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A couple of weeks ago Etihad Airways announced that they’d be introducing new amenity kits in longhaul first and business class as of August 23, 2018. These new kits are made in conjunction with Acqua Di Parma.

While they made a nice-looking promotional video about the kits at the time, it didn’t actually contain much information regarding the contents.

Yesterday I received a package from Etihad containing their new amenity kit. The package actually caught me off guard, because they didn’t even tell me they were going to send it.

Let me once again emphasize that I don’t take comps from airlines (I pay for all my own travel), and don’t have financial relationships with any airlines, so I’ll gladly share my unbiased thoughts on the new kit, especially given that it isn’t even publicly available yet.

What’s in Etihad’s new amenity kits?

Before I share my thoughts on the kit I was sent, I wanted to first link to this page, which shares the detailed contents of the amenity kits in each cabin:

The new business class amenity kit includes:

Colonia 1.5ml.
The signature fragrance of the Acqua di Parma universe radiates bright, citrus notes of golden, Italian fruit.

Colonia Hand Cream 10ml.
A brand new Acqua di Parma creation, this light, rapidly absorbed emulsion combines apricot kernel oil, panthenol and shea butter to provide a protective and soothing action, enhanced by the fresh, crystal clear notes of Colonia.

Comfort Items
Our Business Class amenity kit will have a variety of comfort items, including Eye shade, Socks, Toothbrush and Toothpaste. On request, guests can also ask our crew for a Shaving kit, Comb & Ear plugs.

The new first class kit includes:

Colonia 5ml.
A miniature version of the classic Acqua di Parma Colonia fragrance in the iconic Art Deco bottle. With its subtle citrus notes, the fragrance is a timeless classic: the symbol of casual and genuine Italian elegance.

Colonia Lip Balm 3ml.
A light and precious formula with shea butter and vitamin C, to make the lips feel beautifully soft.

Colonia Body Lotion 40ml.
A light, velvety emulsion, fragranced with the subtle notes of Colonia. This rapidly absorbed Body Lotion is enriched with jojoba oil, to leave skin deeply moisturised, and pleasantly soft and smooth.

Comfort Items
Our First Class amenity kit will have a variety of comfort items, including Eye shade, Socks, Toothbrush and Toothpaste. On request, guests can also ask our crew for a Shaving kit, Comb & Ear

Historically the Residence doesn’t have amenity kits. That’s because the experience is meant to replicate what you’d experience in a hotel, where products are just available on demand, rather than a traditional flight experience. Going forward, the following amenities will be available in the Residence:

Colonia Pura 20ml.
A modern and light fragrance, embodying pure Italian joie-de-vivre and breathing new light into the citrus structure of Colonia, presented in the iconic Art Deco bottle.

Magnolia Nobile 20ml.
A charismatic, refined and feminine eau de parfum with the crystalline tones of bergamot, lemon and citron, blending with the intensity of a rich bouquet of flowers, the absolute protagonist of which is the vibrant magnolia.

Colonia Lip Balm 3ml.
A light and precious formula with shea butter and vitamin C, to make the lips feel beautifully soft.

Colonia Glycerin Soap 50gr.
A delicate, elegant and gently-rounded soap made using ancient handcrafting techniques, embossed with the royal coat of arms of the Duchy of Parma. The formula is enriched with the soothing properties of glycerine, whilst the silky texture of the soap creates a soft foam that releases the crystalline citrus notes of Colonia.

Colonia Amenity Kit 40ml.
A selection of products that recreate the dazzling ambience of Colonia. The Shower Gel is formulated with wheat protein, aloe vera and coconut oil to gently cleanse the skin, leaving it delightfully fresh and perfumed. The Shampoo is rich in active ingredients for a restructuring effect for all hair types, leaving hair looking shiny, and feeling soft and easy to comb. The Conditioner restores tone and vitality to hair, thanks to a high concentration of deeply penetrating nutrients. The body lotion completes the Acqua di Parma ritual with a sensation of freshness and relaxation.

My experience with Etihad’s new amenity kit

While it wasn’t explicitly stated, based on the contents I believe that what Etihad sent me was the first class amenity kit, so I didn’t get the business class kit.

Generally I’m a fan of the new kit, and think it represents an upgrade — I like the color and material, as it feels high quality.

The kit has a toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs, eyeshades, socks, a shaving kit, a comb, lip balm, body lotion, and some cologne.

The cologne is in a tiny 5ml bottle, and it’s one of those bottles where you “dab” rather than spray. I’m not sure how I feel about all first and business class passengers getting cologne. The scent is really, really strong, and having dabbed a bit several hours ago, I still smell it. Multiply that by dozens of people (since I imagine many people will be curious to try the scent), and that could be a very strong smell in the cabin.

Etihad also sent me the cologne that I assume will be available in the Residence, which is in a larger 20ml bottle. There’s a fragrance for both men and women. Again, the scents are super strong, though at least getting a bottle like this that you can take home is a nice touch.

Bottom line

I’ve always thought Etihad’s amenity kits were sub-par, so these new Acqua Di Parma kits are a nice improvement. At least the first class kit is stylish and feels high quality, and I quite like the contents. I’m still a bit skeptical about giving every premium passenger cologne, especially since the Acqua Di Parma scents aren’t exactly subtle.

But overall I have to give Etihad a thumbs up on this. Even though they’re generally cost cutting, they’ve made some nice first class improvements lately, including introducing caviar in A380 first class, and also rolling out new pajamas.

What do you make of Etihad’s new first class amenity kit, and of them offering all premium passengers cologne?

  1. How do they know your address? And who you are?

    This makes all your Etihad reviews compromised going forward even if you do not take comp from them.

    You might as well go full trump now and sleep with a few porn stars too.

  2. We stayed at the Gritti Palace in Venice last year and they stocked their baths with the same Acqua di Parma products. At first I also found the scent a bit strong, but it began to grow on me. The Gritti Palace had the scent wafting through it as most of the guests were certainly using the products, so I completely agree with your concern about it filling the Biz and 1st cabins on a long-haul flight.

  3. The Sougha kit you pictured was phased out 2 years ago(though it’s still one of my favorites). They have Christian Lacroix ones currently.

    Acqua di Parma is also a massive downgrade from Le Labo

  4. Hi Lucky,

    That’s an old amenity kit they currently have Christian Lacroix kits in both male and female designs.

  5. Came here to ask the exact same question as @debit. If this was really unsolicited, how did Etihad come to have your address to send this to you? Even if they somehow had your address from a previous transaction (though I don’t recall ever needing to provide a mailing address for ticket purchases) are they allowed to use it for marketing purposes?

  6. Do you think EY will sell this amenity kit to economy pax too? And I agree with the other commenters that the photo you posted is the old one. Back in late 2016 EY changed their first class amenity kit to Lacroix from le Labo.

  7. We flew fra-auh-cmb last week with the auh-cmb aector being a real night flight arriving at 3.30 am in business and we did not receive any amenity kit on the two flights. Not that we need any but it felt abit cheap conpared to other airlines

  8. How many actually take their amenity kits from the plane? My friends and I leave them behind – no point in cluttering our lives.

  9. Is the cologne unisex? That would be a waste for me, if not. I do like the yellow bag though. I wish airlines would go away from smellier stuff. Whatever Delta has in their bathrooms makes my allergies flare up.

  10. To a greater or lesser extent we’ve all been sucked in by this bullshit , and I’m more guilty than most in that regard. Dior, Chanel, Lanvin, YSL, Patou. 99.99% snob appeal and slick marketing. Other brands target Millennials.
    The reality , proven time after time, is that simple $2 lanolin is the most effective skin care treatment. Scents might be a bit more complex.
    A hundred years ago Helena Rubinstein became the wealthiest women in the world by flogging a combination of cheap products, including bleach, but marketed as something miraculous from the Carpathian Mountains ( and all the while made by a chemical company in Melbourne, where she started out).
    But ,just like champagne and caviar, for the airlines ,snob appeal still sells.

  11. Ethicalconsumer.org rates Acqua di Parma very poorly. I don’t know how accurate that is but, since you are effectively reviewing cosmetics and perfume here, I am disappointed that your review only covers a subjective view on the smell rather than you asking Etihad and then reporting a) whether any of the products use microbeads b) whether any palm oil component is ethically sourced from sustainable resources and c) whether any of the products were tested on animals.

    As others he said, reviewing a complimentary kit is somewhat disquieting but what worries me is that you didn’t then probe into the sort of ethical issues which will matter to some (many?) passengers. It makes it appear that you don’t want to risk a cosy relationship with Etihad by asking difficult questions.

  12. @ Traveler — You’re absolutely right that it would be nice if airlines sourced things ethically, but I’m not sure why I’d specifically be concerned about the amenity kit? At that point with every review I’d have to do a deep dive into how the seat materials were sourced, how the meat and dairy products were sourced, and much, much more. That’s just not something that I can realistically take on in the context of reviewing airlines.

  13. Amenity kits are just the equivalent of in-flight dining compared to dining on the ground – rubbish. Just bring your own trusted amenities for a comfortable flight (and eat a nice meal at a good restaurant before heading to the airport).

  14. The most amazing amenity kit by a long way are the Emirate kits in business class. Nothing comes close.

  15. @Lucky, the difference is twofold.

    Firstly you were sent the amenity pack to review and it seems very likely that Etihad hoped – probably expected – that you would review it. Essentially you are being set up to give them free advertising unless you dug into it properly.

    Secondly, you have commented on things like the employment practices of airlines you fly. Digging into the ethics of the amenity pack when you dedicate a review to it is the equivalent.

    So, sorry, I genuinely feel not asking the obvious environmental questions was a sell out to Etihad.

  16. I would add that several countries now ban the sale of products containing microbeads. It is a big deal.

  17. I think that the approach of breaking two mere trips in 567367 articles has provided all the possible contents and exhaust many readers come on Guy, did you get tired of travelling?
    This Toiletry article is so far funny, maybe you can enhance It saying if your skin is more moisturized after using :)))

  18. I will have to agree that I came to this blog for reviews and it really being taken over by credit cards and a million other posts. Just review flights. Ease off on the obscure airlines no one travels on and just review buisness products. Lots more trans atlantic as well.

  19. Lucky where do you live? since you fly so much is your home base florida with your parents or with Ford?

  20. Wow
    Lay off the guy
    He’s just doing a review on something he received.
    Everyone takes things so serious.
    Keep up the good work Lucky
    Really enjoy reading your reviews as a traveller of all classes on Etihad in the past.
    I’d be stoked to receive one of those kits in the post by the way.

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