YAY: EVA Air’s Amazing Hello Kitty Jet Is Now Flying To LAX!

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EVA Air offers one of the world’s best business class experiences. They have reverse herringbone seats, wifi, excellent food and drinks, and top notch amenities. Here’s a review I wrote about my experience flying with them last year from Los Angeles to Taipei.

While the EVA Air business class experience is ordinarily great, there’s one thing you can do to really elevate it. Specifically, you can book yourself on one of their Hello Kitty flights. EVA Air’s Hello Kitty flights are the greatest thing ever. I don’t think it really matters whether you like Hello Kitty or not, but you can’t help but appreciate their commitment to a theme. Everything about the experience is Hello Kitty themed.

There are special Hello Kitty check-in counters.

The plane is in a Hello Kitty livery.

The barf bags, snack mix, coasters, and (rose) champagne are Hello Kitty themed.

The menus, slippers, napkins, and pillows, are all Hello Kitty themed.

The food even has Hello Kitty elements.

There’s a big selection of Hello Kitty duty free items (and you can even buy the same apron that the flight attendants wear).

Even the toilet paper and the air freshener in the lavatory is Hello Kitty themed.

It’s basically the greatest thing ever, and if you haven’t taken a Hello Kitty flight, I can’t stress enough what a ridiculous(ly awesome) experience it is.

For those in the US, there’s some great news. EVA Air has just expanded their Hello Kitty service to the US.

Three of EVA Air’s weekly flights between Taipei and Los Angeles are now operating with Hello Kitty service. Specifically, BR6 from Taipei to Los Angeles on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and BR5 from Los Angeles to Taipei on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, now feature Hello Kitty service. In order to make this possible, EVA Air has taken the Hello Kitty jet off the Paris route. Au revoir, Hello Kitty!

This represents a Hello Kitty service resumption for LAX, as everyone’s favorite feline friend also flew to LAX in 2013-2014. I guess her dreams of becoming an actress/model/singer didn’t work out, but now she’s back for her second shot.

Los Angeles isn’t the only US destination to feature the Hello Kitty jet, as Chicago also gets some Hello Kitty service. BR56 from Taipei to Chicago on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and BR55 from Chicago to Taipei on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, have featured the Hello Kitty service for a while.

You can find out all the information about EVA Air’s Hello Kitty jet on this dedicated webpage. I’ve flown EVA Air’s Hello Kitty jet three times before, from Taipei to Singapore, Tokyo to Taipei, and Taipei to Los Angeles, so check out those trip reports for a sense of what to expect.

EVA Air isn’t great about making business class award seats available nowadays, though there is still some space. Redeeming just 75,000 LifeMiles for a Hello Kitty business class ticket between Los Angeles and Taipei is pretty tough to beat.

Who is rushing to book their Hello Kitty adventure to/from LAX?

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)

  1. I managed to get a Hello Kitty plane from TPE-SIN last year. What a great surprise! Even my wife, who normally hates Hello Kitty was loving it and many passengers were taking pictures of everything. It even comes with special boarding music and Hello Kitty themed videos. Flying can be a stressful experience, especially for families, and I can imagine how boarding a Hello Kitty jet can take the edge off, especially for nervous kids.

    That all said, while I liked EVA, I didn’t think it was as amazing as Lucky reviews. I actually preferred my Asiana long-haul business experience on that trip (barring the Hello Kitty jet!).

  2. I flew TPE-LAX on EVA air Hello Kitty 777 back in 2014 and loved it. I’m not rushing since I prefer nonstop flights nowadays but I’d definitely rush to book a flight once BR announces JFK as a Hello Kitty jet destination. One can only hope! hehe

  3. Aw, man. No Hello Kitty service on BR 15?

    Nothing worse than missing out on Hello Kitty shaped butter AND plowing into Mt. Wilson.

  4. It’s kitschy but cool. Flew this aircraft TPE- Sin and was cool for sure. The only thing about Eva rev herringbone seats is that they are a bit narrower than CX. For side sleeping – esp in the middle seats, my legs hit against the divider all the time. No such issues with the CX and AA seats. Soft product on EVA is miles ahead of CX and Aa and perhaps even SQ. And the hello kitty plane is just plane fun

  5. Ended up booking myself on BR55 to Taipei to fly the Hello Kitty flight specifically. I can’t wait to enjoy the Hello Kitty service, including the Rose Krug! Part of a way bigger itinerary through Asia. Ended up booking this through Aeroplan since they could connect me to Seoul through that flight. Should have been on to Singapore through Seoul and Tokyo but no availability TYO-SIN

  6. Am I correct that the Champagne is Krug Rose? I prefer the Grande Cuvée but still an impressive offering!

  7. EVA is by far my favorite airline, in every aspect. They have some of the most sincere crews in the world, their plane interiors are brand new (compare that to both cx first class I just took, which looked really tired) and the food is excellent. When they come over to yyz, I’ll jump into one of those in no time.

  8. EVA AIR’s Hello Kitty theme may by cute, but EVA AIR mishandled my check-in luggage and after 70 hours, I am still waiting for them! Instead of loading my 2 luggage bags on my flight from Taipei to LAX, they loaded them on a JFK bound flight. When they traced my bags and found them in JFK, they explained that my bags would have to go on the next EVA AIR JFK to Taipei flight then flown from Taipei to LAX. I was given a reference number to check on the status of my delayed luggage online via WorldTracer, but after the first 24 hours, there were no further updates. EVA AIR’s representatives who answered my calls gave me incorrect information, getting my hopes up then informing me that my bags did not arrive on the flight they had told me they were on. And my luggage bags were not on the next flight I was told they’d be arriving on, or the next. I arrived in LAX on Mar 25, 2018. Waited through Mar 26. Waited through Mar 27. And am still waiting today, Mar 28. EVA AIR has ruined 3 days of my vacation in the USA… so far. No amount of cuteness can compensate for that.

  9. @Valerie Choong
    It indeed sucks, I’ve had many luggage delays, AF used to be the champion until I started using American Express. They give you a $500.00 allowance if your bags are lost for I guess more than 12 hours. Since I started using Amex, no more lost bags, it brought me good luck I guess.
    Air Canada lost my wife’s bags 11 years ago, when we got married and she moved here to Canada. All her brand new clothes gone. It sucks, but it’s part of life 🙁

  10. I transfered 80,000 TYP to EVA to try the HK flight from TPE to ORD. I got waitlisted for 5 months and it didn’t get clear until 3 days prior to departure. Luckily, my schedule was flexible so I wasn’t to worried.
    Your review made me slightly disappointed with mine since there was no HK in the bathroom at all. They also changed the napkins so HK is not as prominent as your photos. Overall, it was still a great flight. The amenities for a business class are unmatched.

  11. I am so glad that this aircraft returns to west coast! I had been trying to catch a Hello Kitty flight for several years but the schedules didn’t work out for me.

  12. I can’t believe this appeals to grown adults — do not get the whole infantilization thing at all.

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