1. Lucky,

    Thanks. I’m using this right now. The coupon code was also printed on my Delta boarding pass as an ad – first time I found those ads useful.

  2. @ Chris FNT — I’m shocked they’d put the ad on the boarding pass, Chris! Thanks for the heads up.

    @ sam — I assume first time user means new account. 😉

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve got one last (for a while, presumably) flight on DL in 3 weeks and this will be nice to try out!

  4. They’ve been handing out free day passes at the gates in ATL. But they expire on 9/30. I’m glad they are following up with a different promo.

    I must say, the service is really nice. It almost makes me forget about the lack of meal in F!

  5. How do they define a session? If you close your laptop and it goes on standby, is that the end of your session? Is it for the duration of the flight?

  6. @gobluetwo — it’s actually pretty slick. You must have an account to use the service, even with the free code. So once you activate for the day, you’re good to know. You can reboot, change planes, etc. I’ve had 4 flights in one day and could use the same 1-day pass the entire time.

    Now the question is, if you buy a pass for 1 flight, does it really know when you are on a different plane later in the day? I expect it probably does, and is tied to the transmitter on the plane. Just my guess though.

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