Etihad Introduces New First Class Loungewear Concept

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Many airlines offer their first class passengers complimentary pajamas, both so they can get more comfortable onboard, and also so they can take something home to remember their flight. However, one airline is replacing traditional pajamas with new loungewear that they want you to mix-and-match with other clothing long after your flight, and maybe even wear in public.

Specifically, Etihad Airways is introducing new loungewear, which will be available on select flights in first class and in The Residence. This new clothing was designed by “A Friend Of Mine By Xpoze,” an Emirati fashion brand. The new loungewear design is intended to have strong Emirati influences, working with traditional patterns, accents, and local colors, while being contemporary and trendy.

To maximize comfort, the new clothing is made of anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic materials, and is crease-resistant and breathable.

Here’s what Etihad’s VP of Guest Experience, Linda Celestino, has to say about the new loungewear:

The innovative and striking designs follow the same attention to detail and design principles held by Etihad.

The creations are high-quality, wearable on your flight for relaxing or sleeping, yet simple and stylish enough to be matched with other items of clothing for everyday wear.

By doing so, we also present our guests with a long-lasting and valuable memento of their experience with us. This is something uniquely Etihad and reinforces our position as the airline of innovation and choice.

Here’s a video showcasing the new offerings:

What’s cool about this loungewear is that the designer was picked through a competition that Etihad held last year. To support fashion in the UAE, Etihad launched a competition to find a local designer who could come up with the best concept, and that’s how they decided on this.

Personally I like the idea Etihad is going for here, as they’ve developed something that is supposed to be wearable not just while sleeping. I have a bad habit of going to hotel lobbies before 5AM in my pajamas trying to find my first cup of coffee, so as far as I’m concerned airline pajamas are already wearable in public. 😉 If they give me something more fashionable, I’m sure those working the night shift at hotels I stay at will appreciate it. Unfortunately I suspect most of us (myself included) won’t look quite as dashing in these as the models they used in the video.

What I can’t speak to yet is the quality of the new loungewear, and that’s also where I’m skeptical. If Etihad actually wants people to wear these after their flight, they better be high quality. Given tight airline budgets, I have to question the materials being used. Who knows, perhaps they’ve been able to create something great here.

I look forward to getting a pair of these on my next longhaul Etihad flight.

What do you make of the concept Etihad is going for here?

  1. @Brian – absolutely not! You’d be fined at a minimum, arrested and caned in a public square in the worst case scenario! It’s Singapore, a FINE city!!!

  2. What did it cost to produce that silly video?

    Seriously, I do not know how to justify the per unit cost they must have incurred for freaking pajamas.

  3. I’m not sure the two featured models are typical for the age profile and body shape of the usual customers…

    The video seemed to feature their sunglasses and high-heeled shoes more than the actual clothes – which looked like the shapeless sacks I’d expect if they’re actually to fit the usual customer.

    Most airlines seem to think polyester is a luxury material. Unless these clothes are in linen or silk or technical merino wool or, at worst, cotton, they just won’t cut it.

    But at least they’re having a go, I guess.

    I think the medieval city of Norwich was the first to adopt the slogan to describe itself of “A fine city”, which it’s used for ~a century. Though not fine in the sense you use.

  4. Looks amazing but anything looks good on those two models. The rest of us would probably look like we put on black curtains before heading to the park Hyatt.

  5. AHAHAHA! Is this a joke? The models don’t look very emirati to me. It’s CRAZY how clueless brand&marketing departments manage to convince upper management to WASTE MONEY in such silly campaigns and products. PAJAMAS?? Time to get real.

  6. Bring back the pyjama or improved its quality..for business class as well. This new concept is not winning me over, the opposite is happening..I am visualizing some pax with these lounge wear on board and it is not a great picture!! Yeah, I want to see some courageous pax who will voluntatily wear them through the airports of the world in such a way..looks more drug addict generation goin to their next joint party..
    Yeah, EY you are definitely going down..while WY and GF are goin up!

  7. @ The nice Paul – If you’re referring to “it’s” in the sentence about Norwich, “it’s” is the proper use of the contraction for “it has.”

    So you should be good there.

  8. “Traditional patterns and colors”
    Etihad have used a brown plain top and bottom. That’s it . How is this even supposed to represent any sort of pattern, if it’s so generic?

  9. They probably did extensive tailoring to fit the models better in the video. I’m sure the actual product will be much baggier to accommodate the typical first class passenger.

  10. @BradC
    Indeed, not a great look in XXXXL
    But the idea is right; lounge wear is more suitable for planes and in any case many millennials like to sleep in this style.
    A good move by Etihad.

  11. “…so as far as I’m concerned airline pajamas are already wearable in public.”

    Once, or twice, lol.
    I love wearing pajamas in public, but I hate being judged about it.

  12. I actually think EY needs to concentrate more on its amenity kits–they are quite awful for long-haul F standards. Heck, many airlines give significantly nicer amenity kits in J already.

  13. Sorry Lucky, but EY are now a massive disappointment. You should know they’re cutting their destinations ie Perth, Australia is one and also their Fleet. Cut backs in the F Lounge don’t forget. How can you show your loyal customers, I am one and would love to continue and then showcase new Pyjamas that’ll be available? Don’t forget, Y passengers will soon be able to buy these! As you can already buy F amenity kits.

    I’m jumping to Qatar and leaving EY/VA. Real shame and I’m sad to go.

  14. How do I buy? Just flew Etihad first class and is the real deal… would like another set of pajamas for my soul mate…..

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