Emirates Recruiting Flight Attendants In Atlanta

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There’s no denying that the “big three” Middle Eastern airlines do a lot of things out of pride.

For example, Emirates used to be the only Middle Eastern carrier flying to Dallas. Then Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways launched service to Dallas within months of one another. With capacity between the regions tripling, what was Emirates’ response? To add even more capacity, by putting an A380 on the route. The flight is almost always empty, but they fly it to Dallas because they can.


Right now we’re of course seeing a big fight between the US and Middle Eastern carriers over Open Skies. While the US carriers had a valid point at first, they’ve turned into irrational crybabiesin particular Richard Anderson, Delta’s CEO.

Meanwhile the response from Middle Eastern carriers has largely been to just toy with US carriers, and in particular to add more service to the US. Because… why not?

In a way, the spat between carriers can best be summed up by this (hilarious) YouTube video:

I suppose this is only a logical extension, but next week Emirates will be recruiting cabin crew in Atlanta, Delta’s home. Via Global Atlanta:

Emirates Airline, the Dubai-based carrier, is coming to the home of the world’s busiest airport to recruit some of the 5,000 new flight attendants being hired as a part of its global expansion this year.

The company is holding an information session in Atlanta May 30, promising to outline the benefits these potential members of the “cabin crew team” would get by moving to Dubai, a cosmopolitan trade and commerce hub in the Middle East.

The “open day” will be held May 30 at 9 a.m. at the Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel. Applicants can register to attend online at  www.emirates.com/careers.

It could be a coincidence that Emirates is recruiting in Atlanta, though I highly doubt it. My guess is that this is a further attempt by Emirates to piss off Delta (and for good reason… if I were them I’d want to annoy Richard Anderson as well!).


As part of the Open Skies debate the US carriers have slandered the Middle Eastern carriers’ treatment of staff. While Qatar Airways should be ashamed for how they treat cabin crew, the same isn’t true at Emirates. I have several friends who are cabin crew at Emirates, and they’re treated very well. While they’re held to very high standards and do a lot of flying, they have nice accommodations in Dubai, and have a lot more freedom than Qatar Airways crews.

Do you think Emirates is recruiting in Atlanta just to piss off Delta, or…?

(Tip of the hat to Daryl)

  1. Just curious, will they reject or discourage candidates of Jewish faith in this selection process based on their faith?

    Wouldn’t they be violating some non-discrimination laws if they do?

  2. @PennAdam

    They are recruiting for positions in DXB, and probably hiring under local laws there. Not under US laws.

  3. Hi Lucky..
    Thanks for the blog! I really like reading your blog..its fun and informative!

    I just wanted to ask is there a source or a cite when you say Emirates is flying their A380s empty! And you have said something like this quite often in your other articles. I just got confused because Emirates claims that their average load factors are above 70% if I am not wrong. I would love to read your source too! I am really interested in that..like reading response received for each route for all major airlines.

    Anyways, keep up the great work!

  4. Next thing you know, Richard Anderson will accuse all the women who sign up for this to be traitors and tried for treason.

  5. Hopefully Emirates will start service to Atlanta soon, preferably at least twice daily, with one flight stopping in Europe. That would make Delta apoplectic.

  6. @PennAdam, Emirates has plenty of Jewish employees. The UAE has no issue with Jews, but rather does not maintain diplomatic relations with the State of Israel. You can even order Kosher meals on Emirates flights.

  7. I hope Emirates comes to Atlanta like Qatar. I’m not too happy with being a hub captive. Will make it super easy to get to the middle east and south Asia!

  8. They actually are recruiting pilots in Delta as well. For some reason, some algorithm must think I’m a pilot because I see the Emirates Pilot recruitment ads for Atlanta pretty much on a daily basis…..

  9. I’m also wondering where the source to this load factor is. I don’t doubt it, just curious though. Also, an acquaintance I know and his partner moved to AUH to work for Etihad, corporate. One of them was recently visiting the states and told my friend that Etihad is hemorrhaging money and the two of them are looking to cut their time there short and move on. Are you aware of any of this from any of your contacts?

  10. How many flight attendants does Delta hire in London? Or Paris? Or Milan?

    Food for thought as to which airline is a better global citizen.

  11. @ Good Service: DL has numerous overseas bases and has for many years, as did the former NWA. DL employs people of all nationalities both within the U.S. and aboard.

    DL is a large owner (49% stake) in Virgin Atlantic Airways, based in London which employs THOUSANDS of UK workers.

    Really need to educate yourself before making statements like that and looking foolish.

  12. @ Amar6 — They are losing a ton of money, but ultimately they’re fine with that. At the end of the day the airline’s motives aren’t financial profits, but to contribute to the infrastructure of Abu Dhabi.

  13. @ John — Have that info from sources I know at Emirates. And if you look at the actual seatmaps day of departure, you’ll see the planes are consistently empty out of Dallas.

  14. Josh G – in order to work for Delta you have to be a US citizen. With respect to VS – obviously they are going to employ primarily Brits, it’s a Brit airline!!

  15. Emirates had been hiring in the us long before this spat started. In fact they’re recruiting from the US more than most other countries. There is a growing group of Atlanta natives working among the several hundred Americans working as cabin crew for Emirates

  16. I hope this means Emirates will add Atlanta as a destination soon. Atlanta really needs more good airlines operating flights. The choice now is pretty slim.

  17. Flights to and from the USA are not empty.
    Data is freely available and independently verified.
    80+% is very good usage – over 3 classes.

  18. After reading this article and the comments afterward, I decided to do a random check on the seat occupancy on Emirates from Dallas -> Dubai -> Dallas on 5/28/2015 from expedia.com, For May 29th departure Dallas –> Dubai, Economy class had only 29 empty seats on the A380 out of 396 available seats(%93 occupancy). For June 1st return flight Dubai –> Dallas, Economy class had only 107 empty seats on the A380 out of 396 available seats(%73 occupancy)….All counting was done manually and the flights haven’t taken place yet,,,,These are pretty good number for a random selection…if anyone got any other solid numbers then please share them with us.

  19. You freely admit that the middle east carriers dont care about making profit and dont need to. Thats one of the main issues that we at US airlines have with them: they dont need to make a profit because they are vastly subsidized. We actually have to sink or swim on our own and our government is letting state sponsored airlines come in and undercut us. Its against our open skies policy and has the great potential to hurt many, many thousands of American jobs.

    Lastly, Emirates is definitely not poaching US pilots from the majors. Maybe a few here and there from regionals and guys on the margins of, the industry but those with a good company in the US aint leavin.

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