breadbasket was brought out each morning, and you could also order eggs on demand.

Restaurant Grand Tirolia breakfast bread

Restaurant Grand Tirolia breakfast omelet

Gasthaus Eichenheim Restaurant

Gashaus Eichenheim is a restaurant serving lunch and dinner. It’s on the premises of the hotel, but in a separate building. It’s a popular place for people to go after golfing for the day.

Grand Tirolia Hotel Gasthaus Eichenheim

The restaurant has a gorgeous outdoor terrace with mountain views.

Grand Tirolia Hotel Gasthaus Eichenheim

While the town of Kitzbuhel has so many cute restaurants, we did have drinks here a couple of afternoons, given the weather and fresh air. It was also a great place to work from.

The menu at the restaurant read as follows:

Grand Tirolia Hotel pool, gym, and spa

While we didn’t end up using it, Grand Tirolia has a fairly nice pool, gym, and spa, located in the main building.

Grand Tirolia Hotel spa

The pool is both indoors and outdoors.

Grand Tirolia Hotel pool

Grand Tirolia Hotel pool

Grand Tirolia Hotel pool

Unfortunately the gym had several people in it when I wanted to snap pictures, so I didn’t take any. I’d say it was pretty much in line with what you’d expect, and fairly decent. Below is a picture of the yoga room, at least.

Grand Tirolia Hotel yoga room

Grand Tirolia Hotel bottom line

We enjoyed our visit to Kitzbuhel. The town was cute, and this is a great getaway from Munich, given that it’s only about 90 minutes away by car.

As far as Grand Tirolia Hotel goes, the elite recognition was excellent, thanks to the upgrade and nice welcome amenity. I’d also say we got a pretty good deal for the rate we paid.

Other than that, though, this isn’t necessarily that amazing of a hotel that I absolutely need to return to. There are more charming hotels out there, and this is more of a golf resort than anything.

If I returned to Kitzbuhel I might try to stay at a hotel in town, since it’s nice to just be able to walk around without getting in a car. Then again, there are no points properties there.

Has anyone else visited Kitzbuhel and/or stayed at the Grand Tirolia Hotel? If so, what was your experience like?

  1. Tourism in Austria is currently forbidden until at least Mid-January. That’s most probably why the hotel seems “closed.”

    Only business travel is allowed under special circumstances.

  2. So Lucky when are you going to address the fact that you seem to have been back in the US since at least late November going from hubby and mother in law Instagram pages?

    Surely you have some new US hotel reviews since you went ski in Colorado I think it was?

  3. If you are back in that area in the summer again, I highly recommend Zel am See instead. Quieter, but so much nicer. I know you and Ford are into the outdoors and there is so much great hiking around there. Obviously the lake is gorgeous, too.

  4. You should visit lake Tegernsee next time your in the area (my hometown) it’s far less touristy then Kitzbuhel but really picturesque and got the advantage of the lovely lake being just at it. With also ski areas around.
    Also it’s Bavaria of course always a little nicer as Austria 😉
    Hmu for some insider tips here,
    also got points hotels here and a few fanatisch Wellness retreats

  5. “The bedroom featured a reasonably comfortable king size bed, with two separate duvets (as is the norm in much of Europe).”

    Two separate duvets is the norm in Germany or Scandinavia… but not in Latin countries or southern ones in Europe.

    I hate those two separate duvets!

  6. @Bob is correct in saying the two duvet thing is a decidedly nordic/central european thing, not typically found in Mediterranean Europe.

    I’ll respectfully disagree about hating it. I LOVE them; so much so that my wife and I have them at home now. It’s so nice not to wake up at 3am to find that my spouse has taken 3/4 of the king size duvet.

  7. @Bob
    Also in Belgium, for some bizarre reason.

    As a giant-sized human (height as well as width) I truly hate these single duvets. It means at least one side of me gets uncovered during the night, and I wake up freezing.

    Travelling for business I only sleep alone, and these single duvets are as irritating as being given a room with 2 double beds: why would I want two beds? Although it’s worse when they give me a room with two single beds. What is wrong with these people?

    (I was once given a room with three double beds, at an airport hotel in Gatwick. Though there was also a towel made into the shape of a swan, surrounded by a scattering of rose petals, so I suspect they had put me in the wrong room. Though I’m not clear why newlyweds would want three beds).

    I’ve discovered that in Belgium, at least, housekeeping will usually swap the two single duvets for an old-fashioned bed of double sheets and large blankets. Much more satisfactory. Though I try not to imagine when the blankets were last washed.

  8. Lucky. Thank you, I had no idea this existed and it’s only a 30 minute drive from my home! I can use my Hilton points…yeah!!

    Once I get by Pfizer jab, I look forward to lounging and people watching.


  9. Those particular duvets are German, NOT European. It’s only in Germany and Austria that those miserable excuses for bedding can be seen. I’m not big by any means , @ 6’ (183cm) and 165 ( 76kg), but invariably bits of me stick out from those wretched things…mostly feet. It defies belief that a country capable of so much great design can foist these monstrosities on their own people as well as tourists.
    They should be confiscated, turned into bedding for dogs, and replaced with more sensible options.

  10. Agree with the others, the two duvets are irritating. What makes things worse is that they often come with two mattresses, just pushed together …

  11. FWIW, buffets are no longer considered high risk. This is an airborne disease, not food-borne. The CDC and European health authorities have essentially done a 180 on the ability to get infected by touching surfaces. It turns out that the virus doesn’t live long on surfaces and generally not in sufficient quantities to make people sick. By in large, the handwashing and hand-sanitizer craze of the last few months was unnecessary and added very little as far as controlling spread.

  12. @MDA

    Yes, there is a fair amount of skiing in the area. Kitzbuhel is home to the most iconic ski race in the world, the Hahnenkamm downhill. The terrain there is no joke. That said, it’s not quite as expansive as some of the other famous Austrian ski destinations and it’s relatively lower in altitude.

  13. @MDA While it’s close to the mountains it’s a poor location for skiing as it’s quite far out of town & hence the lifts. You couldn’t walk it. I don’t even think the ski bus goes past. And if you note their website they don’t mention skiing except for a shuttle to the ski area – that alone would put me off entirely staying there for skiing/boarding.
    If you’re heading to Kitzbuhel you’d be better at somewhere like the Schwarzer Adler.

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