Finnair Opens New Helsinki Business Lounge

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This past year Finnair has been working on refreshing their non-Schengen lounges at their Helsinki hub.

In June 2019, Finnair opened the Platinum Wing at Helsinki Airport, which is an exclusive new lounge for oneworld Emerald members. I reviewed the lounge recently, and was really impressed, as it’s a beautiful space.

Finnair Platinum Wing Helsinki

Finnair Platinum Wing Helsinki

With the opening of the Platinum Wing, we knew that Finnair would next open their new non-Schengen Business Lounge. Well, the lounge is now open (and American Airlines, take note: in the press release Finnair refers to this as their new “flagship” lounge).

New Finnair Business Lounge Basics

Lets start with the very basics of the new Finnair Business Lounge:

  • It’s located near gate 50, just like the Finnair Platinum Wing
  • The lounge is open daily from 5:30AM until 12AM
  • The lounge has seating for 600 guests, so combined the two lounges have capacity for 200 more guests than before
  • The lounge is open to all oneworld business class passengers and oneworld Sapphire members traveling to non-Schengen destinations; during off-peak hours access can also be purchased, either in advance or at the lounge

New Finnair Business Lounge Design & Dining

Finnair says that the new Business Lounge offers a series of new spaces to explore, and upgraded food and beverage options.

Here’s how Finnair describes the design of the new lounge:

The aesthetic of the new lounge complex marks the emergence of Finnair’s new design language which centres on Nordicness, simplicity, clean lines, natural materials and texture to provide a warmer and more “human” experience.

The furniture selection includes both modern and classic design pieces from esteemed Nordic brands that stand the test of time. For example, the entrance area features Eero Aarnio’s ball chairs.

Then here’s how the lounge’s design is described in terms of them having created different areas to hang out in:

The new lounge is broken up in a variety of smaller “pockets” aligned to different customer needs and activities. The deeper you go into the lounge, the quieter and more private it becomes. Several different seating options are available, ranging from social open banquet style seating suitable for groups through to more private solo seating. A new family pocket stocked with games and activities is available for those traveling with children.

There are power outlets at almost every seated position. Soundproof phone booths and printing facilities are also available. For those wishing to freshen up, five newly refurbished shower suites stocked with L:a Bruket cosmetics can be booked with a touchscreen reservation system.

Then here’s how the new food & drink selection is described:

Guests can taste the Nordics with a menu that features the best local produce in season. The lounge is operated in partnership with Finnish food provider Fazer, who will be preparing food in a new open kitchen concept which is coupled with a dedicated dining area. The rotating menu consists of a choice of three main courses with meat, fish and vegetarian options, six salads and a wide selection of desserts.

A new full-service bar will operate at peak times offering an enhanced range of beverages including premium alcohol and specialty coffees. Several drinks stations are dotted throughout the lounge, alongside a “quick coffee” area at the front of the lounge for those who are in a hurry.

Here are the pictures that Finnair shares of the new lounge:

Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki

Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki

Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki

Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki

Bottom Line

I loved Finnair’s new Platinum Wing, so if this lounge has a similar design, I think it’ll be fantastic. Frankly I thought Finnair’s old Business Lounge was great, so I imagine this will be even better.

The only people who lose with this new lounge are Finnair Plus Gold members. For a limited time they received access to the Platinum Wing until construction of the new Business Lounge was done, given crowding issues in the other lounge. That temporary access is no more, now that the new lounge is open.

  1. It surely looks nice.
    Too bad that Schengen-nonSchengen transfers or vv. are a total pain in that airport. It makes flying via HEL an unattractive option.

  2. As I said in the “Wing” review: Bizarre to me that an airline creates a lounge and excludes it from passengers traveling in the highest class of service it offers.

    As well, with reference to the recently opened Business Class lounge: Nordic or not, the upholstery looks dumpy.

  3. @ron not sure when you last went through but I was there on Thursday and the new transit security is a vast improvement on the old one that was open a year or so ago. Just breezed through.

    The platinum wing is pretty nice, comfy furniture and I like the design aesthetic. Very busy, but this may have been because it was the day before the business lounge opened. Bar is great, the food is very Finnish which is good for what it is as long as to like meat/fish and two veg.

  4. @Ed

    I had 2 transits there in May and June this year and both ways was an absolute disaster. Barely made the connections.

    If indeed they have renewed it recently then obviously my experience is outdated.

  5. I think it’s brilliant that Finnair has an exclusive lounge for their FF top tier and OWEs. Business Lounge looks good too.

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