Ethiopian’s 767 Business Class Is Getting An Update

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A few years ago I had the opportunity to fly Ethiopian Airlines from Beijing to Frankfurt — the flight from Beijing to Addis Ababa was operated by a 787, while the flight from Addis Ababa to Frankfurt was operated by a 767.

Ethiopian’s 787 business class product at the time

Ethiopian Airlines has nicely updated their fleet over the past few years, not just in terms of the planes they have, but also in terms of the onboard product. For example, in 2015 they finally started introducing a flat bed business class product on their 787s, which was overdue. At this point I believe all (or at least most) of their 787s feature these new seats.


However, it looks like that’s not the only plane that Ethiopian is upgrading. Ethiopian has shared on social media that they’ve introduced a new business class product on their 767 as well. These are fully flat seats that are slightly different than their 787 product. The seats are a bit on the narrow side, as you’d expect when you have a 767 business class product in a 2-2-2 configuration. They look like a huge improvement over the old product.

However, this is no doubt a huge improvement over their old 767 business class product. I believe they had several varieties of 767 business class seats, as they acquired most of these planes from other airlines and largely didn’t bother changing the interiors. For example, the 767 flight I took had some pretty outdated recliner seats.

It was my understanding that Ethiopian was planning on retiring their 767s in the next few years, though I guess that’s not happening if they’re now reconfiguring the planes.

Ethiopian has a fleet of five 767s, and as of now I wouldn’t count on all five of them having the new product. While I haven’t been able to get a straight answer, my guess is that they posted this after reconfiguring the first 767, and hopefully the next few are reconfigured over the next several months.

  1. Have it from a reliable source that Ethiopian fleet will all be like flat and their aim is to take SAAs place as they dwindle.

  2. Great news! I’m flying the ET 767 redeye to DEL in a month, so I’ll hope I get lucky and get a good night’s sleep.

  3. I took ET after 5 years in April 2017 and was pleasantly surprised how overall products improved. No more tray service (rather placing each plate and cutlery on a mat) and crew were among the best I had in Business. In Economy too the service was quite pleasant and meal quality good, except they’ve cut out dessert and instead serving an energy bar. Their future looks exciting.

  4. actually I think there are 2 versions of the 787 seat. The latest is like what you saw on Air Maroc, so if correct the 767 seat is better

  5. Only ET-ALP has the new flat seat on the 767s so far and only since the last few days.

    If I had to guess, I’d say ALJ and ALO will also get these in due course, but AMF and AMG won’t.

  6. @Hiro – The energy bar has replaced the desert last year only for “Hot Snack” services from outstations but not on lunch/dinner services or on flights from Addis. There has also been a reduction in main choice for the HSN services from 2 meats + 1 veggie to 1 meat + 1 veggie. HLD services continue to offer 2 meat choices. You can tell the HSN from HLD because HSN serves on 1/2 ATLAS trays while HLD usually serves on 2/3 ATLAS (but this is not always in stone as some routes back-cater with HLD on 1/2).

  7. @Stu – With all due respect, ET has long eclipsed SAA as the leading airline in Africa. They run a larger and younger fleet, serve significantly more destinations both within and outside Africa and provide much more consistent service. Not to mention they are actually profitable. 🙂

  8. @Lucky – 9 of the 19 787s have flat bed seats now.

    77L : 6/6
    77W : 4/4
    788 : 9/19
    359 : 5/5
    763 : 1/5

    Total : 25/39 long haul aircraft with flat bed seats (10 with 160-angled, 4 with recliners)

  9. @Sean, thanks for the update. I was curious because on earlier ADD-CPT a dessert was served, but not out of JNB (even departing at 13:10 the meal is called a hot snack). On a flight to BOM there was again no dessert served even though it was an ADD-originating hot snack. I didn’t know ET served three choices in entrĂ©e or meals on 2/3 Atlas tray – at least not on flights to India and South Africa.

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