Thai Airways’ Very Different Flight To Nowhere: Chant Buddhist Mantras Over 99 Holy Sites

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We’ve seen a countless number of airlines operate “flights to nowhere” for those who really want to fly, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this

Thai Airways’ flight for worshippers

The Bangkok Post reports that Thai Airways will be operating a special “flight to nowhere” on November 30, 2020. Well, it’s a flight to nowhere in the sense that it will land at the same airport it took off at. However, the flight will be full of worshippers, and fly over 99 holy sites across 31 provinces.

Passengers will receive souvenirs that include a prayer book and a Buddha amulet, which will come in handy, because passengers will be chanting Buddhist mantras for much of the flight.

This is part of Thai Airways’ new “Magical Flying Experience” campaign, which is intended to bolster the tourism sector in line with the government’s policy.

Wiwat Piyawiroj, Thai Airways’ EVP of Commercial Operations, says that “there will be no landing during the flight and passengers will receive positive energy from chanting while onboard.”

The flight will take roughly three hours, taking off at around 1:30PM and returning at around 4:30PM. It will both depart from and arrive at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Tickets for the special flight are now on sale, and the cost is around 10,000 THB (~322 USD) in business class and around 6,000 THB (~193 USD) in economy.

Bottom line

We’ve seen several airlines operate flights to nowhere, though not without controversy, given environmental concerns. While I agree with that in general, I also recognize that many people are in countries with fully closed borders and no travel opportunities.

However, we’ve never seen anything quite as specific as Thai Airways’ concept, which is targeted at worshippers.

(Tip of the hat to Christopher R)

  1. @Lucky at the end of the year you should do a virtual awards show for the most creative ways airlines have generated extra revnue during this crisis. So many things we never expected in January this year have happend in the travel industry!

  2. One thing I’ve wondered about these “nowhere” flights that do have a sightseeing aspect – do they circle over sites for a bit, and in both directions so both sides can see, or do they literally just fly over them and then on to the next? And do they fly at lower altitudes for better views?

  3. Some of the comments are funny. Just because you don’t respect/have your god/religion doesn’t mean you are free to do the same to others (god/religion). Well, buddhist may not known for beheading nowadays, but imposing your own value of joke/banter to others really showed your level of education and manners, or the lack of thereof. Lol.

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