Dumping Paris Hilton for the weekend…

As I posted about a few days ago, I’ll have the opportunity to be on the inaugural OpenSkies flight, and will be spending two nights in Paris. I was struggling with hotel choices, since I reserved the Paris Hilton with points, but the hotel doesn’t look that great and they only had a “single room” available, which sounds more like a walk-in closet than anything else (and not that I have a problem with the hotel, but it’s category six, so I prefer actually using that many points for a real luxury property).

Well, I managed to get my hands on some Priority Club points and will now be staying at the InterContinental Le Grand Paris, which based on the reviews I’ve seen, is one of the top IC’s in the world. Best of all the cost in terms of points is the same as that of the Hilton, and based on my understanding they give Royal Ambassador members full benefits on award stays, including a junior suite, club access, and of course the free minibar, which I hear is nicely stocked. I’m hoping that’s the case for me as well, in which case I’ll be writing a full review of the property.

My only concern now is my TPA-JFK flight, which leaves me less than a three hour connection at JFK. That’s not too bad, but sadly my flight has an abysmal on-time record, so I’m hoping Thursday is a good day. Oh well, no point in worrying.

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  1. Lucky,

    Good call. I should have posted this on your first post, but the Paris Hilton is hands-down the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in (based on the level of expectation that property would expect). Bad rooms, terrible service; it only took one trip there to make me avoid this place for good.

  2. I think you made a wise choice. I like the location of the Intercontinental better than the Hilton. Unless the weather is bad, (but you are there in June), you should never be in your room except to briefly sleep so location is everything. Check out the Buddha Bar by Place Vendome. It’s pretty fun. If you can’t get in, at least get the CD’s. The music is good.

  3. I wish I had heeded your advice to get RA from IC months ago. I too could be enjoying the splendor of the IC in Paris, as long as I found someone to trade points with me 🙂

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