Excellent Qatar Airways Business Class Fares From Asia to Europe

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While it’s very common to see cheap business class fares on Qatar Airways from Europe (especially Oslo and Stockholm) to Asia and beyond, it is rarer to see them in the reverse direction.

I recently wrote about how to save on mixed-cabin itineraries from Australia to Europe by choosing a separate cheaper Asia to Europe business class fare. Those carriers and routes I listed tended to be rather obscure, so obviously I would rather be flying the world’s best business class through Doha instead.

Well, Qatar Airways currently has some excellent business class fares from Jakarta to several destinations in Europe. The cheapest seem to be from Jakarta to Milan, Italy, for as low as USD$1,325 return, per person (which is less than GBP1,000!):

Flight to Barcelona, Spain and selected flights to Zurich, Switzerland are only around $100 more:

As you can see from some of those screenshots, their competitors are charging a lot more! You can search availability for these flights using Google Flights or ITA Matrix.

Which product(s)?

These flights are available on many dates from June until the end of November. As to which plane and product you can expect:

You may be lucky, but I would not expect any of these routes to receive QSuites by the end of November.

For those British Airways Executive Club members, these flights would credit as 140 tier points each, so 560 total, which is 40 short of Executive Club Silver status (Oneworld Sapphire). You will still need your four BA operated flights to qualify, which will make up the remaining 40 tier points anyway!

I would not consider these fares to be mistake fares, as they have been available for several days, and Qatar is known to regularly deeply discount premium fares from Europe to Asia and beyond, it’s just less common to see them in the other direction.

Bottom line

Qatar isn’t in everyone’s good books right now, but their in-flight product remains as class-leading as ever. If you want to fly the world’s best business class, and can’t snag a QSuites flight, this is in incredible offer.

Have you flown Qatar Airways business class before?

(Tip of the hat to Flyertalk)

  1. Good catch, thx!

    Pls note you have a small type: “For those British Airways Executive Club members, these flights would credit as 160 tier points each…”

    Should read “140 tier points each.”

  2. Well crud. I’m booked in QR economy on June 8 originating in CGK. I was pretty proud of myself having scored the ticket under $800 for a multi-city journey… but now I wish I’d booked a refundable rate since I found a $1300 fare to MXP on June 4.

  3. Thanks for this James – got a pair of tickets and combined fares / CGK – BCN – ZRH – CGK for 20m IDR (roughly 1450 USD). Just note the afternoon QR (141) is on a 787 as well, which is a better option than the 777 flight to avoid a longer layover. Return is A350 and 787 combination out of ZRH. Thank you.

  4. Coincidentally, I booked CGK-MXP return today for travel in July/August for AUD1792. Incredible.

  5. We caught the last awesome Qatar ex Asia sale fares from SGN. Qatar business class was overall excellent and a much nicer experience than our previous Etihad journeys.
    Highly recommended.

  6. SHAME on you!! for promoting this joke of an Airline after what they did to their Frequent Flyers

  7. @ BobNL – I would never recommended to credit these flights to Privilege Club hence why I didn’t mention this program in the article. I see the airline and the loyalty program as two very different things.

  8. @BobNL

    Tough to know which hurts Privilege Club members more

    -boycott Qatar Airlines to punish them for what they did to their FF club members… in which case they go bust and Privilege Club members lose everything. BUT all the other airlines will “learn” this trick

    -buy these fares, QR lives, and PC members keep their losses at 50% devaluation… but then we watch as all other airlines do the same (cough… Delta)

    Luckily for me I don’t have to worry about ut because the ME3 have no appeal for me and I have no desire to route through their hubs to save s few bucks

    Earn and a Burn, and mucho empathy to all PC members

  9. James (or Lucky) there’s quite a lot of talk (on flyertalk etc) that Qatar’s soft product especially catering and drink quality, is in the process of markedly detiorating — is there anything to this, in your opinion?

  10. I know this question is not related to this post but does anyone know if I can upgrade from premium economy to business on ANA using Turkish Miles and Smiles? The flight is from IAD to NRT. I looked at the Miles and Smiles webpage but to be honest the information is a bit confusing. In one area, it says that upgrades from Y to J can only happen on Turkish-operated flights but if you scroll down, they tell you how you can upgrade on other Star Alliance members. Any help will be appreciated.

  11. @Peter
    Won’t work. The rate on June 8 is 3x the price, and I’ve already made plans on those dates.

  12. How are people finding these low fares? Is someone trying every combination of start/finish cities, routings, airlines etc.? Whenever I use ITA Matrix I never find anything cheaper than direct out of LHR (my home airport).

  13. Thanks, Peter for the excellent news.
    I have tried to QR before, HKGPRG, vv with a great new route fare (not as good as this one) and I was greatly impressed with its both hardware and software products and services.

  14. @ Stuart – ex-LHR are rarely discounted. You need to check for some more unusual origins. I read the Premium Fare Deals forum on FlyerTalk every day – they are where the best ones are usually posted.

  15. @ James. Just as I said, for my searches I find direct from LHR the cheapest to my destinations of choice, never some other starting city, non-direct routing etc. So I wondered how others are finding these. Are people just searching randomly with many possible combinations and reporting when their find cheap fares?

  16. @ Stuart – what routes are you finding direct ex-LHR to be cheapest?!? Is it long-haul premium flights? Most of these deals originate from someone playing around on ITA matrix or Google Flights and stumbling across a particularly good deal and then being kind enough to share it on something like FlyerTalk.

  17. Didn’t saw the fares before, thanks on that! Would be even more fun if they would be available ex Europe to Jakarta 😉

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