Emirates New 777-200LR Business Class Seats Revealed

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Last November we first learned about some changes that Emirates is making to their fleet of 10 Boeing 777-200LR aircraft. Historically these planes are in a three cabin configuration, featuring first class, business class, and economy. Emirates’ plan was to reconfigure these planes in a two cabin configuration, which would allow them to increase the seat count from 266 to 302.

Emirates’ old 777 business class

Perhaps most interestingly, Emirates would go from offering seven seats per row in business class on the 777-200LR to offering six seats per row, thereby eliminating the middle seat (which is long overdue). I’ve been curious all along if Emirates was planning on introducing a slightly modified seat, or if they were just going to have wider aisles.

Now we know, as Emirates has just revealed their new 777-200LR business class cabin, in a 2-2-2 configuration. The plane features 38 business class seats and 264 economy seats.

Emirates has chosen to use the same general design for the seats as on their new 777-300ERs, though they claim that the new seats are two inches wider. Personally I’m a bit skeptical of that based on the pictures, so I’ll have to try them myself, I guess. It’s also interesting that Emirates has removed the bins from the center of the cabin, to create a more spacious feel. The seat features 72″ of pitch and goes fully flat, and has an IFE screen that’s 23″ wide.

Emirates’ new 777-200LR business class

Emirates has also added another unique feature to their 777-200LRs. These planes feature a small business class social area, featuring snacks and drinks that passengers can help themselves to during the flight. Obviously this isn’t to the level of Emirates’ A380 onboard bar, though it’s something. My only concern is that there don’t seem to be any privacy partitions between this and the rest of the cabin. In reality I suspect this will be more of a “grab & go” area rather than an area for socializing.

Emirates’ new 777-200LR business class

Emirates has also updated the economy cabin on their 777-200LRs, to feature the latest color palette.

Emirates’ new 777-200LR economy class

Emirates claims that they invested over 150 million USD to refurbish these 10 planes. The new plane will go into service as of tomorrow, March 6, to Fort Lauderdale.

Bottom line

Emirates’ new 777-200LR business class looks like a nice improvement over their old 777 business class. While Emirates has a nice business class product on the A380, the 777 is the backbone of their fleet, and has featured a lackluster business class seat. Emirates still doesn’t have direct aisle access from every seat in business class, but they can get away with it.

Even though the seat is only slightly different than their old business class seat, I’d say this is a significant improvement, thanks to the lack of a middle seat. Hopefully the seats actually are two inches wider, though I’m a bit skeptical. I also like that they eliminated the overhead bins in the center of the cabin, as long as that doesn’t lead to a shortage of space (it shouldn’t).

What do you make of Emirates’ new 777-200LR business class?

(Tip of the hat to Varun)

  1. Seems strange they don’t just put the staggered seats from the A380 on the 777 (like many other airlines do), They’d probably fit in more seats that this space inefficient 2x2x2 layout and have a better customer product. Maybe to do with weight?

  2. I think it looks great with some HUGE advantages over staggered seats. For the 33% of the people who do not have direct aisle access… maybe 33% of people travel with someone anyways. Very few people will be stuck at a window seat next to a stranger. Here are the big advantages.
    *NO ANGULAR sleeping!!! Reverse Herringbone. I hate the angle.
    *Wider seats and tons of space for your feet. I love TK’s design because I sleep flat with no cubby holes!
    *More space between you and the PTV screen. Have you been on CX or AA… that PTV screen is in your face!
    *72 inches of real legroom! The angled seats and staggered seats have less space than that anyway you cut it. The do weird stuff to make you fit.
    *Going back to my first comment… the center seats have direct Aisle Access.. The aisle seats on thew windows have direct aisle access and most the people at the window may be traveling with someone anyways and this more traditional design will benefit them.
    *It looks classy

  3. It never ceases to amaze me that people let Emirates get away with 2-3-2 in biz and sing their praises while Delta/American get raked over the coals for their “unhappy” flight attendants and “subpar food” despite having superior hard products.

  4. Personally I can care less about how “spacious” the cabin feels. I need space to store my bag. Removing the center bins makes that all the more difficult when the cabin is full.

  5. I continue to be amazed at EK’s marketing ability to convince the world that they are a top 5 airline. That is arguably true in F, but in J their A380 probably only barely cracks the top 10 and their 777 isn’t in the top 20 (and this isn’t likely to raise it too much). Their economy is mediocre and the service is hit or miss. They aren’t a bad option, but I am always amazed at how non-frequent fliers see EK as today’s glamorous Pan Am.

  6. Agree with Gregg. Should make for interesting moments on full flights when people arrive and find the early arrivals have filled the bins with 2 carry-on bags, 2 personal bags, duty-free shopping etc. 🙂

  7. I disagree about the overhead bins. Ive been on QR many times n the A350 with no bins and there is always tons of space. Most people on long haul flights do not carry on (at-least not as much) and you only have 6 across instead of 9 or 10 and the space between seats is far greater than coach so there is still more than plenty of room. I have never been on a flight where I could not store my bags in the overhead , even on a full flight with no middle bins.

  8. Over-hyped and over-rated. Six seats across in J as opposed to four is a crowded cabin; less overhead space, no direct aisle access and a “social area” (noise area) in the middle of the cabin all seem like losers. I’ll take AA and DL J any day over this. And the color scheme looks garish.

  9. Donna. A huge mis perception on your part. 6 across non herringbone is just as spacious or more since the seats don’t crowd into the seat In Front of you.

  10. Okay, so they removed the middle seat, so now they’re just like Qatar’s old business class seats, but angled?

    Lipstick on a pig for the most part, though I think the cabin itself is, aesthetically, more pleasing than the old one.

  11. Donna – The 4 people across are angled about 30 degrees which is why on all 1-2-1 configurations you sleep angled.. flat but angled. Your feet go underneath the storage unit of another seat or underneath a side table. It may seem like a better use of space since everyone has aisle access, but the seat itself on a 6-across 777 will most likely be wider than the 4 across versions because the seat on the 4 across has to be angled towards or away from the center. . If you are traveling alone, choose one of the middle seats and its direct, unobstructed aisle access. I personally like fling forward on places, not at weird angles

  12. @Doug:

    May be true for business class, but Economy is by far and away one of the best in the sky (decent legroom, good food, and THE best inflight entertainment I think of any airline, bar none).

  13. Ad: the 777 is not good in Economy. Maybe compared to other 10across configurations it is but any 777 10 across is tough. Their A380 is excellent in Economy.

  14. +1 Gregg – I dont care how “roomy” or “spacious” it might feel, taking the central overhead bins away is stupid, Id like my storage space and overhead bins thank you very much

  15. I don’t get where anyone thinks that EK has good legroom in economy. That’s total nonsense. Maybe OK for a 3 hour flight but I had the great misfortune to be stuck in EK Y from BOM to DXB to DFW (3 + 16 hours). Worst seat pitch in the legacy business. 3 + 16 hours of pure torture.

    I get it that so many people sit, drink and watch movies. EK has lots of movies. And decent booze. But if that is not your thing and you are actually trying to get some sleep in Y on the 380 then good luck to you.

  16. I am hugely offended by this product! How can they not offer direct aisle access from every seat. This is almost like they’re turning into BA

  17. I am now confused sorry- 777-200 New Biz 2-2-2 but 777- 300 New Biz 2-3-2 but flat beds in both types?
    I use 777-300 and in Biz it is a pathetic hard product – only first is acceptable for long haul

  18. I don’t understand Emirates’s love affair with faux wood. It just looks tacky and cheap. As usual, Emirates continues to disappoint with their decor.

  19. @ 747always

    I am offended that you have taken offence. Though I am also offended by the new product. And by Lucky’s writing about it. In fact, I take offence at everything, always. But especially 747s – ghastly aircraft, should have been retired decades ago.

    As it happens, I never fly Emirates other than A380 routes (and then only if I can’t fly Qatar or some other better option) – their J is just not up to scratch. This new 777 J doesn’t look as if it is, either.

  20. Lucky,
    Don’t you think that the bones of this product are eerily similar to Emirates’ old First Class Skycruiser seats? Interesting to see the evolution of business class to what first class used to be like.

  21. @thenicepaul always thought Emirates gets a load of good PR for 2 reasons.
    1. Their economy class with its food service & entertainment
    2. The OTT Shower class on the 380.

    Personally I want to get onto LH First & AF 777-300ER first to enjoy the seat as well as the ground service at their hubs

    Have never flown Etihad or Qatar. Am currently saving points for an Apartment booking BOM – SFO through my Jet Airways cc. Am based in India, hence Jet makes the most sense for me.

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