Delta’s “Together We Fly” promotion!

Delta has an interesting promotion (registration required) through May 15. Basically you can form a team of up to four people by April 15 and earn bonus miles based on the number of miles your team members fly through May 15 using an American Express card. The rewards are as follows:

The main restrictions are that the team captain must reside in Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee, or Washington and that each team member can only contribute 12,500 “logged miles.”

So in other words, if two team members are very frequent flyers and do 12,500 miles during that period, two team members can “ride along” and get the bonus without flying. So, anyone a very frequent flyer with a team of three that wants to give me a free ride? 😀

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  1. Not quite a free ride: “Only team members with Qualifying Flights are eligible for team bonus miles.”

    Washington state or Washington D.C.? I understand Michigan, Minnesota and Tennessee are ex-Northwest states, but what does Washington (either one) have to do with this?

  2. @Ron – Not sure, exactly, but Seattle was (is) a huge Northwest market for transpac travel (SEA – NRT), and such. Perhaps DL wants to remind frequent transpac travelers that NW still exists as a viable option, in its new DL form.

  3. SEA was a NW “focus city” and DL is building OPS up there again…. think of it as the “new” PDX.

  4. It’s too bad you have to pay with Amex. I’m required to purchase all corporate travel on a Visa so this is useless for me even though I’m in one of the eligible states.

  5. Of course, the Amex connection. They’re probably trying to win back people who used to have the NW Mastercard.

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