Delta’s EPIC New Internet-Themed Safety Video

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While I’m not very good with technology as such, I guess you could say I’m a huge fan of “internet pop culture.” And that should come as no surprise, given how many memes and gifs I use on this blog. 😉

I love a good safety video, and I think Delta may have just produced my favorite one ever. Delta’s new safety video is called “The Internetest Safety Video On The Internet,” and it’s epic.

Yes, Delta has made good safety videos in the past, and yes, Air New Zealand might still be the all around most creative when it comes to safety videos, but for my tastes this was the best safety video ever. By a long shot. Heck, I’m almost tempted to start flying Delta just so I can watch it before every flight. 😉

Anyone else love Delta’s new safety video?

(Tip of the hat to Travel Zork)

  1. That’s awesome! Not sure how effective it is as a safety video though. I didn’t pay particular attention to the diagram of the aircraft showing where the emergency exits are located as I was too busy reading the open tabs (“charlie bit my finger video”) and book marks on the faux browser used in the video.

    The only useful thing I took away from watching that video is that Delta has two types of life vests, with one or two straps that need to be attached when putting them on.

  2. Loved it. Mostly, because of the reappearance of elements of past Delta safety videos. And, of course, some of our favourite Delta safety-video peeps.

  3. I think Lucky is just interested in the guy demonstrating how to blow into the life vest.

  4. Genius. Love the cameo from the No Smoking redhead, and the Harlem Shake was awesome.

  5. I think they try too hard to be cute and funny. If you cut down on the stupid crap like a guy putting the rainbow in the overhead, or the Harlem Shake, or some of the other garbage the video would be shorter and would thus waste less of everyone’s time. At least those who pay attention to begin with. I just say go back to the style of video like the one starring Deltalina from a few years ago. If I’m going to have to watch a safety video more than once, this cute and non-funny garbage just gets annoying.

  6. Definitely funny and appreciate the effor tthat they put into it…. but 6 Minutes!!! come on, that’s insane. For frequent fliers having to watch this 2-3x a week it’s way way way too long. I prefer AA’s short and sweet safety video… even if they have been using the “We’re glad your here” portion for way too long.

  7. While I certainly applaud efforts to make safety videos more engaging, this effort struck me as a knockoff of Weezer’s 2009 music video for “Pork and Beans,” which brought together about 20 different viral video superstars in one ginormously meta production:

  8. i fly delta twice a week and i can’t remember the last time that i was on a plane that was even capable of showing a safety video

  9. No, don’t like it. It’s too busy and full of uninteresting distractions – over the top. I liked the last one with the triplet men who didn’t want to sit in the exit row only to be replaced by triplets who were obviously the same guys. And what about the one that had subtle differences in the flight attendant’s uniform in different clips? Those were the good ones. This one is totally dumb.

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